Monday Made It! July 28!

This is the LAST Monday for me!
I report for official being paid teacher duties next Monday!
Cause we all know that we work all summer without any extra compensation.

Best part of my summer has been Monday Made Its!

Did you see this deliciousness on my Instagram??
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Time for MONDAY Made It!

What a great summer we have had making things and checking out all the great ideas! Thanks Tara!

So, what did I make out of all those little goodies in that photo? Well, first I must confess I was inspired by stole crafts from last week! I read about making pointers from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes. Janaye has some awesome photos and step-by-step directions for making her pointers. I also saw pointers at Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten. Mr. Greg has a video you can watch and lots of photos of his collection of pointers.

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby!
Now, mind you, I don't even need pointers.

But, I know the sweetest little first grade teacher that will need them soon.
You can visit her {HERE} and {HERE}. 

Anyway, I followed the tutorials and created some CUTE little pointers. Just look:

Big ones for the teacher and little ones for the littles.
I wrapped the big dowel sticks with Washi tape. Mr. Greg said to use the E6000 glue, but I tried it and had too much help from a cat. I was afraid she would end up with a pointer glued to her curious little nose. So, I pulled out the glue gun and finished.
Not sure why you need pointers or this many pointers, but I had a blast making them!

By the way, this was the FIRST time I have ever used Washi tape.
I know.
It's hard to believe. 
Needless to say I will have a great collection of the stuff soon!

So, my next little crafty thing was also inspired by someone right here at this linky!
It's an apple print!
I found the photos and instructions at EduKate and Inspire. Kate's apple print canvas turned out fabulous and I knew I wanted to make one. So I followed her instructions and started by painting the canvas black. I used two coats of craft paint. I was going to stop with one coat of paint. I kinda liked the effect of seeing tiny bits of white, but then I decided to paint it again. Glad I did. It turned out really nice. Two coats!

That brush was ditched rather quickly. It kept losing hairs so I found a better paintbrush and finished.

Next, the apples. I found one that was fairly round and sliced it in half. I made some extra marks through the apple to give the print some dimension. Then I mixed some craft paint. I knew I was using a turquoise, but I added white to it to make it lighter. I also used a cream color for the off-color apple. I was afraid white would be too startling.

Then I practiced. I painted the apple with a brush and tried stamping it on newspaper. Then I couldn't pick it up cause it stuck to the paper. So, I poked in some corn on the cob holders. 
That worked!

One problem I thought of was placing the apples so it was somewhat centered and spaced right. Only an OCD person would totally understand this. So, what I did was turn the apple over on a piece of paper, cut out the shape, and then tried it on the canvas until I was happy that it would fit nicely. I made light pencil marks where the first two apples would go. After that I just eyeballed it!

Then I started stamping. Paint the apple and make a stamp. Paint the apple again and stamp. I used differing amounts of paint so that each stamp was slightly different. You can also change it by applying more or less pressure when stamping. I did find that I had to press on the underside of the canvas with my fingers to make sure all of the apple stamped. My apple must have been uneven.
I made two cream colored apples and the rest with turquoise.
What do you think??

Okay, then I went shopping and came home with a cool little canvas print I found at TJ Maxx.

Then I went shopping again and found the best thing ever and hung it all together. (The fish came from Steinmart!)

Do you love it???
I do!
I was going to include photos from a classroom I am helping set up.
Unfortunately, the floors were still  being waxed and we could not get in the room.


Anyway, I am going to the classroom TODAY to help get it all set up. I am taking the pointers I made, book shelves, curtains I made, a lamp, a rug, and boxes of books. A lot of this is from my third grade classroom that I dismantled last summer. I saved it all for just this reason.
Have you guessed yet who the teacher is in this little first grade classroom????

That's my baby girl ---- about 24 years ago.
She is still a dessert girl
and now she's a first grade teacher!

Have a great week!


  1. I love the cute points and the apple print :) I am now following you on instagram friend! I cannot wait to see your pics from the lab!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. Carol I love the apple print! I think that it turned out really great, especially with the other print that you found for it. I'm going to have to add it to my to-do list. I remember when I was little my mom and I would make potato stamps and then create pictures from those. I never thought to do apples!! Happy Monday.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. I love it how excited you are for your daughter! It must be so fun to be able to help her out as she starts out as a teacher! Your apple print is so unique, I love it! And those pointers are absolutely adorable. She is lucky to have you!
    Tales of a Teacher

  4. The apple print painting turned out fantastic! I like the whole grouping that you put together, so fun!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Love your little pointers too cute! I have never seen the apple painting, it turned out really nice. How fun that you will be helping your daughter set up her room. Be sure to share pictures!

    Luv My Kinders

  6. Those pointers are very sweet - your daughter will be able to point to all sorts with those! She's very lucky to have you helping her out and sharing your amazing ideas! (Also, I love the cat sign!)
    Growing Little Learners

    1. I love the cat sign, too! I have seen soooooo many dog signs, but this is the first cat one and it was like $6.99. I had to get it! I have no idea what she will use those pointers for- although she did mention puppet theater time!

  7. I LOVE your blog!! I found your blog through the snowball party on tpt. I'm assuming you are a science person since your blog is scienc"ish" LOL. I am too. I'd love for you to check my blog out!

    Smarticle Particles

    p.s. I've also been teaching for a while :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I am a STEM lab teacher and love hands-on learning! I will visit your blog!


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