Summer Time in Vegas! and Five for Friday!

Oh my! Off to Vegas we went last week! I know I am like all the teachers that gathered in saying:
We were inspired.
We were in awe of the event!
We were excited and eager to learn.
We were hot!
Literally, like one day is was 102 degrees outside.

Anyway, this post is two linkies in one and I will explain that later in this random Conference Linkie and Five for Friday linkie!

Thanks to Elementary Entourage for the Conference Linky!

And, as always, thanks to Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

First up, the question is being asked in so many places? What is your greatest take-away from the conference?
Here's mine and this is a quote from one of the sessions:
"Focus on what you can be the authority on- that's your market."
Wow, is that ever true. And the thing is, that's true in every aspect of our lives. So, my focus is science and STEM because that is what I do everyday and what I understand right now. I may have taught third grade for a really long time, but that doesn't mean I can produce endless task card sets for reading intervention. I am not the "authority" on that! (and I use the word authority loosely!)

Here's the explanation for combining two linkies.
It's all about time management.
We (teachers) do TOO much. So, one thing from the conference that resonates with me and something I heard over and over, was this: Stop multi-tasking. Focus on ONE thing at a time and do a quality job of that one thing. Make your To-Do list short.

Meeting people, bloggers, and TpT buddies has to be mentioned.
I mean, just look at this:
I especially loved meeting my good friend Laura from Luv My Kinders and Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies.
And, y'all I introduced myself to Rachel Lynette and got a big hug. She is amazing and told me so many kind things about the guest blog post I did for her last month!
And I met Camping Teacher and Literary Sherri and Chrissie from Undercover Classroom. I spent a lot of time with Misty Miller, Kerry Tracy, Teacher's Keeper, and so many more! 

Finally, I must say that one really nice thing about the conference was learning to be more mindful of Pinterest. I try to post a lot of photos and not just product covers, but one thing I heard repeatedly was to make those photos a little more full of pizzazz.... so how's this:

Simple, yet it's eye catching!
That's from a fantastic STEM Challenge we completed in which each group has the same supplies, but completes a different structure. Then two groups have to join their structures together! Read more about it right {HERE}

Okay, I will leave you with the most amazing thing that came from our trip to Nevada.
The conference was great, but this was spectacular.

We, the hubs and I, snagged a short plane ride to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
We flew in a tiny little plane and then jumped on board this:
That helicopter took us for an hour long flight through the canyon - mostly we were quiet because of the complete awesomeness of the view.
There aren't enough words to describe the beauty of this place.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! And I love the "Stop Multi-Tasking" and "Make your to-do list short". Those are both things I need to remember!

    Life As I Know It

  2. I've been reading a lot about this Stop Multi-Tasking. I agree. I wonder however how many will... and if it is even possible. Good goal none the less. See you around! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. A helicopter ride over the Grand Cannon?! That is so exciting! Gorgeous pictures!!

  4. I love your takeaways from Vegas! I have to make it a priority to be there next year, even though I really can't deal with the heat I will just strive to stay in the AC at all times. The new pin looks great, too! I love the natural light feel and the way the text just pops out at you. You are brave to do a helicopter ride - a helicopter pilot once told me it's like trying to balance an ice cube on top of a balloon (does that sounds like a fun STEM challenge or what?). Maybe at a future TpT conference we can collaborate and get some teacher-authors together to build a giant tower out of business cards! ;-)

    Meredith @ momgineer

    1. Oh my goodness- you gave me two great STEM ideas! Yahoo! Seriously, the helicopter ride was magnificent! Yes, it was scary, but the view made us forget that instantly. Our pilot was superb- when he landed we didn't even feel it! I would love to have a session at the conference just with science teachers- wouldn't that be fun! So many regular classroom teachers are scared of science and I would love to have them in a session! Maybe next year!

  5. You made me feel like I was there...except in the helicopter because I'm deathly afraid of heights. I'll enjoy the awesomeness from your pictures. You did fabulous on your picture for your post/Pinterest. I have been trying to do more pictures and watermark and all that jazz. As with takes time. I've got to learn to not mult-task. As soon as something flits in my brain I am off doing something else and not sticking to one thing. I'm going to try to take your advice and focus on one thing at a time all day tomorrow. You might better check on me to be sure my brain is still attached! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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