Five for Friday (on Saturday!)

Oops, I'm a day late--- it was Fall Festival day at my school yesterday so I did not get home until late. This morning was also busy, but I will tackle five random things.....

Just wondering...... during the week do you ever have something happen and think.....hmmmmm, that could be one of my Five for Friday random things??? But, also, if you do pre-plan these posts, then are they random??

The hubs and I ( and son) finally did something today I have always wanted to do (not skydiving, although I have done that!). We found a local Habitat House to volunteer with and had a great morning:
Mostly all that was done today was painting. We are going back next Saturday to finish painting trim. I think this house will be finished in less than a month! We all really want to work on the next house from the beginning and see the whole process!

Speaking of skydiving:

How's that for random?? And yes, that's me in the pink suit. We did this about two years ago and I would do it again- if someone paid for it. It was not nearly as terrifying as I expected!

So, I've been playing with graphics and backgrounds and such and here's a teaser:

I am trying to get this new TPT product finished and hope to have it ready this weekend! I love love my cover design!! Click on it to see more products (that are available)!

GREAT GREAT MATH IDEA- this proved to be  fun and gave me so much information about a group of first graders I was working with last week:
I gave each team a large (12x18) piece of construction paper and one colored tile. Just looking at the one tile they had to estimate how big to draw a shape so that 32 of the tiles would fit inside the shape. It was so interesting to watch them try to decide how big to draw their shapes. Some drew little squares. Some just drew. Some drew circles and some drew rectangular shapes. Most of them over estimated by a large amount. After filling in the spaces with tiles we then had to count. AND that also proved interesting- to watch how they counted so many tiles. After talking about their numbers being too big I gave them another challenge. Draw a shape that will hold 12 tiles. Whoa, the thinking that happened next was amazing. They were more accurate with that measure and we repeated the task one more time. Next week we are going to estimate how many tiles we can pick up in one hand and then try it! (This is an enrichment class I teach one day each week.)

Here's my QUOTE of the week:

Made me laugh!!

Thanks so much for comments and encouragement about my TPT adventure. I have now sold enough to cover the initial cost of the store. It's also such fun to create items- especially ones I am working on right now. 


Five For Friday.....hmmmm How About All for Friday!?!?

Well, I am all for Friday! How about you?? Weekends are great even if I do keep right on working .... school work is never done!

So, how about Five Random Things? Thank you Doodle Bugs for the Linky:

My week (or the last two weeks really) have been very, very full! 

For cat lovers here's a new pic of my little kitty:
What you can't see is that he is on the middle of the shelving unit. To get there he had to leap over me, sitting at my desk, and somehow land in that little space. Also, what you cannot see are the books he knocked off, ON PURPOSE. When he wants out he behaves badly.
I let him out.....

My blog logo button has undergone so many changes. I tried creating my own and went through a number of versions, including this one.

Finally, I had it done by a blog designer and this is the one I use:

I must say that I am completely enjoying my TPT store. In only about two weeks and a few days it has been a blast. I love hearing my phone ping and seeing those TPT emails! I have gotten some great feedback! More products are in the's my personal two favorites:
create a booklet of non fiction text features
This booklet making idea was one I have used so many times. I gave my kids templates with non fiction text features explained on each page and then we went on a "scavenger hunt" through old textbooks and magazines. We looked for samples of the text features and then cut them out and glued them in our booklets. Once these were finished we assembled the booklets and bound them or put them in folders. For the rest of the school year the kids would pull these booklets out to help identify text features. Spectacular learning experience- very hands-on- extremely useful!

This is a poster set I made this year to decorate my new classroom- which is a science lab!
Cute little kid scientists displaying many different kinds of science. Each poster tell the meaning of the scientist and a little about what he or she does! We refer to these posters all the time. The kids love to try saying some of the titles- like "ichthyologist"!

Speaking of the lab-- here's some pics of kids doing their latest investigations:
This is an exploration into building towers with index cards!

This one is exploring perimeter and area by designing a dog house!

My favorite quote (that I pinned) lately:

Makes me laugh every time I read it!!

So, what's your favorite quote??

CURRENTLY! October! Really....

I just got started back to school and it's October already!?!?

Well, that just means......

Thanks again Farley!

to my cat trying to get out the back door…..if only he had thumbs he could turn the door knob! He's a tabby and that means he's a killer and he needs to be outside where the wild things are!
If I don't let him out this is what he will do next:
He gets inside the window blinds...I guess he might be able morph through the window that way....

my new TPT store. Oh my! I finally got it off the ground and have been adding some things daily. Well, that sounds like I have a lot of things, but really it’s only about 7 or 8 now. I have been working on this for a long time, though and it is a great accomplishment.
Here's my favorites:
text features booklet
This is a set of templates to have your students make a non fiction text features booklet. I have used it in my classroom for several years and it's terrific!

This is a set of posters that show and describe ten different kinds of scientists. Very cute!

 about our next STEM investigations. We are in the midst of our second lab experiences. Third grade is testing towels, fourth grade is finding the sweet spots of sporting equipment, and fifth grade is investigating volume and surface area using cereal boxes. And yes, I am working on packets about these labs for my TPT store! In the meantime, I need to be planning new lessons! Here's a few pics of kids at work in the lab this week:

We are building bridges!

new clothes and can’t find ANYTHING. Everything is ugly, too wild for me, or just not good for school. I really am thinking about wearing jeans everyday--- especially since my job now requires a lot of moving around and prep. The lab is a busy place! Not that regular classrooms are not busy places, but I am finding that I need to be comfortable, able to bend, able to sit or squat a lot, and I do get dirty! I did order some things from LOFT while they were 50% off:
Cute, right?? And very teacher friendly. Click on the pictures to get to the LOFT page, but sadly, they are now only 40% off!

a cure for really bad fingernails. I have the worst nails in history! They split and tear all the time. I resorted to nails from a salon for two years and now my nails are in even worse condition. I peeled off all the fake stuff and now I’m trying to nurse my poor little paper thin nails back to health. Any ideas?? I am taking Biotin, B-12, a daily multi -vitamin, and using cuticle oil nightly. I do keep my nails coated with several layers of top coat and strengtheners. I also like a pale pink color, which hides what's underneath. But yuck....and too busy to worry much about it.

Here are a few  really terrific books I can recommend:
First, for your classroom:
This little picture book by Mem Fox is priceless. I use it in so many ways. It makes kids be very observant as the pictures tell the story...not the words! One great idea for you is: read the book and have the kids write the story that the pictures tell.

Here's another great read for your class:
This sweet little book will make you think differently about zoos forever! It would make a great read aloud chapter book!

Finally, for adults:
This book is similar to Hunger Games and The Giver, but is surprisingly well written and good. It has lots more details than Hunger Games- which is a good thing, the one thing that book lacked. Divergent is also part of a trio of books.

That's it for my Currently---off to watch Chicago Fire!!!

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