Ooey-Gooey Marshmallows for the Win!

Oh my, the first time we used marshmallows as a building material was such a learning experience! I have some tips for you sprinkled throughout this post that will help you breeze right through a STEM Challenge with marshmallows!

Our first building project was a Bridge!

It's a STEM Challenge about Building a Bridge (with marshmallows) and it has been a kid-favorite for several years. Kids love the simple materials and the task of making this one work. The bridges are not very long but will test the patience and diligence of students as they work to finish this successfully. And, they will! Great cheering will happen when a bridge spans the gap and holds a little bit of weight! A few simple materials and they are off! The resource includes editable forms!

Amazing Airplanes for the Win!

One spring day my principal announced we would be having a STEM lab the following year. I never even thought twice about this! I applied for the job and two months later I was cleaning out our lab and getting ready for school to begin.

What an exciting adventure was ahead of me!

But, I had zero resources. I was given a few idea books and I found blogs online that gave me some ideas for projects to use at the beginning of the year.

One of those projects was about paper airplanes. I knew this was the perfect project because kids love throwing planes anyway. Why not take that enthusiasm and turn it into a science experiment and design project!

It's a Paper Plane STEM Challenge. This multi-day activity will have your students experimenting and modifying planes to finally use their flight data to design the best airplane model. Includes detailed teacher directions!

How to Add Some Winter Time to Your Classroom

Do your students love a snow day? Mine always do, but unfortunately, in the state of Alabama, we rarely see snow. When we do it's a major event and the schools can be closed for days!

In the meantime, kids are fascinated with snow - even if we don't see those flakes falling -  so when I can, I bring that snow right into what we are studying or into our engineerings projects. It adds a little bit of fun and makes the learning a blast!
An assortment of winter activities and resources for your upper elementary classrooms. This blog post will give you details about each resource to engage your kids during the winter months.

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