Currently! March!

Are you kidding me?
How did I miss February?

Well, I was looking for something funny and found this quote, so in honor of Dr. Seuss I thought it was appropriate! (If you are OCD like me you will notice that his name is spelled wrong on the quote.)

On to March's Currently!
Thank you Farley for hosting this amazing monthly linky.

Here we go:

I am LISTENING.... the movie True Lies! Hubs is watching it for the 12,978th time. If it comes on again tomorrow he would watch it again.
It's all about Jamie Lee Curtis and that short black dress.
This is not funny, friends. We own a copy of the movie, but he can find it on cable every night.
Maybe I need a short black dress......

I am LOVING.....
I know you have seen the new quote sections in TpT stores! I am having so much fun creating new ones for me! Here's my latest:
I found a tutorial for making that spot into a blinking GIF, and I tried it, but sadly it did not work. I will try again, but I am not sure I want a blinky. Might be a little annoying.
Here are links to how to do this:

I am THINKING.....
Next week is going to be crazy!!
Monday- half a regular day. After lunch I am part of the team that will escort students to a local theater for play practice. Our drama department is getting ready to do Peter Pan next weekend. Students that are in the play (and it's about 150) will be taken to the theater right after lunch for the next 3 days to practice. (Their practices last week were affected by SNOW!)
Tuesday- Only the first two hours will be normal. Then I am part of a team that will be interviewed as my principal is a finalist in a Principal's Excellence Award. After lunch it is back to the theater.
Wednesday- I will be traveling with my Principal and two other teachers to the state capitol to  receive an award for becoming a CLAS Banner School. We were chosen due to our STEM, Technology, and Outdoor Classroom curriculum!
Thursday- I am taking a personal day to go visit my daughter's first grade classroom! I can't wait to meet her kids. I love them already!
Friday- It's Play Day! Our remaining students will be taken to the theater to see their fellow students perform Peter Pan. It takes about half the day to do this! This is the ultimate dress rehearsal and they perform for the public Friday and Saturday nights. It is soooooo exciting- three of the students are going to be rigged to FLY!
To sum it up: I will have FOUR classes this week. Usually I have 15!

I am WANTING.....
No more missed school days.
Last month's Currently had a lot of us wanting snow days and we got our wish!
Now, let's return to full days and get some consistent schedules going. This is my fifth day at home and I am ready for school!

Picture Book Ideas!
If you teach the little littles I need some ideas. Most of my picture books are better suited for older kids or writing lessons.
My favorite of all time is this one:
It's a beautiful picture book with the sweetest message. I use to always read it to my third graders on the last day of school.
And I always cried.
 I am visiting a first grade classroom later in the week and I want to take a book to read to them. Any suggestions??

It's all about cleaning! I take down curtains and window blinds. My windows open from the inside of the house so I can wash those too. I move the fridge out and the washer and dryer and clean under them. I even clean the top of the fridge. Normally I do not dust the top of the fridge because I cannot see the top of it. I refuse to clean that which I cannot see....just sayin'
Sometimes it's good to be short!

Have a great March!


  1. Hi!
    I, too, am wanting no more snow days! We've been out for two weeks already because of snow and ice! Tomorrow will be the first day back, so I'm hoping that my day will go as normal as possible! Hope you have a great week!

    Christine from The Math Nerdette

  2. I LOVE that you can decorate the quote section now! I seriously need to learn how to do that! I hope the snow stays away from you too! We live in the south for a reason right? ;)

  3. Ooo I just decorated my quote section too! It looks so much better. And I am SO done with the snow (and snow days)! We have another 8 inches falling right now. No delay or cancellation yet. Have a great time in your daughter's class!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  4. I am sure one or two snow days would be nice to have here and there to catch up, but a whole week's worth would be getting annoying! What a crazy week you have coming up - I love the idea of seeing Peter Pan on the Friday - what a great way to end the week! As far as books to read to the kids, my class love any Mo Williems books, Mem Fox (but she is Australian), Walter the Farting Dog, The Day the crayons quit and Todd Parr books have a lovely message behind them!
    Have fun!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  5. I do the same thing over spring break. Deep clean as much as I can. The snow has been falling all day here but I do not think it will cause another snow day. Fingers crossed.

  6. I love True Lies! "My code name will be Boris. Your code name will be..."
    "No, Doris."

    Lauren :)
    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  7. I have seen that movie quite a few times as Jamie Lee's arms look fantastic in that movie. I can understand not wanting any more snow days, I would like just one. But I would want to be able to go work in my class that day instead. I know crazy. Have a great time at your daughters class. I am reading this late so I am sure you've already got your books picked. I have sooo many picture books I don't even know which one I would tell you I love all of them. I am only 5'1" and feel the same way. If I can't see it I don't need to clean it. I plan to do some deep cleaning over break too. Have a blast this week.

    Luv My Kinders


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