Happy Friday!

Happy Friday y'all!

Teaming up with Doodle Bugs again and GUESS WHAT- this post is my 99th Post since I began my blog!!! Ta-da!! Maybe my next post will come with prizes for being the 100th! We will see....
First, and foremost, what is up with the whack-a-doodle weather? I live about 100 miles north of Birmingham and we all (in the state of Alabama)rarely get snow. This year, however, we have delayed the start of the school day due to bitter cold several times. This week we delayed Tuesday and Wednesday since it was FIVE DEGREES outside. 

BUT HERE'S THE BIGGIE! Are you ready for this???

My daughter teaches Kindergarten in Hoover. (Birmingham) School there was dismissed at 10:30 on Tuesday due to SNOW. BUT in a short amount of time there was so much traffic and mess that buses couldn't run, highways were closed, people couldn't travel, people tried to travel anyway and car accidents began to block roadways, people trapped on the interstate were leaving their cars and walking, abandoned cars began to also block roadways.....See the picture:


 at my daughter's school (and MANY other schools) kids were stranded and could not be picked up. Parents COULD NOT GET THERE! 



They spent the night at school.

The kids were fed pizza and goldfish.

They slept on mats in the gym and library.

Are you kidding me?

My daughter was not able to leave school until after lunch on Wednesday. The kids thought it was a great adventure and the only child she had that cried ----he spilled his goldfish snack. She gave him more. 

Oh my goodness. 
You may have seen them on the Today show Wednesday morning. At least now they are famous.

So, how is the weather where you live??

Okay, do you know about this??? Happy Mommy Box

It works like Birch Box and Stitch Fix. You sign up and monthly you are sent a box of goodies designed to make a happy mommy. It does seem quite cute, but my babies are 25 and 28 and I thought I would just pass this on to you guys that do have small kids. Each box contains a goody for the kids, too.

Speaking of Stitch Fix.....(It's a monthly clothing box) I did try that and it was very cool to get that monthly box. It's all wrapped in tissue like a present and someone picked it out just for you....except it is soooooo much more expensive than I would pick out for me. You have to pay a $20 monthly fee whether you buy the boxed items or not and I found myself buying something just to keep from wasting my money. I did purchase some really nice things, but one jacket is still hanging, unworn, in my closet. I may wear it eventually. I mean it was $80 so I HAVE to wear it, right! Anyway, I cancelled my membership to Stitch Fix.
I also tried Birch Box, but was unhappy about paying for samples. So I stopped that, too!

Wish TJ Maxx would start a Maxx Box.....I'd buy that....

So, this week I got a call from my doctor about some blood work I had done recently. Actually, it was the assistant to the doctor. She said, "Dr. Kennedy just wanted you to know you have a low white blood cell count and you should come in for a visit."

Gee, thanks, for that abrupt news. What exactly does that mean? Well, I googled it and it means nothing. I had a doctor's appt. on Thursday already scheduled anyway.

Then I got another call--- "Oh, yes, Mrs. Davis, Dr, Kennedy also wanted you to know that your cholesterol is high. You should schedule an appointment."

Well, I went to the appointment and I have high cholesterol. We are trying some meds for that. The low cell count will require a visit to another doctor. I am going to do some reading about this and decide if it is serious enough to warrant another doctor visit.

It does not pay to get older.


That has to be the CUTEST thing I ever saw. I want one of these. Or maybe this one.....

Or even this one.....


Favorite pins this week:

This makes me laugh:
Ever been on a loooooong road trip with your kids and everyone is getting cranky and then you stop and eat at the worst place imaginable but everyone inhales their food and claims it is the best ever....yep and then all is well again. 

Well, have a great week. I sure hope we have some FULL days of school and the weather brings us sunshine!


  1. Oh wow! Bless those that were stranded at school. I cannot imagine!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. Found you on the Five for Friday Linky! Oh, boy. Poor little dude that spilled his goldfish. Those kiddos will remember that school sleepover for the rest of their lives. What a special treat from such a mess! I need to frame that sign about being sorry about what you said while hungry. I can totally relate--not kids though…my husband. I call it HANGRY. It's a real thing!

    :) Ash
    The Rolly Chair

  3. Thanks for visiting Sarah and Ash! You are correct that the kids will remember it forever. What an adventure!


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