Five for Friday.......Yikes!

Maybe we should change this linky to Five for the Weekend.....seems I'm always a little late,

Anywayyyy....thanks to Doodle Bugs for the link-up:

And now I will tell you WHY I AM LATE with this link!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Random Thing #1....People, I have had the flu- or the almost flu! It was not pretty....
That's my little cat trying to cheer me up. Doc said it was not flu but still gave me two shots in the rump so what does that mean? I think I had every single symptom ever for the flu and still do not feel great. Missed the ENTIRE week of school.....but I had a lot of time to think about lessons and my lab and what I want to do that's good, right?

Random Thing #2--- My classroom is a science lab and we are focusing on STEM activities. HOWEVER, what I am finding is that as we begin something new the kids need a review or refresher or update on specific things. Example: Recently asked some fifth graders about cells and they stared at me blankly. It took some pulling to finally get one or two of them to go, "Oh yeah, cells are little and they have a brain." Jeez. I went home that day and started looking for resources for a QUICK updating kind of task or activity that would get us going. Of course, I turned to TpT and found TONS of GREAT resources. There are several Science teachers that have some super products and I did purchase a set of task cards about cells. In the meantime, I realized I needed something for chemical changes too and rocks, and erosion, ......need I go on.....PLUS I needed tasks with a little more meat to them.........

AH HA! Brain Pop Moment! (I have these all the time!) I need a system....a plan...something consistent...not just random task cards...I need interactive notebooks....engaging tasks.....writing....applying skills..........BAM! I invented:

My first task card set is about Chemical and Physical Changes and follows my ORBITS plan! I am so excited about this. The tasks are super fun, easy, not much expense. VERY ENGAGING for students. Now, mind you these task card sets are not typical questions with multiple choice answers or look at a picture and write an answer stuff. They are actually tasks- completed with teacher direction. The first packet I developed takes about 6-7 class sessions to complete.
Anyway, I love it! MORE coming soon! I'm working on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Thing's the first efforts at task cards. It's Chemical Changes!
Experiments Chemical Changes

The tasks include exploring with a chemical change activity, reading a passage and responding, building vocabulary with a sorting task, investigating with a new experiment, transferring learning with new situations, and finally a culminating experiment that makes kids decide if the result is chemical or physical and support their decision! It's super! Kids loved it! I mean, really, it involves spewing, fizzing, messes, and unexpected results! Kid Heaven!

Random Thing #4 ... favorite pins this week!

I could totally wear that outfit...looks comfy and easy to work in the lab wearing it. Definitely having a problem with what to wear in my science lab!!???

Last random Thing.......I'm guessing I don't have to say much about this one!!

Have a great week!


  1. Hi! I got here through the Science Teacher Blog Hop. The 5 random things looks like it was fun to follow. LOVE your ORBITS idea. I'll be following. :)

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