Currently ~ June!

Yahoo for summertime!
If you are like me you save projects for summer so this is our happy time!
I definitely have some summer goals. Read more about that right {here}.
Also, you might want to head over to I Heart Third Grade to join her summer linky party. I am combining her weekly link up with Farley's monthly Currently!
Just call that multi-tasking!
Thank you Farley for providing the greatest linky ever and one I have been joining for three years!

So, let's start with what I am LISTENING to...
Oh my! Do you know about Audible?
It's an online store that sells audio books that you download either to a tablet, Ipad, or phone.
Go here to visit: AUDIBLE
You can get one selection for free to see what you think. After that it is $15 monthly to earn a credit. Every credit counts as one book! They have sale offers all the time, like buy two, get one free (but only from the selections they offer, not everything). Here's the best part- if you start listening to a book and do not like it, they will let you "return" it. You just go in your account to your library and you can return it and get the credit back! 
I listen to a book while I am getting ready in the morning, while commuting (it's a whole 15 minutes for me to get to school), cleaning house, yard work time, or walking!

What am I LOVING?
My button!

Okay, let me explain this one! I am going to Las Vegas in 36 days! THIRTY SIX days!
I guess you know it is for the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference, right?
Anyway, I have maintained a small amount of anonymity with my Teachers are Terrific journey and like many of you I will be wandering around the conference not knowing anyone. So, many of us are having things made with our logo so people will say, "Oh, hey, Teachers are Terrific, I know you!"
So I had my button made by Zazzle.
Which, by the way was almost easy.
First, I tried the button provided by me from Blogs Fit for a Queen. It's a perfectly great button and I love it, but it was not large enough for the metal button thing. When I enlarged it it got too blurry.
So, I just made a bigger version, using my own fonts and clip art. Pretty good, right!
(You also just have to love that deliciousness in the background! Those little notepads are from the fabulous Krista Walden. You can order those right {here}

What am I THINKING about?
I am thinking about why I started a blog!
That is this week's topic for I Heart Third Grade's linky!

You can check out the future weekly topics by clicking {here}.
Anyway, why did I start blogging?
Well, two other teachers in my school had a blog and they were talking about it. I listened to them and it just seemed like a neat thing to try. I was already reading some teacher blogs (like Tara Eiken's) so I decided to just hop right into a blog. My original thought was to use it as a parent communication tool and I did- for about three months. The blog posts were getting about 3 views each so I knew that my parents were not on board with it. That's when I found Currently for the first time and ...well you know the rest! (In case you need something to do, click right {here} and read my very first Currently! It is really hilariously lame!)

Well, a lot of you already know this little tidbit about my blog because I have written about it before now. When you join Blogger one of the first things asked is for the name of your blog. Well, I was starting a blog impulsively and had not thought ahead about naming it and I was just looking my desk....thinking... and spied this:
Yep, I stole my name right off the cover of that calendar/planner!
But it could have been worse...what if The Tale of Despereaux had been laying on my desk. Or Freckle Juice. Or Old Yeller. Teachers are Terrific seems rather mild compared to those!

What do I WANT?
I cannot, for the life of me, ever EVER remember a time that I did not read books.
As a child I went through The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew and my all time favorite that always made me cry:
I read this book so many times when I was a little girl and always cried. This book was written in 1879, people! Are you kidding? That is what is called a classic- take that Divergent!
Anyway what I have read more recently:
I am in the middle of this silly little book. It has quite some irreverent moments, and some pretty laugh out loud funny moments. Totally unbelievable, but still a great police-solve-this-crime book. The mysterious crime to solve involves a severed arm that was caught in the Gulf of Mexico by a fisherman and it seems that maybe his wife killed him to collect his life insurance money--- you think? (A sure clue that she did it is that she traded his very expensive wedding ring that was still on the arm for a cheap version for the funeral. Yeah, she had a funeral for his arm.)
I kinda doubt it will be a classic like Toby Tyler, but it is worth reading, if you like a silly book occasionally.

What do I NEED?
As usual - nothing really.
Here's a shot of one of the reasons I am so blessed (or two reasons!)

The picture quality is not great on this photo - I may have cropped out some other people (like son-in-law and girlfriend-in-law), but with them in the pic you could see our gross empty food bowls. This was my daughter's 27th birthday. Just to be really silly you should visit her blog and tell her she looks like she's about 17....makes her really mad....  go {here}. Seriously, she is a fabulous teacher and is moving to third grade this coming year. If you teach third grade, go visit her! She's looking for blogs to follow!

Summer Lovin'
Watermelon- I saw some today at the grocery, but I know better. The really good watermelons in Alabama are not ready and sweet until the 4th of July! Anything before then is an impostor from another country!
Golfing- I am getting a pair of far distance contact lenses so I can get busy playing golf! When I switched to only wearing glasses it totally messed up my game. So, I am going back to contacts just so I can play!
Las Vegas! Here we come! I have tickets already to two shows. We have plans to go to the Valley of Fire State Park and hopefully make it to the Grand Canyon. We are going to zip line at the Rio! And I really hope to meet about ten zillion bloggers and TpTers!

Have a great June y'all!
And seriously, visit Farley and donate to WAG! Go and read about it!

Oh, and you might notice an abnormal amount of things in this post
that you can click on that link to other things and I promise, cross my heart, I am not being paid by any of those people or links.
Well, except, for the book ones. They might be linked to Amazon. And I might earn 4.5 cents if you buy a book.


  1. I love your button! It is always hard to recognize bloggers' faces - but the blog buttons are so much easier! Hope to meet you in Vegas!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I think attaching the button to the lanyard TpT provides will be a good visual and I expect we will see a lot of that! See you there!

  2. i love your button… I need to order mine like today!!! thanks for the reminder!!! and thanks for linking up!!!

    1. Thanks so much Farley! You are the bestest linky host ever! I am adding the puppy dog image to this post in a few minutes. I saw a heartbreaking photo of a dog being rescued and I wanted to adopt him myself!

  3. I love your button idea! SO cute and such a good way to connect yourself with your blog. I may be ordering one of those myself...

    1. Hi Emily! It was fairly easy- just go to Zazzle and try uploading your blog button image. If it is too small you may have to do your own design or get your blog designer to make it for you! The button from Zazzle was about $10 when postage was added to it! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hey at least "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret" wasn't on your desk! That would have been a superlong blog title! I posted why I started blogging here:
    Happy blogging! Tina :)

    1. Oh now that would be a funny blog title, really! Thanks for visiting Tina!

  5. I love that Currently helped shape what your blog is today. I've toyed with the idea of having a classroom blog for parents, but what you said happened to you makes me reconsider every time. I just don't think enough parents would stop by and visit ever let alone frequently. Thanks for sharing your Currently and your blogging story!

    Teaching In A Nutshell
    Teaching In A Nutshell Designs

  6. Last year at Vegas I did not see buttons,but did recognize many faces and tutus. If we were going this year we would have buttons!! My daughter got me into blogging so we do it as a team. Have fun in Vegas

    1. Thanks for visiting Ruth! The button idea came from teachers posting in TpT's seller forum, so I imagine we will see lots of buttons this year!

  7. Hi Carol,

    Your button is AWESOME! Thank you for coming and linking up! It's been great hearing how you got your blog up and running!

    Take care and I hope to see you link up again throughout the summer!



    1. Thanks for visiting Monica! I will revisit your linky often this summer. The topics are great and I am always on the lookout for things to write about!

  8. Great job with your super adorable button, I just ordered mine and a t shirt and tank! I'm excited to sport
    some "official" blogger gear :)

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  9. Your button is adorable! I would love to go to Vegas eventually but it is just not in the cards right now with a 2 year old and hubby at home. I hope you have a great summer!
    KinderKids Fun

  10. Hi Carol! Your button looks fabulous! Have fun in Vegas! I wish the TpT conference was closer, so I will have to live vicariously through other bloggers regarding all the fun! I love books, too. (I think loving books must be some sort of prerequisite for being a teacher. 😃) Have a terrific summer! Carol Carol's Teaching Garden

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Carol! I do love my button! I also agree with you about teachers and reading. When I hear a teacher say that they do not like reading it makes me cringe! Have a great June!


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