Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pinterest Tips That Really Work

Do you love Pinterest?
What on earth did we do before people starting pinning such great ideas?
How about Pinterest failures? I am sure this has happened to you! You find a crafty thing and then try to do it- only to make a total mess!

Anyway, this post is all about Pinterest things I tried and THEY WORKED!

Favorite Pinterest finds for Classroom: Tried and true ideas that work and are easy to do!

I looked around my classroom one day and realized I had so many really useful things I have borrowed from Pinterest. 
Take a look!

Pinterst Finds: Here's a great tip for what to do about keeping pencils sharp and ready to use! You just need two little buckets, some fresh pencils, and a great pencil sharpener!

This year I collected all the pencils students brought and I keep a Ready can and a Sharpen can displayed. Each morning part of our arrival routine is to make sure we have two good pencils. During the day these can be replaced  but only when you return one. This has totally eliminated pencil drama, including listening to kids sharpen pencils endlessly. I also purchased one of those cute little blue pencil sharpeners you have seen on Pinterest and it really does work extremely well! 

Pinterest Tip for Non Name Papers: This works amazingly well! Start this at the beginning of the school year and eliminate those no-name papers!

Another idea I was interested in was a way to help kids get names on their papers. The little can sits in my hand in basket and it contains pencils and highlighters. You have to move the can to turn your paper in so how can you not do what the can says? By the way, the can says to highlight your name before turning in your paper. I am finding that many of the kids are doing this at their seats! One more hint: train your kids to trace a box around their names rather than highlighting the whole thing! Pencil marks smear when you highlight them or they become hard to read!

Pinterest Tip: Studd some Lego pieces inside hand sanitizer and your kids will use it more often! They really do because they want to see the Lego move around!
 The hand sanitizer has been a really big hit! The kids were very intrigued by how the LEGO got into the container. My goal was to get the boys to keep their hands clean. One little girl pointed out that it has pink LEGO in it, too!

Pinteret Tip: How do you build community in your classroom? This anchor chart is a gret way to get to think about how they treat other other and what they need from each other!

 Here's an anchor chart we have created this year. We completed this during the first week of school as part of setting up our classroom community. I asked the question and kids wrote their thinking on post-it notes. A LOT of them wrote that they did not like being bothered by noise while working. They also said they did not like people tapping, humming, talking, or making thumping noises during work time! Very enlightening!

Pinterest Tip: Make a very visual display of Think Before You Speak hints and place it right on your kids' tables.
Each of the table groupings in my classroom has a large tub in the center. We keep pencil cups, post-its, and supplies in the tubs. At the end of each tub is the THINK sign. What a great visual to always remind them to think before they speak!

Pinterest Tip: Here's a fabulous way to teach kids to make a better sentence. Practice this often!
I have a spectacular writing program in my classroom and this poster is one we will refer to often. In fact, this little task is a great morning work activity. Just give your kids the first three words and have them "Stretch a Sentence" in their writer's Notebooks!

So, there you have some of my Pinterest "goodies"!
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  1. These are ALL fantastic ideas which I think I'll use, too! Thanks for sharing them. It's my first time to be directed to your blog via Pinterest, and I'll be signing up for sure. Happy New (School) Year! :-)

  2. The name on paper highlighting idea is awesome! Thanks!

  3. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. WAY like the legos in hand gel idea! Thanks for sharing. Kathleen
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