Awesome Week and new Fav Pins!

This week was BUSY...Busy...busy...I am moving my classroom!I will be the STEM Lab teacher in my school and my new classroom is the SCIENCE LAB!

How Cool is that for a classroom!'s a work in progress.

Favorite PINS of the Week:

First this is hosted by Cara at The First Grade Parade:

Here We GO:

First is an Anchor chart about Reading. The picture itself is too cute, but I love the words around it! 
This is from The Teacher Trap. Click on the picture to get there!

Another Anchor chart I liked this week is about Writing. I also love the art work- this be will be fun to make with the kids!
This is from Life is Better Messy Anyway (I think). Click on the picture.

One more Anchor chart- but it's really also kinda like a Rules poster.....I love it. I think I would have the kids each make their own little self and then attach to the poster. That's probably what this teacher did!
This is from For the Love of First Grade. (Click on the picture!)

One of my new favorite blogs is called Pinterest Told Me To. If you have not visited that blog, GO NOW! It's funny, informative, and Sheaffer directs you to sales on all the items she recommends.
I actually just received the jacket she suggests Yesterday and it IS terrific! 

Do you just love this idea!!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of this!

I cannot find the original source of this pin. But I do think I would combine this idea with the highlighters in a basket I used last year. Kids had to highlight their names on their papers before turning the paper in. It worked GREAT!

One last pin and it's a Book Report Idea--- and too cute!
How fun would that be????
Also, cannot find the original source for this pin.

Well that's it-- a great week-- next week will be even busier. Tuesday we are tackling a Farley Art Project....and I have to get settled into my new classroom!  Yahoo!!

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  1. Carol,
    I am so happy I found your blog. There are so many WONDERFUL ideas! I love your highlighting name idea- and the basket. Love that poster/report idea, too. AND I am heading over to Pinterest Told Me To... can't wait. Thank you so much!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together


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