Five for Friday June 19th

Happy Friday to y'all!

I know you are busy knocking things off your To-do lists!
Just wait, I am going to show you my list from this week! Ha!

Five for Friday is always on my list!
Be sure you join Kacey with your randomness of the week!

I know you have seen this
Well, that came out of the blue and caused some discombobulation for me. I am very task oriented and I take my To-Do list seriously. I pretty much do what is on my list.
So, when something unexpected comes along
I just
right in!
Ha, go {here} to see the makeover I finished of a product.
I was already working on it, but this little seller's challenge made me get a tad more serious about finishing it!

Ok, so here's my World Famous To-Do list.
I really do try to do what is on it, but sometimes I scratch things off and sometimes I add things.
One of my many OCD thingies I have.
Next week's list I am going to try different colors of ink....

So, you know Instagram, right?
Well, part of the seller's challenge is about Instagram and it has really been fun to see all the makeovers people are doing on products.
Then on Instagram this caught my eye.
Oh, my goodness. I went to read about this on her blog!
Why didn't I already know about this!
You gotta go and read Tammy's post about choosing colors for your product covers.
Now look at my #4 thingie and see what I did with Tammy's tip!

It just so happened that I was working on another product revision when I saw her post. I had just finished the new cover and then I decided to try the color strip idea.
Here's my first cover:
It's not bad.
But I went to Pinterest and typed in "Design Seeds bright blue" and then looked through about 8 million choices and then picked one.
Then I just changed up the colors a little and here's version 2:
You can also see the little color swatch I picked.
It's not completely finished, but will be soon!

So, here's something for you to think about.
Something happened this week that had me very unhappy. It has to do with some fairly major changes at my school. I got up Wednesday morning and was very sad and angry and hurt. I do not want this change. I don't like it. I can't even stand thinking about having to do this.
So, I did something I knew would work.
I turned to a random page in my Bible.
Here's what I found.

The words I needed when I needed them.

Have a great weekend Y'all!


  1. I am heading over to read about the color cover tips now. I hope that whatever change it is that God gives you peace about it. When I was moved to math my third year I thought I would die. It just made a way for me to get back to science in a different grade with teacher colleagues (friends) that I would not have if I had never been switched to math in the first place. I will be praying for you friend!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. Carol, Thanks for sharing! What a perfect scripture. It's all about our hearts... All the other things are just circumstances. I like version two of your product cover. Blessings!
    Laughter and Consistency


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