When a Book Makes You Gasp...

There is a moment in some books where you blink and say, "What!" And you re-read or re-listen to that section because the book takes a turn you didn't see coming. Isn't it stunning!

This month's selections just might have those moments, so take a peek! Some are surprises and one is pure heartbreak.
Book Reviews! Five fabulous books- some with "What?" moments! Check the blog post for details!

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Summertime STEM Projects That are Great All Year!

A few years back (okay a lot of years) there was a theme park in Nashville called Opryland. This was the closest park we could get to and it had a fabulous section of kid's rides and even some of the adult rides were tame enough for our children. The kids especially loved the water slides. One was called a "log flume" and you sat in a passenger car that resembled a hollowed-out log. This thing ran along a track and then dropped down a huge slide to splash at the bottom. Just what I wanted- being drenched and still having to walk around a park. But on those hot summer days, it was the best thing ever for my children. (And cheaper than the lemonade.)

So, let's talk about summertime fun. Theme parks, parades, swimming pools, fishing, and carnivals. Kid heaven, right? It is and kids love these projects in the STEM lab, too. We have three we have completed that all mimic a theme park ride- roller coasters, water slides, and Ferris wheels.

How Tall Will Your Stack Be?

Give a group of kids a stack of cups and see what happens. Go ahead..... I'll wait.

So, what did they do? They built pyramids or tall stacks racing to make the tallest one- only to find the slightest movement would cause the whole stack to fall!
STEM Challenge: This is one of our favorite lab events- It's all about stacking cups, but also calculating mean, median, mode, and range! The math is used after stacking competitions and is great for group work. Practice those skills, have some fun, and learn!
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