Currently - November!

We are having the best fall weather right now!
Last week brought a little bit of rain, but then a couple of really gorgeous days!
Life is good!

Life is Currently..... with Farley!

Let's get all caught up with what is happening right now....

To Baseball! 
Who are you cheering for?
Here's some trivia for you- if you are old enough you might remember this. Back in about 1986 the Mets were playing in Game 6 of the World Series against Boston. The Mets were down to their last out with runners on first and third. Then the unthinkable happened. A wild pitch scored the runner on third to tie the game. Then the unthinkable happened again! The batter hit a grounder sharply to first base. The first baseman just needed to scoop it up and make the out. Somehow the ball rolled between his feet, the Mets scored, and went on to Game 7.
Who was the first baseman?
Did the Mets win the World Series that year?
This is a well known play and I actually, believe it or not, saw this happen? (on TV) You can see the replay {HERE}.

Movies of my STEM Lab Kids.
This. Is. Fun.
IMovie on my Ipad is extremely simple to use. Try it! Choose to use the templates and all you do is click the photos you want. You can also add videos. Change the words that are on the templates and you have a little movie.
Here's the latest about Flooding in the Lab!

These are really easy! Best of all, IMovie has additional features and I am working on learning to make longer movies using my own templates!
Speaking of new things! Have you ever tried Garage Band? 
Too Much Fun!

about Bundles.
Yeah, I know, it's weird.
But the thing is that I know when I want to purchase something on Teachers Pay Teachers I look for bundles.
Cause I like to save money.
Are you with me?
Anyway, today I will be posting this:
STEM Challenges: A growing MEGA bundle featuring load of challenges, scaffolded for different ages, including photos, hints, and more!
This is a "Growing Bundle". It started with 21 STEM Challenges and you can see where it is now! It is a fabulous money-saver. It will go from 39 to 42 today with a slight price increase!
What I am thinking of doing is some miniature versions of it.
Maybe some two packs......
STEM Clusters
STEM ?????
I'm working on it!

To Share!
Check out this Collaborative Blog put together by my friend Meredith Anderson.
STEM Activities for Kids: A Collaborative blog featuring all things STEM! Created and written by a group of STEM and Science teachers!
Click on the logo to go and see this amazing team of bloggers that are all about Science and STEM. Click on Blog at the top of the site and read some fabulous posts about new experiences.
You just might, might recognize one of the team members!
STEM Challenge: Here's a reat lesson on genetics made by SSSTeacing. I tried this with third graders and they totally understood the lesson and made great monsters!
Read the post about Monster Genetics and then visit Amber at SSSTeaching!

a housekeeper.
I have no words for that!
I just need help.

Well, here in the south we do this thing we call a "Sweet Potato Casserole". The topping for Thanksgiving is traditionally marshmallows. And you brown them in the oven so it's almost like toasting them over a fire.
But, really, Marshmallows with a gooey sweet potato is like sweetness overload.
My mother-in-law made her casserole with a brown sugar topping instead.
And yes, it is also gooey sweet, but oh-so-good. She mixed butter and brown sugar and threw in a few pecans and layered that on top of the sweet potato stuff. It's more of a dessert than a veggie at this point. But yummy!

Have a splendid November everyone!
Beautiful fall day in Alabama!
This is across the street from my school!


  1. I was thinking back to the 1985 world series when the Royals won! I was a senior in high school, but I watched every game and cheered for my Royals!

  2. Carol I Love your STEM video! I want to make a video now! lol :) Your blog is delightful. Have a wonderful Sunday! I'm cheering for KC only because I grew up visiting my aunt in Kansas City every summer, and it always included a Royal's game. I was more interested in the pattern mowed into the grass than the actual sport, but it is a such a lovely little field. :)

  3. Your blog design is so adorable! I love it!

    I've been trying for weeks to convince my husband to let me hire a housekeeper for 1x a month to deep clean the house. I don't mind vacuuming and wiping counters down every week, I just hate the scrubbing and all the little corner dust. Yuck!

    Have a great week!

  4. I hear you on the bundles! I always look for bundles too to save money on TPT. I made my first bundle this summer and I'm hoping to bundle all of my math units when they are done. I don't like making growing bundles because I don't know if I can make the deadlines then I get all stressed about it! lol I love all your STEM stuff it looks great!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  5. Sweet potato casserole sounds interesting! I'm loving all the new food ideas i'm getting from everyones currently :)

    Teaching Autism

    1. Sweet potato casserole is really more a dessert than a veggie, but you put it on the table during the meal and you are tricked into thinking it is a vegetable dish! It's a way of having pie, basically! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I would love to know how to make your own templates for iMovie!! That sounds awesome!


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