Currently! December!

So, the other day I heard a teacher playing Christmas music in her classroom!
Which is not outrageous, I know.
But, it was before Thanksgiving.... and maybe a tad early.
Do you play music in the background in your classroom?
When I had a regular classroom I always did- even during testing!Yep!
Anyway, it's Currently time, not time to talk about music!

Thank you to Farley, once again, for this fabulous monthly link up featuring what we have been up to lately!

to a cat snoring....
Yes, I have one that snores!
He typically lays on a rug near my desk so I can hear him breathe and snore while I work. We recently found out this old buddy is diabetic and I am now giving him two insulin shots daily!

Little Flippers!
Have you seen these little flipping books that look like file folders, only smaller and connected. Well, I saw some (Pinterest got me again) and I thought it was too cute. I also needed something to leave with a sub for an afternoon and decided this would be perfect.

The template was super easy to draw and then I just played with the little tabs to get them to fit just right and BAM, I had a little flipper book. The ones I have finished are about STEM, of course! But that is what I needed right now! My third graders definitely need some background about STEM and the Engineering Design Process! I also have several more topics in the works! Something about Rocks is coming soon!

about Christmas Break! We are heading out on a ski vacation with all of our kids and it is going to be so much fun! This is an old photo of the place we are going to- this will be our fourth trip to this breathtakingly beautiful place:

It's Lake Tahoe. Amazing.

a new ski's one of the things I obsess over.
About three years ago I purchased a jacket that is bright blue- just because I liked that hat that went with it....
That's me- on the left- with my daughter. I love the color of my jacket and the hat, so I guess I just talked myself out of a new jacket.

to share a book!
I share my Book of the Week on Instagram all the time. Some of them turn out to be really great reads. Here's the latest one that I have completely loved:
It's the story of Mim- a 16 year old that runs away from Mississippi (Mosquitoland) to travel by bus to get to her mom who lives in Ohio. She is a very troubled young lady that takes medication for some mental problems, but it is hilarious look at how she views life. She writes in a diary that gives you little snippets of her background. Along the way she is in a bus wreck, meets helpful and harmful strangers, and deals with life on the road. It's a fascinating book! Try it over Christmas break!

And finally, a FAKE TREE!
I have a giant tree that does not have built in lights. It takes HOURS to put it up and wrap the lights in the branches. I love it when it is finished and it's lots easier to take down!
Here's the thing, though.....we sometimes travel through Christmas so when we are going to be gone on Christmas Eve or Day I do not put a tree up at all!
Here's a photo from a few years ago:
Have a great December!
Join me here tomorrow for What's Going on in the Lab!


  1. Your skiing vacay sounds delightful! I've always wanted to learn to ski, but am a bit... clumsy?! lol I'm afraid I'd come back in a body cast... But, since I have 3 boys, I kinda think it will be something in my future. :)

    And-your tree! Gorgeous! I have a 1 year old, 5 and 9... my tree is decorated by them this year.. and only the middle is decorated. lol

    Have a great December and Christmas!
    Rulin' The Roost

  2. Such a cute fur baby! I have 3 of my own. Hope I can put my big tree up and not have one of them use it as a ladder!

    1. We also have three cats! The one pictured is the oldest and he is a big cat! He weighs about 16 pounds but only because he has been sick lately and lost two pounds! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lake Tahoe is on my travel bucket list. All the pictures I've seen show absolutely beautiful scenery. I've never been skiing, so maybe I can live vicariously through you!

    Krazy Town

  4. This book sounds interesting! I admit the cover is very catchy as well! :)

  5. That tree looks great! Ours is tiny lol. Cute kitty, mine is loving laying underneath the tree right now! Have fun on your vacation. Before we had a baby, we spent Christmas in Breckenridge one year and it was so pretty...and we don't even ski!

    Literacy Spark

  6. I have always wanted to go to Lake Tahoe both in the summer and winter! I am a skier, but my husband is not, so it makes things a little tricky. Have fun on your ski trip!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Allison! You need to get your husband skiing! It's a fabulous (although pricey) fun thing to do in the winter time!


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