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Why don't we start by thanking Farley for her Currently post each month.
In case you missed it recently, like yesterday, she blogged about another blog that is "borrowing" her Currently stuff.
People, that is just not right.
So, thank you Farley!
You are our one and only Currently goddess!

It is pouring rain in north Alabama and the sound is actually quite pleasant right now. I sure hope it brings my yard and porch ferns back to life. My outside cat is sitting on the outside window ledges watching it rain. He will come in later and go sit by a different door. He thinks it might not be raining if he tries a different exit....

The STEM investigations we started the year with have been amazing! I wanted the kids to understand the scientific method and especially using variables and controls.
So, each grade (3-5) tackled a flight challenge in which they explored, tested for specific variables, and then designed the ultimate helicopter, airplane, or rocket. They were supposed to pay attention to the variables that created the best flights during the testing and use that data to design something new.

This is a helicopter class. It's hard to tell in the photo (cause I cropped the kid out) but he is standing on a chair, holding the copter at the height of a string, and then dropping it. The string was our way of controlling the height!
Click {here} to see pictures of the rockets designed by one class!

I am working on plans for our next STEM challenges. Third grade is going to build boats. Last year's third grade loved this so much. 
That photo is from a year ago and it has been pinned and repinned hundreds of times!
If you want to read more about Boats, click {HERE}

The boat challenge makes them build a boat and "pay" for the supplies. They have to stay within a given budget! Fourth grade is going to do???? Don't know yet. Fifth grade is going to investigate popcorn.  This will involve looking at microwaveable popcorn and then designing experiments to test alternate ways of cooking popcorn.

I want to ......
go to Australia
see the Grand Canyon (not from an airplane)
see Jackson Hole, Wyoming again (quite possibly THE most beautiful place on Earth)
run a marathon (but after two surgeries on my feet I will never do it)
have a grandchild (mostly because the hubs cries every time he thinks about it)
move into a smaller house
go back to Lake Tahoe (the second most beautiful place on Earth)
That's overlooking Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous, I know.

Clearly, I have a few things left on my bucket list.
What I really want is some lazy days off.
Our summer trip was postponed until Labor Day weekend and then postponed again because Alabama was playing its first football game this weekend and we mustn't miss that.
So, now I am looking at Fall Break in mid-October.
The weather will have cooled by then and WE ARE GOING AWAY SOMEWHERE.
No computer, no working, just some trashy novels and fun.

a pedicure.
A student accidentally kicked my big toe about two weeks ago and it broke off about halfway. Seriously, it dripped blood and throbbed for about three hours. So, now it has grown some and in about one more week I can go back to the salon.
How's that for a real problem, people?
Seems rather silly, don't you think?
Actually, I hope you can see that I really don't need anything. As I type this post,  here is my view:

That precious ball of fluff is Baby Roo, sleeping and snoring.
Wookee was on my desk a few minutes ago, but he really wanted outside. After he knocked off some picture frames, on purpose, I put him out. That is why he is sitting outside on the window ledge watching it rain.

3 TRIPS...
Well, I kinda almost already mentioned some trips above, but some of those places I have been to and just want to go back. But these three are new:
Australia: cause it's our dream trip. There are so many things to see there! I mean just look at the animals, and the Great Barrier Reef, and the big rock (Ayers, I think or is it Uluru)..
South Dakota: Why not? I do believe that's where Mt. Rushmore is and it is a part of the US I have never seen.
New York: I have actually been to New York, but I was a little kid and we just drove through. I want to go back and do all the touristy stuff.

What are you CURRENTLY up to? Drop by and visit Farley and let her know you are AWARE she is the inventor and owner of the CURRENTLY brand!
Have a great Monday off!!


  1. Hello Friend! Enjoyed reading your currently post today. It's cloudy and the rain is on its way here in Wisconsin too. I was hoping for a relaxing day, but with back to school tomorrow I'm dreaming..hahah! I am hoping that your trip doesn't get postponed again... I'm jelly! Wish we had one planned. You will love taking one on fall break though. It will be a great way to get away before the holidays come! Have a great week!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  2. Hi! I love your stem activities! I bet your students had such a great time! Having your students investigate popcorn will be fun and interesting! :)

  3. First off I totally agree with you about Farley. I was appalled and shocked when I read her post yesterday. I let her know she IS currently! I wish it was raining here. It is so dry here and many of our neighbors are loosing their wells. We are hopping for rain very soon and keeping our fingers crossed. Baby Roo just looks so peaceful there next to your keyboard.Your upcoming stem challenges for 3rd and 5th sound great. I know you will come up with something as equally fantastic for 4th. I had too many places I want to travel to so my list of 3 is only the tip of the iceberg. New York and Australia are on my long list too! Hope you get to go on your getaway for fall break!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. I hate that someone is out there trying use Farley's idea! People amaze me sometimes. I love your view as you typed this lol. Baby Roo is too cute. I haven't been able to do any stem challenges yet, but they are coming! I did the cup challenge I found on The Science Penguin and a Mystery Powder lab from TPT and they loved it and did a great job. I will definitely be using some of your great ideas soon :) I hope you get to take your getaway on Fall Break. Have a great rest of your Labor Day!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  5. Sounds like you're having loads of fun with your flight challenges. When I taught in year 6 we did something similar with the paper helicopters and the kids loved it! Baby Roo is so sweet - I love how she keeps you company as you work!
    Growing Little Learners

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think it is so funny that you do many of the same variable activities. I added rockets last year, along with paper towels, and diapers. I also did the airplane activity with one class as an extra last year. We do the helicopters with 2nd grade air and weather with FOSS, but I love the idea of setting it up as a variable activity. I still have to do FOSS, but I am working on fun additions. We also do a flipper olympics having them invent a game. We also do a marshmallow catapult that I did after school. Love that one, too. That one I added to my new unit. I will share a copy with you when I am done.

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  7. I've always wanted to go to Australia too, although I didn't think of that when doing the linky. I just would not look forward to the looooooooong plane ride!

    Literacy Spark


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