Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Friday!!

Thanks again Doodle Bugs for hosting this weekly linky! It's fun to think about randomness....which is really an oxymoron if you think hard about it!

So here's my random list....or is it a rambling list....
I missed two days of school this week! AWESOME! Actually I HATE missing school. It's too much work. What other profession has to work so hard to NOT be at work?? My first day out was for a city-wide committee meeting for which I was chosen- not for any specific expertise. Maybe just cause I'm in that old, been there -done that- group now.....jeez.
Anyway, the second day out was for an Engineering training that was SPECTACULAR! I trained on a kit called Designing Parachutes and it was totally cool to approach the lesson the way the kids will. 

Randomness #2:
I took a good look at one of my TpT best sellers and decided I really did not like the cover and since I had absolutely nothing to do today (ha) I decided to redesign it. UPDATE: A third redesign has been completed! The more you do the better you get with making things, right! See what you think!

Best of all is what is inside the product! It is a project I have completed with third graders so many times! Each student has templates for about 24 text features and we go through old text books and magazines looking for samples of the features. So, the kids cut out headings, table of contents samples, index samples, etc. and then glue them to the template pages. Later we bind it all together in a booklet that is used for the rest of the year. Take a look!
booklet non fiction text features

My favorite quotes pinned this week:

I'm thinking no comments are necessary for those two.

Random thingie #4:
Students that I left with the sub for two days did experiments with gummy bears. I left trays of bears soaking and they used forceps to extract samples and observe them. It's pretty amazing what will happen if you soak a gummy bear in vinegar. They also had a bear that soaked in baking soda water and they had to predict what would happen if you drop it in vinegar. Then they did just that and watched it fizz and bubble. FUN STUFF! In the meantime, did I have the GREATEST sub ever. She told me she had fun doing this---- with 4 classes one day and five the second day all doing the same thing! I love her! I promised her that I would leave calm little task cards the next time!
Now, for some truth- I tried this gummy bear experiment myself with a class and I HATED it! Way too messy and sweet smelling and it is one I would not repeat!

Finally, #5
AUBURN is playing on TV right this second and very well could win the SEC championship. Last year they only won three games. True definition of perseverance right there. What a dream story- unless you are a BAMA fan!



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