Five for Friday! Too Busy Edition

Hi Friday Friends!
I think I forgot to link up last week.
So, that will tell you what has been going on lately!

Too busy, too much to do, too many irons in the fire...

So, this week's theme is 5 Reasons I Have Too Much to Do!

Let's join Kacey at DoodleBugs:

First up, I was looking for something in my TpT store the other day and for the life of me I could not find it! I mean, I invented it! I knew it was there and I could not locate it.
So, I started wondering if maybe anyone else had trouble finding things. Well, I knew I had seen a product catalog with clickable links from someone else. So, I searched for product catalogs and lots of sellers have them. So, I decided to play around with a format I liked and see what I could invent.
Here ya go!
STEM Product catalog! This lists all my challenges by grade level and by NGSS standards. It also lists them alphabetically, by type, and includes a suggested materials list.
Inside you will find clickable links to STEM products organized by grade level, by NGSS Standard, alphabetical, and more! It was fun to make and I hope it is useful to some of you!

Now, I am working on a poster catalog! Cause I have a bunch of those, too!

Second Too Busy Thing:
Look at this face.
That's my big cat Luigi. He is our oldest buddy and just a big old grump bucket.
So, on top of being incredibly busy at school and with my second job, I had to stop and take care of my kitty. He went to the vet about a month ago for a regular check up and we found he had fleas. Yeah, I know, how is it possible that he had fleas and I didn't know. Well, he has THICK fur and he doesn't groom himself so I figured he was just dusty as he normally is....
After the flea meds he started losing weight. Mind you, he's a big boy, 18.3 pounds in October. But suddenly he lost TWO POUNDS! That's a lot for a cat- in a month! Also, he was drinking water ravenously and peeing so much.
Well, you know what those symptoms are.
Yes, that's right. Luigi has developed diabetes. He will have to have a shot daily until we can see if this is temporary or forever. Poor buddy.

So, what's the third thing keeping me busy?
...hmmm, well it was time to update my banner at my store. And I got started making them and came up with several I like. Which do you like best?

I changed it to the bottom one, but I like them all!
I know this was not an essential thing to keep me too busy, but it was on my To-Do list and doing things like this is something I can do while doing something else at the same time....

How about the fourth Busy Thing?
I have 15 classes. That is supposed to mean 3 preps each week- 5 classes in each grade level.
Well, it NEVER works that way. So, I have this right now:
  • All third grade classes are on the same STEM event. (Yahoo, except it was a brand new challenge and it took the whole week to work out the kinks!)
  • Half the 4th grade is finishing Water Towers and the other half is doing Egg towers.
  • Half the fifth grade is Designing Boxes and the other half is experimenting with parachutes.

But there is this:
STEM Challenge: Students found a very clever way to "skirt" the rules. They learned to build an egg tower and learned a new idiom!
Just when I am totally wiped out tired something like this happens. The egg tower had to be tall and hold up an egg. I said, "You can tape it to the tabletop. If you think your tower is going to be really tall, you can tape the base to the floor. It may not be propped against the side of the table or taped to the side of the table."
Take a close look at the photo. Did that group break any rules?

And the last busy thing on my list is:
This is my very favorite STEM challenge.
The kids would pick Roller Coasters
or Boats
or Pancakes.
I like building boxes.
This takes three class sessions, but in the end the kids have worked on calculating volume and surface area and they make a box.
The goal is to make the box with the largest volume and every group starts with a static surface area.
See what you think:
STEM Challenge: After working on calculating volume and surface area students are challenged to build a box with the greatest volume- all using the same size piece of poster board!
Which  box has the greatest volume?
The one with the red dot!
Obviously that group totally got it! Tall, wide, and deep makes the biggest volume!
The other part of this challenge is to name the cereal and create a TV commercial for it. Here's the one that makes me laugh:
STEM Challenge: After working on calculating volume and surface area students are challenged to build a box with the greatest volume- all using the same size piece of poster board!
No reason. They just thought it was funny. That is my kind of kids.
This is a super busy challenge, but so worth the time.
So, even though I have too much to do, I still love my job.

Have a great weekend
and Thanksgiving.
I am taking the week off so join me back here on December 2 for What's Going on in the Lab?


  1. Love your science themed blog! Poor Luigi ☹️! He is so cute.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Luigi is a gorgeous cat, just one that doesn't care if he is a little dirty. Since he is all black every little speck shows up and it drives me crazy. Him, not so much!


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