Currently August!

It's August.

I don't know about you, but I am a little bit ready to get back into a routine
 and wear real pants and shoes
and brush my hair everyday.....

So, let's check into what I am currently up to and maybe a little about what is in the near future and maybe a look back into the past...

Thank you to the fabulous Farley- whom I met while in Vegas recently! Divine!

On to Currently:

LISTENING the music in my head.

You know when you have a tune in your head and you just keep singing it over and over. Well, I have been watching "Orange is the New Black" and that opening tune plays over and over in my head.

By the way did you cheer loudly when Miss Rosa ran over V at the end of Season 2?
I am about 6 shows into Season 3.
Anyway, the tune starts with "The animals, the animals......."
I would have put a video right here but you would be hearing that tune for the rest of the day.

My new store front at Teachers Pay Teachers.
I had this idea about using photos on the covers of STEM challenges instead of chevron and frames and cute clip art.
Now, mind you, there is nothing, NOTHING wrong with chevron, frames, and cute clip art, but some of my covers didn't really reflect what was inside the product.
So, I changed one or two and then I changed a few more.
And then I ended up with this:

That's a screenshot of my home page. Don't click on it because I didn't link it to anything. I am not trying to sell you something- just sharing my new look!Now, it all has a very uniform look. The cover is like a little window to what is inside.
I love it.

about Books! If you visit this blog often you know I love to read!
I just finished this one:
I highly recommend it! I read it in only a few days and loved it!
It's the story of Alice. She is at her spin class one day and falls off her bike. The resulting head injury causes her to forget the last ten years of her life. She wakes up thinking she is 29 and pregnant with her first child. In reality she is 39, has 3 children (that she doesn't remember) and is in the middle of a divorce. It is a startling view into how we change over time and poor Alice discovers she has turned into quite a nasty person. Read it to find out how she copes and learns. Good grief, she awakens to not knowing what a text message is.....
That was a great little book review, don't you think?
(By the way, don't click on the book to get to its link either. It's not linked because Amazon cancelled my affiliate status due to inactivity! What a relief- it saves me time to not have to find the links and then link them. Besides you know how to find a book if you want it!)

...a blast from the past....Yes, I was looking for the Farley button to add to this post and it is saved in a blog folder on my computer. When I opened the folder I noticed I had folders labeled 2013, 2014, and 2015.  First, of all, there should be a prize for having Currently stuff for that many years. Secondly, I thought it would be fun to look back at the previous August Currently images and see what I was up to! Take a look:
With the one above (2013) I had just started my STEM Lab job and had spent the entire month of July cleaning and organizing. You can read more about that right {HERE} and {HERE}. You might also note that I was thinking about starting a TpT store.
Finally, I was wanting more time to READ! That never seems to change!

Ok, the one above is from 2014. I had a new kitten last summer and was learning that maybe three cats is too many cats. I was also going to be starting school the very next week and was a little flustered with that- as we all are. I have one more week off this year since we are starting a little later.
That was interesting to look back at! You should try it!

Life is very good right now.

Back to School RAK
My office staff loves donuts.
I love my office staff.
It's always good to have the office ladies on your side.
Donuts during the first week of school.
That should get us all started off nicely!

Y'all have a great August!


  1. Oh, thanks for the book suggestion! I read Husband's Secrets. It was really good! My hubby has been home 3 weeks and I can't seem to start a new one.
    Our school does a great job with RAK- so good I see 5 more pounds in my future! I'm going to have to stay strong!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tamera! You should also read "Big Little Lies" by the same author! Love her books!

  2. You have been busy! Love those covers. Definitely draws attention to your products. Donuts for the office staff, good idea. You are right that those ladies are the ones we want on our side everyday! I'll have to keep that in mind this new year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. I was in my Purchased List & noticed that you updated some items. Gotta get more this year!

    This Little Piggy Reads

    1. Hi Deniece! Yes, ma'am I have been a busy little beaver all summer. My STEM challenges are things I can't create in the summer because I actually use the products first, so I have spent time freshening older products. Some of my first challenges have had a little face lift. Re-download them! I also have a long list of new ideas to try as soon as I have students! Thanks so much!

  4. I love the new look of your covers- I think it is totally appropriate for those resources and is very eye-catching, yet informative! Great idea to go back and 'reminisce' through your old Currently. :)
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  5. Well, when you retire from teaching you should totally write book reviews. I just added it to my wish list. I had to laugh, they canceled my affiliate acct for not enough use too! Your covers look so good. I love the real pictures and how buyers can really see what it is all about. The blast from the past was fun! I agree got to keep those office ladies happy, so sweet of you to bring donuts. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

  6. I'm a huge OITNB fan, too! I definitely fist pumped the air when Miss Rosa ran V over. She was the worst! The only thing I hate about the show is that I watch the whole season in about two days, then have to wait a year for the next!

    From Classroom To Counselor

    1. Exactly! I have been watching two episodes each evening! I only have two left and then what? I am actually trying House of Cards! We will see! Thanks for visiting!


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