How-To Tips for Successful Teamwork

Teamwork - the most interesting dynamic of STEM challenges! And, the one that creates all kinds of interesting dilemmas!

When my students trooped into my lab for the first time (five years ago) I seated them at our lab tables and explained what we would be doing and also let them know the table groups would now be teams and they would work together. 

I naively believed we could just move forward with no further explanation. #oops

Well, that didn't work.

As a  classroom teacher for many years, I should have known that the group dynamics that ground each STEM challenge and make it successful would be something cultivated and learned. Taught and practiced. Developed over time. Maybe a few tips will help you! 

STEM Challenges and Teamwork! This is truly the most exciting part of STEM events! How will students work together? This post gives you tips and ideas for making these events come alive with the way your students encourage one another and collaborate to complete their STEM structures. From two-team challenges to ways of dividing students into groups to ideas for team building activities, this is a post that will get you started! #teamwork #STEM

The Heart of Stem - Problem Solving

This is truly the best part of STEM for me! It's watching kids "figure things out". Problem-solve, rethink, and do it again.

Let's face it! Solving problems is what STEM is all about. Everything the students do leads to solving a problem and then another and then another.

But, it's beautiful to watch.

And, always, always, their solutions are way different than my thinking. I say these words often, "Oh, my goodness, I would have never thought of that!"

STEM Challenges are the ultimate test for problem-solving with the students in your classroom. Your elementary students will astound you with the way they think through projects and redesign when needed. STEM projects definitely make them try again and again and work together to finish the building tasks. This blog post will give some great examples of things kids have done! #STEM #problemsolving

5 Mesmerizing Books for Your Summer List

This month I found books that are just incredible. Some months are like that. I find books that hold my attention. I can't wait to read them, and I don't want them to end.

This was one of those months.
Book Review! Five beautiful books- all so different, but all will keep you reading! An American Marriage, It's Not Yet Dark, Educated, The Identicals, and Long Way Gone! Blog post will give you the details!
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