Why Roller Coasters is the Best STEM Challenge Ever

Hands-down, not kidding, this is the ONE challenge that my students love, beg to do again, and cheer when they see it on our agenda.

It's Roller Coasters.

So, I am sure you want to know why it is the best challenge ever!

Do you love roller coasters? Kids do! This STEM activity is a roller coaster event. Students have specific supplies and must design and construct a roller coaster model. You will love the very detailed teacher's guide with tons of embedded tips. It is truly exciting to watch them work and test their roller coasters. Students learn about momentum, centripetal force, and use a lot of trial and error! It's the best challenge ever! #STEM #elementary

Conquering the Great Bottle Flip Challenge

I will admit I am a little late to this game- the Bottle Flip Challenge, that is!

I considered inventing a challenge over a year ago, but just didn't have time and I also knew I would want my version to be a little different... but I couldn't decide how.

So, recently I had one of those Brain Pops I have sometimes and thought about this: What if we tested the bottles with water and then the students could use the gathered data and design their own challenge?

Sounds great, right? But, you know me! I thought of a really neat twist. What if we could fill the bottles with something other than water? Would it work?

Well, we tried it and I have some stories to tell you. Let's conquer this challenge! (And, there is a surprise at the end!)

Can you flip a water bottle and land it? What if you fill the bottle with something other than water? This post will give you some great tips and a freebie!

Keeping Students Engaged with a Sports Theme

I don't know about you, but somewhere around the real beginning of fall, I start losing kids. There is just something about the crisp fall air and football season that grabs their attention.

Now, mind you, we live in Alabama, where the normal outside temperature during recess is about 95 degrees with 100% humidity. Seriously, sometimes the playground equipment is not used because the bars are too hot to touch.

So, naturally, when the weather finally cools kids love to play outside.

But, what about inside? How do we keep them engaged?
If you need to keep elementary students engaged during the fall football season this post has ideas to help. This includes a Sports Escape Room and Sports STEM Challenges. One of the challenges is a FREEBIE!

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