Accomplishments! A Summer Linky!

It's time for the Summer Linky with I Heart Grade 3. This week is all about accomplishments.
Thank you, Monica, for this great topic!
And for making me cry... a few times. 
It was hard to pick just ONE accomplishment for which I am proud. 
I started to do a top ten list, but somehow these four seem to be the best!

So what's NUMBER FOUR?
Y'all that's my classroom. It's 1,520 square feet with a round dome in the center that extends as tall as a second floor.
Two summers ago I transformed that space from a giant storage room into a VERY used classroom.
You can see more pictures right {here}.
  Now I see every student in the school once a week for STEM.
This has been the most FUN ever.
The lasting impact of working with kids in this way is mind-boggling!

Those are my precious fur babies. Each was rescued.
The black cat, Luigi, was  born to a street cat and the hubs snagged him one day and brought him home. Changed his life forever.
The top right is Wookee. He had been living with us for about a month in that photo. I rescued him from the shelter after he lived in a cage for over a month. He has the best personality!
The one peeking out the window is Roo. She came from the shelter a year ago and that was her first day home. That window was her first look at the outside world.

My two kids- Nick and Abbey.
This was the first place I had teary eyes when working on this blog post.
The next photo is when I had tears for real!

My daughter's wedding two summers ago.
Hubs walked her down the aisle while sobbing.
This is the moment of his last words to her as he gave her hand to her precious Sean.
Such a good daddy.
Hubs for a really long time- like I can't remember the number it has been so long, but I know it's over 40 years.

So, there you have my accomplishments that I am proud of.

Course there is also this:
Yep, I leaped out of that little plane......

Have a great week!


  1. I LOVE your classroom. That is something to be VERY proud of, because I am green with envy for it. All of your kids (including the furbabies) are beautiful. You have much to be proud of. You should of listed being a STEM Guru, because you are definitely the one I turn to when I am thinking STEM!

    Have a great start to your week
    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. Carole!

    Your classroom is AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it! Wow! Wow! Wow! and Wow! again!

    I have always wanted to try parachuting! My husband thinks it is too big of a risk and mentally I am not prepared to do it - but perhaps for my 40th birthday. That gives me a year and 1 month to get prepared! lol!

    Thanks for linking up again! It's always good to hear from you!


    1. It was built as a science lab nut never used so when a STEM lab class was suggested I jumped at it. It's really amazing! The skydiving event was a gift so I felt obligated to do it. But it was really fun! I would do it again- but only in tandem. You have to figure the guy strapped to you will do the right thing because it's his life, too!

  3. Wow, what awesome accomplishments! I have two cats who we adopted as ferral kittens. I definitely second guessed myself the first month when we thought they would never come around to liking us. It took one of our cats about six months to finally purr when we pet him, now he purrs nonstop. They are both terrific indoor cats now:)

    1. Aren't cats funny? It took about two weeks last summer for my two older cats to allow the new baby to eat beside them. Now they are rather indifferent to her unless they are playing and even then they "fight" gently with her! Thanks for visiting!


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