Five for Friday June 26 - My Favorite Photos

Last Friday of June!
Oh my! 
Time to reflect about this fabulous summer month!
I am having the best time looking over my Teachers Pay Teachers Adventure! I have created a few new things, but I am also painstakingly going through earlier products and making sure I like them. I have added some things and spruced up a few packages.
I include photos with STEM products because that is something I would want if I was going to try an activity. I take pictures of my class in action all the time and then edit them for this blog or TpT products.
Anyway, I found some new photos and some old favorites and decided to share them here today!

First let's give some credit to the lovely Kacey who hosts this blog every week!

So, here's a look at my favorite photos lately!

This is such a great shot of kids testing their bubble solution. It's a really fun experiment and design challenge. My third graders love it every time we try it!
By the way, this challenge was featured on Teachers Pay Teachers Blog last week. How cool is that?
You can see that blog post right {HERE}

Isn't this photo just pretty! I love the plant in the background. The kids are trying to build a tower using only ONE supply. This was very challenging simply because the kids want to have tallest tower in the class. Really makes them think!
Look closely, what is that purple thing?
(It took me a while to figure out that it is a pony tail holder from another student's hair!)

I LOVE this one! What a great shot of the team working together! Can you tell that one student is sitting on top of the table and holding tape to be ready to hand to the builder. What I like best is all those bracelets! Aren't kids great!

I  LOVE IT! The back story of this photo is that the kids were trying to build a winding device that would raise and lower something. I am just going to be honest and tell you that this was HARD! And then BAM some groups were able to do it. The student in the photo is winding the straw and raising the little platform!

Oh my! Do you just marvel at how kids can solve problems?
This little tower is made of spaghetti and when the legs began to separate the team started adding cross beams. My favorite challenge is this one!

Well, those are only a few of the photos I found in the last two weeks that made me happy!
There's also this one:
That's my cat Wookiee on his first day home.

Have a great weekend friends.
If you need something to do go and read my guest blog post:

Thank you so much Rachel Lynette for allowing me to tell my story!

(You can access the TpT locations for anything pictured by clicking on the photos!)
Except the cat......


  1. These are awesome experiments! I love it! I have to check out your STEM stuff! :)
    Moore to Learn

  2. Love your blog! So glad you came across mine so I Could find yours! I'm a science-aholic and my Primary Montessori kiddos thrive on all the science they can get! I will absolutely be bookmarking your site!

    1. Excellent to hear! During the school year I frequently post about what we are doing in the lab! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The science looks fun but my favorite picture is the kitty lol!

    Literacy Spark

  4. I feel so loved!! You have put the biggest smile on my face :) Pic #4 is my favorite. I love seeing STEM challenges happen from start to finish, but the middle is where all the magic happens! Of course I love the picture of your sweet cat! Thanks again for the mention. It truly means so much to me!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701


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