Five for Friday- What's New!

Welcome back to another edition of Five for Friday!
(on Saturday morning)
This one has a theme I am calling "What's New"!! Lots of new things going on here on the blog, but first let's recognize our weekly host, Kacey!
Be sure you read (or skim) all the way down because one new thing is Ah-may-zing!

First and foremost!!!!!!!!Have you looked around? My blog has a totally new look! What do you think?
I loved my old blog and was very happy with the designer and the whole process, but I decided I wanted a fresh look, with maybe a little less clutter. So, thank you so much to 
A Little Peace of Africa!

Click on her logo to visit her design site and check out other blog designs she has. Laine is fabulous to work with and did everything I asked. Even when I got a little nit-picky about one little color change, she was gracious and changed it out several times.

So, what else is new!
Have you visited my Facebook page lately? It also has been freshened!
Laine did that for me, too! My old header was one I made and it was blurry. Ugh!
I love it!

So, what's up in the lab that is new?
Yep, Barbie dolls.
Take a look:
STEM Challenge: It's a Bungee Jump with a Barbie doll figure. Kids experiment at different heights, keep data tables, average distances, and finally design the perfect bungee jump. Will Barbie survive?
Why yes, we are making Barbie do some bungee jumping.
I am trying to get this challenge published because it is really excellent. On top of being super fun, it also involved a lot of math- including measurement, averaging, graphing, comparing data, and more! Hopefully, it will be ready this weekend!

What else is new......
Here's the Ah-may-zing new thing.
A couple of weeks ago I was cooking supper and in the five minutes it took to throw together some fried potatoes my daughter made a movie.
Yep. A movie.
On her Ipad.
She showed me the basics and y'all it takes five minutes
So, here is a little movie I created this morning in just a short time:  
What do you think?
Spectacular, right.
Did you see the credits page with the stars of the show: Lab Kids!
And, of course, it is a Teachers Are Terrific Film.....

And what is new with technology? 
Thanks to my other child I am now living in the age of computer and phone technology.
Did you know you can deposit a check to your bank by using your phone?
Well, I did not know this.
Go, right now, and see if your bank has a mobile app. Get it and start banking without ever setting foot in your bank again!
Or having to use those annoying drive-through tubes
that I cannot reach. SO I have to open my car door to use them! UGH!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love my banking app and depositing checks mobilly (sp?) I love seeing what is going on in the lab every week especially the tech stuff!

  2. Carol I Love your new blog look! I thinks its perfect!!
    What a fun activity to have bungee jumping barbies. I bet the kids had great stories to tell at home and were able to remember important information because of the fun.
    It’s Kinder Time


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