Five for Friday!!

What a terrific week! I accomplished so much this week! Did I finish everything??? Of course not.... teachers never do. There is always more (I think we secretly love that busy-ness).

So, let's see what five random things I can come up with.....hmmm....

Do you love that little sign??? So, thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this linky and also for supplying us with the cute little buttons. Want these??? go {HERE}

Random, but important...I finally was able to take the minutes (lots of them) to get my TPT store open! YAHOO! If you are a Science lover/teacher you can get a cute little set of posters describing the Engineering Design Process. It's a Freebie, cute as a button.....go look at it:

Also, a total freebie is an emergency Spelling  homework set of two worksheets. I have found that sometimes I have a major brain meltdown and discover I forgot to run off a paper kids need. That last second dash to the copier and handing sheets out at the door is so not cool! I even admit a few times to canceling homework because I completely forgot to even invent it. So, last year I made these little sheets and copied a bunch of them and kept them just for those insaniac moments. Admit it .... you have them too....

My favorite product I added is a Non Fiction Features booklet idea thingie. It's a set of templates you can use to have your kids make a non fiction features booklet. I found a stack of old paper back science textbooks a couple of years ago and stashed them away (cause you know teachers never throw anything away.) So, when this idea began to develop about the nonfiction booklet, I thought, "Wait a second....what if the kids find the non fiction features in those old science books, cut them out, glue them into booklets" ..... genius, right? Anyway, I used these in my classroom for at least two years and we loved them. The packet for sale also has a sheet of ideas of ways to use the booklets, and vocabulary cards, and photos, and four versions of the cover, and's pretty good!  

There's more, but just go {HERE} to visit my store!

Funny of the Week:
This week we had Open House Night on Thursday and Grandparent's Day on Friday.
 Also, it was Book Fair Week--- (those grandmas will buy anything and everything)....
So, yesterday I was talking to a little third grader in the Book Fair room and she was picking out quite a stash, but not buying anything. When I commented about all the books she was thinking about, she said, "Hey, my Momaw is coming tomorrow and I  am gonna shake her down for this!"
Made me laugh!

This is very random, but I am wondering if anyone is having trouble finding clothes this season. Everything I see in the stores is totally whack-a-doodle, not appropriate for school, uncomfortable, or just plain ugly. I found this dress at

I really love it and it is now 50% off ---which is enough reason to buy it right there..... but it is non returnable. What???? Do they want my business or not? I think I am going to order it anyway. 

Finally, Monday is payday, fall is in the air (even in Alabama), football tomorrow, a new Currently linky soon, and I love my STEM Lab job.... you cannot get any better than all that!

So, what about you? Are you finding new fall clothing? Do you ever forget to make copies for your class? 
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