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Hello March! 
I don't know about you, but the warmer weather is making us think about springtime in Alabama and that means
Spring Break! 
In 3 weeks.....

In the meantime, let's join Farley's monthly link up!
Let's make this Currently all about Sharing!
I have so many things about STEM to add to your MUST-HAVE list and a tip if you create for TpT!
Currently March 2016- It's all about STEM, includes a link to a freebie and a TpT tip!

I am currently still working on videos for my latest STEM challenges. These are so fun to make and so EASY! If you have an iPad you can do this. I learned how in about five minutes! Now, when I make a new movie, I go through photos until I have about 20 from which to choose and also add some video footage. It takes about 30 minutes to finish a movie. How am I using these? Well, I post them here on my blog so teachers interested in STEM can see my challenges in action- especially the videos. I also have been including links to the movies in my TpT product descriptions! You could do this without the animated segments just to show people your products in your classroom or all printed out! Here's my latest:
This video showcases a series of challenges all about the wind that is perfect for the month of March!

I am currently loving a new item I just posted a few days ago. It's a STEM challenge we tried about two months ago and I just couldn't get it written up. And, I am so glad I didn't work on it way back when we tried it! Because, teacher friends, I had not planned to do this, but I added it to my store as a FREEBIE! It is just too much fun. I will devote a blog post just for this challenge in the next week or so! Right now you can grab it! Click on the photo:
It's a Mystery Build pack FREEBIE! Each group must choose materials carefully and every group is building something different! Let's make it tricky and add a budgeting feature!

I am currently still thinking about a blog series that was featured last week on STEM Activities for Kids. This is a collaborative blog that includes eleven STEM and Science teachers. Last week was National Engineers Week and each collaborator included a blog post- many of them featuring free items. Click on the picture below to go check it out!
The Engineering Design Process for Kids- A blog post to help understand the process with some tips about how to make it work in an elementary classroom!

I am currently wanting to get right into a new STEM series that I have planned. It's all about Earth day! But, I need lots of sunshine and these:
Pizza Box for a STEM Challenge!
Yes, that is a pizza box! I have an order coming in with enough of these for my project. Now, if I could just order some really sunny days from Amazon!

I am currently needing to share a TpT tip with you! I shared this on Instagram a while back, but thought I would add it right here to this post!
Here's the deal: Sometimes I go back to an old file for something I created, like in 2014, and I need to update it. But, when I look at the background or clip art I cannot exactly recall which clip artist it was from. I spend way too much time looking through old files trying to find it.
Tips for TpTers: Save the names of your clip artists in the margins of your power points. This doesn't show up for your buyers, but will always be there to help you remember where the items came from!
The red arrow is pointing to the Background maker, the border maker, and the circles are the colors I used in this file. Now, when I need to update this or make another pack to go with it I don't look for files for three hours. (This is when you know you have too much clipart.....)

Our schools were once polling sites and I used to actually take my students with me to watch me vote. I thought it was such a great experience for them.
Not anymore! Our school system made some changes and now, our polling sites are.....are you ready for this....
in churches.
Cause, that's safe....
Just sayin'

I am so glad you stopped by today to take a look at my Currently post.
You might also like to keep an eye on STEM challenges and ideas! Try my Pinterest board about the Engineering Design Process:

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  1. I absolutely love your tip! Such a great idea to jot notes in the margin for later!

    1. Excellent! It's something I started doing recently, but wish I had thought of much sooner. It just makes it easier to find things later! Have a great March!

  2. Your video is amazing! I appreciate the advise you left about it on the blog. I just need to experiment around more. Thank you for your help!

  3. That's a great tip! I'm updating some files now and I definitely will be doing this from now on!

  4. For my solar oven energy lesson, we ask a local pizza parlor for boxes. They are always really good about it. We take pictures and give them a thank you note...I have made a few I-movie trailers like you taught me and I show them to my classrooms for a fun intro to the lesson, not quite brave enough to share on my blog...but maybe I should give it a shot. I also see you added a copyright on the bottom of your pictures. I just got that tip from a periscope and learned to make it this week. You are always one step ahead because you are AWESOME!

    Renee at The Science School Yard


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