Well, Yahoo and Finally!


Can't you always tell when blogger teachers are back in school!?? We get super busy and blogging, sadly, comes last....well actually I have been quite overwhelmed with getting my new STEM Lab going. It is profoundly wonderful! And, ......drum roll......I finally, finally made the leap into super stardom with a TPT store. (We can only hope the stardom follows!)

Anyway I was able to get several products available right now and I have several more to add soon! (Like tomorrow). 

First up:  a poster set about "Keeping Calm"! It is the cutest thing with little scientists and great words for a display or bulletin board.

Second: a set of Engineering Design Process posters. Also, cute little scientist kids! (and free)
These are half size posters, so if you are looking for something full size, you might want to look at these:
Engineering Design Posters

Third: an emergency spelling homework or classwork set of worksheets. I don't know about you, but at least once a week I discover I forgot to run-off something I needed. At the last possible second I am racing to the copier to print out something to hand to kids as they go out the door. It's awful, but sometimes I even forget to invent the thing I need---- hence these emergency homework sheets! Ha, and they are free!

And finally, a full STEM lesson set. This is one we just completed at school and it was fabulous! Kids loved it, they learned a ton, and it was super easy with very little cost for supplies. My goodness, it is just about paper airplanes! Kid heaven!

More tomorrow!!!  I added another wonderful set to TPT this afternoon. It's all about non fiction features! I used this in my classroom for several years and we loved it. The kids create their own non fiction booklets and use them all year!



  1. Your items look great! I'm excited to keep following your blog and your store!


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