Currently ~ November!

Awesome- trees around here are prettier than I have ever seen! Beautiful Fall! Here's a shot taken by a co-worker. It's the view from the front of our school- across a water canal that leads to the Tennessee River. Gorgeous!

Time for Currently- thanks so much to Farley for this super fun little linky every month:

Listening- to the Walking Dead replay on the DVR.

 I already watched the episode but it's playing again. Never thought this would be a show I would watch, but it’s fairly fascinating. I will admit, however, that I tape it, read about it on Wikipedia, and then watch it. I can’t stand not knowing who is going to get killed and it’s always a shocker. 

Loving- my new scarf from Nordstrom.

 I ordered it because Pinterest Told Me To! If you have not visited this cute little blog you need to! But, fair warning, you will find yourself buying neutral jackets, scarves, leopard flats, and jeans just because Sheaffer tells you to! (Click on the scarf to go directly to Nordstrom... the scarf is only $20!)

Thinking- about Interactive notebooks.

 I am seriously trying to incorporate these into my STEM classes. I purchased this great little pack of templates and use it as much as I can! Here’s what I am finding, however----it’s hard. I have students for 45 minutes and getting them to cut, glue, and finish is difficult. If they came to my class everyday it would be better, but I only see each group once a week. We are trying though!!!  My next TPT product has an interactive feature. Here’s a preview:
Next week my third grade classes will be completing the erosion stations and I'll add the finishing touches to this great little package! In the meantime..... here's a set of task cards for erosion...this set is being used as a preview/ review for students learning about erosion and weathering:

Wanting- a housekeeper. I mean really! I just looked around and thought.....if I just had a the meantime here's a shot of me furiously working on my house......
Thank you Roomba.... great little invention!

Needing- to share my newest most favorite quote!

 How's that for some truth......well, ok here's one that made me laugh, too!
Finally, for something YUMMY....

It's a super yummy cheese dip to snack on while the turkey cooks! Click on the photo to get the recipe!

In the meantime do check out some Science items I have posted at TPT and a Geography item, and a non fiction features item.

Have a great NOVEMBER!!

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  1. What beautiful fall leaves! Such a beautiful view! I have the template pack too, and I love it.


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