Perimeter and Area Made Easy with STEM

Have you ever hung wallpaper? If you have then you know a very simple truth. You have to understand the measurement of the area to get the right amount of paper for your walls! To make it even more complicated you have to deal with matching the wallpaper patterns so it usually requires figuring for extra lengths. It's a nightmare.

I have hung a lot of wallpaper and my favorite part is not the measuring. I love creating the corners and wraparound parts. It's great problem-solving! Speaking of problem-solving, have you ever hung plaid wallpaper? Let's not even talk about that, okay!

Let's talk about kids and measurement! Especially perimeter and area!

The Great Flood Barrier Experiment (Which was Successful)!

I had this wild idea one day that involved kids and water and flooding. It seemed like a great idea and after some disasters we finally made this work. And, to be honest, it turned out to be pretty spectacular!

A Fascinating Book Inspires Tower Building

Need a sure-fire way to grab the attention of your students? The lines of a recent book we read just snagged us!
"First come rumbling flatbed trucks, bundles of steel on their backs, like a gleaming endless river surging through the concrete canyons of Manhattan."
Wasn't that just delicious! The figurative language all by itself just makes a teacher's heart sing- but it's about building a skyscraper! And let me tell you, my little engineers sat up straighter when they started seeing the pictures of this book!
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