My Office Space!

So, do you have a special space in your home that is THE place you create things, or grade papers, or plan?
That is the question being asked by Angie at Lucky Little Learners and Ashley at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! Go take at look at this summer linky!

So, I decided to snap some pictures and let you peek into my space- which I call THE STUDY, cause it sounds fancy.
I may or may not have been photo-bombed by a cat during this.
I also avoided snapping a picture of the very large array of kitchen wall hangings that I am trying to arrange. I spread all the stuff over the floor of the study THREE days ago and still cannot settle on an arrangement I like.

Anyway, here's my office space!

The desk is an antique that once belonged in the office of an ice house company. The hubs surprised me with it one year for my birthday. I came home from school and he had delivered it to my study.  It's gigantic and has lots of great drawers and even a tray insert that I took off and hung on the wall. In the background you can see our dining room (not that we ever use it!) The entire wall behind the desk is filled with books!

Here's a closer view of my desktop- which I cleared off just for the photo. It is normally covered with junk.  Or cats.

A view from the other side. I told you the shelves were full. The picture you can barely see on the wall is a tree painting I did. All the little shapes on it are buttons- they belonged to my mother-in-law, my mother, and me. 

A view from the front. There is a window right behind where I was standing to take this photo....and two more book shelves....

In one corner is my grandmother's piano....and the piano bench/cat bed. The printer's tray you can see on the wall came from the printing shop my father-in-law once worked in and it is filled with all kinds of neat things we have collected in the last bunch of years. I would tell you the number of years, but you would be stunned....

Now for my desk....that's Wookee sleeping with his head ON the keyboard. When he wants outside really badly he will sit there and stare at me for about 2 minutes and then start knocking picture frames off my desk.

That's my baby cat, Roo, last summer. She watched the computer cursor moving and would occasionally paw at it- which was very annoying since it is a touch screen computer....

Not to be outdone, even Luigi will sometimes get on my desk. Not very often, though. As always he takes a terrible picture. He's actually looking into the foyer, probably mad cause the water bowl is empty. Despite the fact that he weighs 18 pounds he never comes to get me to fill up a food bowl- only the water bowl.

This is one of the large drawers of my desk and that is Wookee. This is my cat that has been on top of and inside of everything in the house. 

Last summer Baby Roo would sleep inside a smaller drawer- on a pillow!. One day she scooted back inside the drawer and I shut it without knowing she was inside it. She slept in there for about an hour before I realized she was missing and discovered she was locked in my desk!

Then another day Wookee got in Roo's drawer. Here she is discovering her brother is in her bed!

That's it, folks. Not a very exciting office- except for the cats! I will leave with one last cat photo:
I told you- he has been on top of everything in my house or inside it!

And just in case you did not believe me about all the stuff in my floor here ya go:
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your office space! What a fun linky that makes me want to update and my spare room into my own personal space for blogging/TPT stuff. I LOVE the desk! I would not have space for it, but I am in love with it! Cats are soooo funny. Mine likes to be outside, but when he does come in he is always finding small spaces to sleep in that I did not think would be possible for him to fit in.

    Hope your Saturday has been good to you!
    Get Your Science on in Room 701

    1. Thanks Bagby! You definitely need to have your own office. When we built our house we deliberately made a room for my books! My Saturday has been washing my car and hanging those pictures to get them out of the floor in my study!

  2. Your office space is BEAUTIFUL! It's like a dream - that bookcase, your desk! I love it! If only I had that kind of space! I would love to see that picture you made - the tree with your family's buttons? It sounds lovely! :-) Thank you for sharing!
    BigTime Literacy

    1. I painted a tree on canvas with curlicue branches and then in the center of each curl I hot-glued a button. The buttons were all keepsakes from my mother and mother-in-law, and a few of my own buttons. We had enough buttons to make three of the paintings- so I gave one to each of my children, too! Thanks for visiting!

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  4. I really do like the space. The antiques really give the space a warmth. My wife and I are also cat people, and thought it was really funny how the cat photo bombed the pictures. I always make an effort to make my office space at home a pleasure to be in, makes doing work just that much more bearable.

    Derrick George @ ZZone31


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