A Unique Tower Challenge with Fascinating Results

Oh. My.
This challenge is the best event ever. Seriously. 

There's a background story first and then I will explain what on earth we did.

It's basically a tower building challenge. Now, mind you, we have built towers out of just about everything and for different purposes and kids do love them. So, how is this one different? Keep reading for this amazing look at our Rotation Towers!

STEM Challenge- a unique approach using rotations to stations to complete the tower as a whole class! Fascinating challenge!

The Struggle Bus or a Great Book Journey?

I read. A. Lot. Like everyday. And I purely love a book that keeps me reading for a long time.

When I have to work at reading a book I give up on it quickly. I have one of those on my shelf right now. Should I try harder? I will let you know soon what the book is and you can help me get off the struggle bus!

In the meantime, I have some treats for you this month- books that kept me reading and reading.

Book Reviews! Five books that you will love!

A Little Help with STEM at Home

Have you seen the STEM Kits that are available these days? So many of these will get your young engineers started with some STEM activities and explorations-- very much like the STEM Challenges we complete in the classroom every day. 

The thing is- these are kits that have everything you need already in them! All the materials, instructions, and photos you will need. These would make great gifts for your engineers to keep them building and designing and thinking.

STEM Kit ideas for your youngest engineers. These are things that can be completed at home!
I thought it might be fun to share some STEM Projects we have completed and compare them to kits you can purchase!

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