Five For Friday.....hmmmm How About All for Friday!?!?

Well, I am all for Friday! How about you?? Weekends are great even if I do keep right on working .... school work is never done!

So, how about Five Random Things? Thank you Doodle Bugs for the Linky:

My week (or the last two weeks really) have been very, very full! 

For cat lovers here's a new pic of my little kitty:
What you can't see is that he is on the middle of the shelving unit. To get there he had to leap over me, sitting at my desk, and somehow land in that little space. Also, what you cannot see are the books he knocked off, ON PURPOSE. When he wants out he behaves badly.
I let him out.....

My blog logo button has undergone so many changes. I tried creating my own and went through a number of versions, including this one.

Finally, I had it done by a blog designer and this is the one I use:

I must say that I am completely enjoying my TPT store. In only about two weeks and a few days it has been a blast. I love hearing my phone ping and seeing those TPT emails! I have gotten some great feedback! More products are in the's my personal two favorites:
create a booklet of non fiction text features
This booklet making idea was one I have used so many times. I gave my kids templates with non fiction text features explained on each page and then we went on a "scavenger hunt" through old textbooks and magazines. We looked for samples of the text features and then cut them out and glued them in our booklets. Once these were finished we assembled the booklets and bound them or put them in folders. For the rest of the school year the kids would pull these booklets out to help identify text features. Spectacular learning experience- very hands-on- extremely useful!

This is a poster set I made this year to decorate my new classroom- which is a science lab!
Cute little kid scientists displaying many different kinds of science. Each poster tell the meaning of the scientist and a little about what he or she does! We refer to these posters all the time. The kids love to try saying some of the titles- like "ichthyologist"!

Speaking of the lab-- here's some pics of kids doing their latest investigations:
This is an exploration into building towers with index cards!

This one is exploring perimeter and area by designing a dog house!

My favorite quote (that I pinned) lately:

Makes me laugh every time I read it!!

So, what's your favorite quote??

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  1. I am so impressed that you created your own blog button! That is super awesome! I love the pictures of your kids doing their science experiments. Looks great!
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