Currently! September!!

So, you know it's September, right!
But that's a good thing because that means it is Currently time!

Thanks muchly to Farley!
(And I know muchly is not a word, but it should be!)

to the dishwasher.
We had a catastrophe with the supper I cooked. Yeah, it was pretty muchly awful. So, we chunked it in the garbage and went out. Now, all the dishes we didn't use are being washed.
I had veggie pizza at the restaurant which was devine.
So muchly better than the chicken tortilla bake that was in the garbage....

Teacher Friends!
Listen to this. Today I wore a denim long top with white jeans.
(That's not me, duh, but that is the exact outfit.)

Anyway, I walked over to our fifth grade hall to remind two classes to bring their personal devices to the lab for STEM class. As I walked down the hall I saw a fifth grade teacher wearing....
yep, the same denim top and white jeans.
Guess what she said (after laughing), " Go in Mrs. W's room!" So I did.
Guess what she was wearing.....
yep, the same SAME denim top and white jeans.
I seriously, like muchly think we should have taken a photo and asked people to vote for "Who Wore it Best?" 
They said NO!

about Straws. Here's a photo to prove it:
Y'all I asked my teacher friends to put some STEM items on the school supply list for this year. Look at the straws. I mean there are hundreds, thousands.
So, I have been very busy inventing STEM challenges that use straws,
Yeah, this is one of the straw challenges. For a while the entire lab looked like this today. We will be sweeping up straw pieces for two weeks!

UPDATE: Here's another blog post you can read that is all about straws: Click {HERE}

a tour guide.
That's right. Hubs and I are going somewhere for Fall Break. He mentioned Charleston, SC and that would be fabulous except it's an 8 hour drive.
Then we said maybe New York, but the cost of that is driving me crazy.
I do want to go anyway, but I need someone to plan it for me!
I'll let you know how it works out.

Game of Thrones to start.

Or The Walking Dead. And I also just checked and Game of Thrones is not scheduled to begin until next April. What? That's crazy!
I have been watching Scandal on Netflix and it's alright. But I am just NOT convinced it's the greatest show ever like some people.
Is it just me or does anyone else think Olivia Pope's mouth is shaped funny? Like she muchly needs braces. It's distracting. Just sayin'.

1. Clean Out! I'm not saying why I need to clean out cabinets in my classroom, but I may be doing something really fun next year that starts with an R and rhymes with attire....just saying. (And it only sorta rhymes with attire....)
2. Have fun! If this is that year I think it is I think I might as well just have a blast! What do you think?
3. Exercise! I feel better when I do something everyday. Right now I am loving You Tube ten minute video routines. I mean, ten minutes. TEN. You can do about any exercise for ten minutes, right!

Have a great September!

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  1. SO ready for Walking Dead too!!!

    Teacher friends are definitely the best ;)

    Mrs. Thomas's Class

    1. At least Walking Dead does start soon- well a month or so, but sooner than April! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love all of those straws! And your matching outfits cracked me up. Good luck on your big decision about the word that kind of rhymes with attire. You will know when it is time....or so I have heard. Still a handful of years away for me.

    1. You are correct about knowing it is time. My friends that have already made this big step have told me this and I think this is the year I am really understanding what they mean! Thanks for visiting!

  3. New York will be pretty in the fall! I haven't watched Scandal but feel like I should since I watch the other Shonda shows, this is the first I've read that it isn't awesome haha.

    Literacy Spark


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