Currently July!

Hello July!

It's about 103 degrees outside my house right now. When my outside cats come in their fur is even hot. And they do nothing while outside except lay in the shade on the back porch. It is summer time in Alabama y'all! And that means the air is HEAVY. So I will just spend my time filling out my Currently July stuff!

Thanks Farley!

to Little Big Town!
Have you heard the new song they have out right now?
I know it's a little controversial, but it is also beautiful to listen to.
The group is also quite pretty, I must say:
Click on the photo to go listen to the song!

the colors in this poster set!
The photo does not do it justice, I must say. This was a test run for a set I have been updating.
Confession......I have had this set in my classroom and at my TpT store for a year! It's a four poster bundle and I love it.
So, I had this bright idea to make a companion set with some different items
like tools and job badges....
It was  just about practically finished and ready to print and upload to TpT so y'all could snag it...
I discovered I had used the WRONG color of turquoise.
Gah! I used a teal color instead of the bright turquoise.
So, yes, I spent a lot, a LOT of time fixing that.
But it's all done now and I love the result!
Advice: Print your posters at a copy company on good quality paper. It does make a difference and the cost is minimal when you think about how long they will last!

Yes, we are gong to Las Vegas next week, but it is also a vacation for us. We will be there from Wednesday until the following Tuesday.
We have a trip planned to the Grand Canyon, tickets to two Vegas shows, and really I hope to spend at least one day just laying by the pool- doing nothing!
Incidentally, the Sunday of our week in Vegas is our anniversary.
I am not telling you how many years we have been married but the number starts with an F....

Speaking of Vegas. Just look at this deliciousness!
Those are in the section inserts for my binder.
Here's the cover:
And a few inside looks:

It's all about organization people!
By the way, if you are going to Vegas, have you copied your session notes?
Here's a link where you can find them:
Conference Guide

Yes, the suitcases we have are bright blue and WORN OUT.
Like falling apart worn out. We are not at the duct tape stage quite yet, but getting close.
I may have to spring for some new stuff before next week!

my shoes to get here already!
Look at this:
Yeah, I know. They better fit is all I can say....

Okay, well, let me just say this was easy. I am the CHAMP at organizing things. My closet is arranged by color. My canned goods in the cabinet are alphabetical. I keep post-it notes in my purse. I can find things that should have been lost a hundred years ago.
Need proof?
Our kitchen faucet is dripping.
The hubs tells me that he knows that faucet cost a LOT of money when we re-did the kitchen a few years back and it has a lifetime guarantee. The catch: we have to have the paper work and receipt.
Who did he think he was talking to?
I went to the filing cabinet and pulled put the folder called "Kitchen Remodel".
Handed him the receipt and original papers.
There you go!

Have a great July everyone.
Please say hello to me in Vegas- if you are coming.
I will be wearing those cute shoes!

and a button that looks like this:

Five for Friday June 26 - My Favorite Photos

Last Friday of June!
Oh my! 
Time to reflect about this fabulous summer month!
I am having the best time looking over my Teachers Pay Teachers Adventure! I have created a few new things, but I am also painstakingly going through earlier products and making sure I like them. I have added some things and spruced up a few packages.
I include photos with STEM products because that is something I would want if I was going to try an activity. I take pictures of my class in action all the time and then edit them for this blog or TpT products.
Anyway, I found some new photos and some old favorites and decided to share them here today!

First let's give some credit to the lovely Kacey who hosts this blog every week!

So, here's a look at my favorite photos lately!

This is such a great shot of kids testing their bubble solution. It's a really fun experiment and design challenge. My third graders love it every time we try it!
By the way, this challenge was featured on Teachers Pay Teachers Blog last week. How cool is that?
You can see that blog post right {HERE}

Isn't this photo just pretty! I love the plant in the background. The kids are trying to build a tower using only ONE supply. This was very challenging simply because the kids want to have tallest tower in the class. Really makes them think!
Look closely, what is that purple thing?
(It took me a while to figure out that it is a pony tail holder from another student's hair!)

I LOVE this one! What a great shot of the team working together! Can you tell that one student is sitting on top of the table and holding tape to be ready to hand to the builder. What I like best is all those bracelets! Aren't kids great!

I  LOVE IT! The back story of this photo is that the kids were trying to build a winding device that would raise and lower something. I am just going to be honest and tell you that this was HARD! And then BAM some groups were able to do it. The student in the photo is winding the straw and raising the little platform!

Oh my! Do you just marvel at how kids can solve problems?
This little tower is made of spaghetti and when the legs began to separate the team started adding cross beams. My favorite challenge is this one!

Well, those are only a few of the photos I found in the last two weeks that made me happy!
There's also this one:
That's my cat Wookiee on his first day home.

Have a great weekend friends.
If you need something to do go and read my guest blog post:

Thank you so much Rachel Lynette for allowing me to tell my story!

(You can access the TpT locations for anything pictured by clicking on the photos!)
Except the cat......

Guest Blogging! Why a Morning Meeting is the Most Valuable Part of the Day

Well, today's a really big day!
I wrote a post for a guest blog event that answers a question I have been posing to followers! You are going to need some hankies to read it.
But you really should!
It's a subject very dear to me and when I wrote this post I just told stories that have touched me for many years.
Click on the button above to get to my post (or click here)! Enjoy!

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 2

What are my dream goals for Teachers Pay Teachers?

What a great thing to think about ----

RETIRE.....I cannot, CANNOT, even imagine not going to school everyday, but the day is looming y'all. I checked about a week ago and this year I will earn $125 dollars a month more teaching than I would get from a retirement check. So I will be working for roughly $6 a day more than staying at home. Teachers Pay Teachers is giving me something I can do! I mean the vision, the creativity, and not to mention the far-reaching results of TpT is astounding!
This morning I had a teacher in ARMENIA email me. Are you kidding? Oh my goodness! She had purchased a STEM Challenge from me and had a question about the supplies. It's hard to even think about the contact ability we have now with this amazing second job. Could this be my main job soon??
My DREAM part of this is to continue working in schools in my district as a volunteer. I have actually thought seriously this summer about retiring and volunteering as a STEM coach in some of our schools. How cool would that be?

TRAVEL: That's an easy answer, but there are so many places the hubs and I are going! 
After Vegas I am saving money for an Alaskan cruise and maybe we will be able to do that this fall or next spring. After that it's AUSTRALIA! And that one is going to happen! Those are our two really big trips, but we have some small destinations in mind, too! Goodness, I have never been to New York!

DOWNSIZE: We really, really need a smaller house. We built our house 27 years ago and it's a big rambling fantastic house, but for two adults and three cats it's just too much to take care of. We hope to sell it and be able to outright pay for the new, smaller last home ever, but TpT may help with that, too!

Those are my big dreams! What are yours?

While you are here let me tell you that tomorrow is a very big day! I have a guest blog post that will be live and you will not want to miss it! Here's a clue:
What is the most important part of your school day?
Watch my Instagram tomorrow and see where to find my guest blog post!

Thanks to the ladies that are hosting the TPT Seller Challenge!


Five for Friday June 19th

Happy Friday to y'all!

I know you are busy knocking things off your To-do lists!
Just wait, I am going to show you my list from this week! Ha!

Five for Friday is always on my list!
Be sure you join Kacey with your randomness of the week!

I know you have seen this
Well, that came out of the blue and caused some discombobulation for me. I am very task oriented and I take my To-Do list seriously. I pretty much do what is on my list.
So, when something unexpected comes along
I just
right in!
Ha, go {here} to see the makeover I finished of a product.
I was already working on it, but this little seller's challenge made me get a tad more serious about finishing it!

Ok, so here's my World Famous To-Do list.
I really do try to do what is on it, but sometimes I scratch things off and sometimes I add things.
One of my many OCD thingies I have.
Next week's list I am going to try different colors of ink....

So, you know Instagram, right?
Well, part of the seller's challenge is about Instagram and it has really been fun to see all the makeovers people are doing on products.
Then on Instagram this caught my eye.
Oh, my goodness. I went to read about this on her blog!
Why didn't I already know about this!
You gotta go and read Tammy's post about choosing colors for your product covers.
Now look at my #4 thingie and see what I did with Tammy's tip!

It just so happened that I was working on another product revision when I saw her post. I had just finished the new cover and then I decided to try the color strip idea.
Here's my first cover:
It's not bad.
But I went to Pinterest and typed in "Design Seeds bright blue" and then looked through about 8 million choices and then picked one.
Then I just changed up the colors a little and here's version 2:
You can also see the little color swatch I picked.
It's not completely finished, but will be soon!

So, here's something for you to think about.
Something happened this week that had me very unhappy. It has to do with some fairly major changes at my school. I got up Wednesday morning and was very sad and angry and hurt. I do not want this change. I don't like it. I can't even stand thinking about having to do this.
So, I did something I knew would work.
I turned to a random page in my Bible.
Here's what I found.

The words I needed when I needed them.

Have a great weekend Y'all!


Makeover Madness!

It is definitely makeover madness.

Here's something I have been working on:

So, what about the Make-over? Have you seen this?
It caught my eye when I saw it on Instagram and Bam! I jumped on board.

This week is all about makeovers.
Well, jeez, that is what I have been doing for the last two months with my Teachers Pay Teacher products. Based on some things we have tried in the lab I have come up with some spectacular new ideas and exciting ways to use the challenges. Which has led me to revising some of my older products. It takes a while to do each one- about 7-10 days (because I have 8 zillion other things on my to-do lists and I only work on revising for 30 minutes a day)! 
But along comes this makeover challenge so today I busted out a new version of Bubbles!

Take a look:
Cleaned up the cover a little. Man, was it ever too busy! Not awful, just way too much stuff all over it! I am also loving that new (for me) cursive font from Kimberly Geswein so I had to feature it!

Well, the inside of this one has also been revamped. We  tried this challenge again in May and I had lots of new procedures we tried and new photos, so I re-did all the teacher stuff inside the product, including new lab sheets for the kids.

Bubbles, Bubbles, and more bubbles!
After "playing" and experimenting with bubble solution the kids have a design challenge!

Using some pretty wacky supplies they must sketch their ideas, decide what to do, and choose the supplies they need to carry out the design.

They they have to build a bubble wand using the supplies they picked! Hope they picked well!

Do I have to tell you how much kids love this challenge?

One more update that is a big part of something new I am trying to add to my store- BETTER PREVIEWS!
I know, as a buyer, I need a good preview, so I can see what I am getting. So here's my Before preview of Bubbles:
It is a collage format and looks really neat and tidy, but it is also microscopically small.
So, I am trying to expand those previews into a more buyer friendly layout like this:
The pages are larger and I add some extra information about what you are getting.

There you have it - my latest make-over. I have a few more planned for the summer! (Which, by the way, seems to be flying by!)

Thanks to the ladies behind this Seller's Challenge!
Sparkling in Second
Peppy Zesty Teacherista

You should go visit their blogs and join the Seller's Challenge. It motivated me to get myself in gear today! (Now, I really need to go take a walk!)
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