Perimeter and Area Made Easy with STEM

Have you ever hung wallpaper? If you have then you know a very simple truth. You have to understand the measurement of the area to get the right amount of paper for your walls! To make it even more complicated you have to deal with matching the wallpaper patterns so it usually requires figuring for extra lengths. It's a nightmare.

I have hung a lot of wallpaper and my favorite part is not the measuring. I love creating the corners and wraparound parts. It's great problem-solving! Speaking of problem-solving, have you ever hung plaid wallpaper? Let's not even talk about that, okay!

Let's talk about kids and measurement! Especially perimeter and area!

The Great Flood Barrier Experiment (Which was Successful)!

I had this wild idea one day that involved kids and water and flooding. It seemed like a great idea and after some disasters we finally made this work. And, to be honest, it turned out to be pretty spectacular!

A Fascinating Book Inspires Tower Building

Need a sure-fire way to grab the attention of your students? The lines of a recent book we read just snagged us!
"First come rumbling flatbed trucks, bundles of steel on their backs, like a gleaming endless river surging through the concrete canyons of Manhattan."
Wasn't that just delicious! The figurative language all by itself just makes a teacher's heart sing- but it's about building a skyscraper! And let me tell you, my little engineers sat up straighter when they started seeing the pictures of this book!

Simple, Engaging, and Fun Science Flip Books!

One of the things I miss most about having a regular classroom is making booklets with kids. One of my favorites with third graders was a text features booklet we made every fall. The kids created pages for a list of about 25 text features and we poured through old textbooks to find samples of each feature. They cut out the samples and glued these into their booklets. Now, here's the best part! We used these booklets for the rest of the year! Anytime we completed a nonfiction reading we pulled those booklets out to find the features in our reading selections. So fun!

Now that I am a specialist I don't have those booklets to complete anymore...
Or do I?


When a Book Makes You Gasp...

There is a moment in some books where you blink and say, "What!" And you re-read or re-listen to that section because the book takes a turn you didn't see coming. Isn't it stunning!

This month's selections just might have those moments, so take a peek! Some are surprises and one is pure heartbreak.
Book Reviews! Five fabulous books- some with "What?" moments! Check the blog post for details!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon passes tiny amounts on to me- if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!

Summertime STEM Projects That are Great All Year!

A few years back (okay a lot of years) there was a theme park in Nashville called Opryland. This was the closest park we could get to and it had a fabulous section of kid's rides and even some of the adult rides were tame enough for our children. The kids especially loved the water slides. One was called a "log flume" and you sat in a passenger car that resembled a hollowed-out log. This thing ran along a track and then dropped down a huge slide to splash at the bottom. Just what I wanted- being drenched and still having to walk around a park. But on those hot summer days, it was the best thing ever for my children. (And cheaper than the lemonade.)

So, let's talk about summertime fun. Theme parks, parades, swimming pools, fishing, and carnivals. Kid heaven, right? It is and kids love these projects in the STEM lab, too. We have three we have completed that all mimic a theme park ride- roller coasters, water slides, and Ferris wheels.


How Tall Will Your Stack Be?

Give a group of kids a stack of cups and see what happens. Go ahead..... I'll wait.

So, what did they do? They built pyramids or tall stacks racing to make the tallest one- only to find the slightest movement would cause the whole stack to fall!
STEM Challenge: This is one of our favorite lab events- It's all about stacking cups, but also calculating mean, median, mode, and range! The math is used after stacking competitions and is great for group work. Practice those skills, have some fun, and learn!

Reading and STEM - The Perfect Partnership

Have you ever read a book to your first graders that included a sing-song chant they could repeat? (Think Pete the Cat and his new shoes....) Once the kids get the rhyme down pat they will repeat it everytime you get to that part. I also had this happen with There Was an  Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly. And, let me just tell you, it is purely fun to hear the kiddos giggling through those rhymes and chants.

So, I knew when I read this month's book that we would all love this it! And, of course, we'd have to invent a STEM challenge to go with it! It's Reading and STEM- a perfect partnership!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon passes small amounts on to me- if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!


Why is This Tower Project the Best Ever Challenge?

One of the best challenges you can try in your STEM class is one we have done over and over again. This one is a kid-favorite and a teacher-favorite. There are several reasons you will love this challenge, but I will let a fifth grader explain it better.

"Oh man, our tower was, like 30 cm tall, and then we saw one leg buckling, and we knew it was over. The whole thing crashed. We gotta rebuild, but I have another idea!"

And, by the way, when I inquired about the new idea I was told that they noticed the buckling tower leg and knew those sections needed to be built differently. Folks, this is what it means to learn from your mistakes! And that is just one of the reasons this the best ever challenge? Keep reading!


Do You Love the Girl in Distress Books?

Are you a girl in distress?
I mean, the most stressful thing in my life is when I can't find the coffee flavoring I like.....
It seems, however, that today's authors use a lot, I mean a lot of girl in distress plots...keep reading!

There's a story behind this month's book reviews.

I was standing in the fiction section of Target recently and looking over the popular books. Do you know how many of them have the word "girl" in the title? LOTS! Ever since Gone Girl we have been bombarded with female lead characters in some kind of turmoil and a never-ending fast-paced escapade to get out of trouble. Mind you, some of those books have been good! In fact, I think my favorite of all was....well, I won't say right now because I have some new ones to share this month!

 I have a list of them at the bottom of this post that I can say are great books in this "Girl in Distress" genre! And, just maybe I will tell you my favorite!
Book Reviews! Five books described that you need to read!


5 Proven Ways to Add Magic to Your Classroom

It's never a good idea to step into a classroom without clear, ready lessons. But, one day last fall it happened. I knew we were going to build a treasure box, but I really needed a way to set this up. I immediately thought of a pirate book! The book I was thinking about is a Mem Fox book and I didn't have a copy. So, I went to the bookshelf and pulled out a book randomly and a new challenge was born. Dare I say it worked like magic?

That's right- magic - just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat! I promise this technique worked and it will work for you, too. It's so simple.
  • Read a picture book.
  • Laugh about it and mention parts in particular. (More about that later.)
  • Tell kids what they will build.
  • Use materials you already have.
  • Share! (Be sure you have a sharing time at the end of the building time!)


Why This Might be the Perfect STEM Challenge

The fabulous marshmallow bridge challenge is the perfect STEM activity. This is one we have repeated so many times and each time is a little different. The things that stay the same are the reasons it is so perfect.
  • The materials are easy.
  • Prep work takes about 2 minutes.
  • The engineering design process is evident.
  • We use blueprints!
  • Kids love it.
Take a look!

Let's talk about prep work and the materials first.

I will tell you the truth. Always. Sometimes, preparation for STEM challenges is time-consuming and involves cutting, gathering, determining a way to dispense materials, planning for management of the class during the time, and so much more. I have a post about Pancake day that will give you more details about all of that. But, if you are like me, you sometimes need something you can throw together quickly and easily and maybe even leave with a substitute.

The marshmallow bridge is the answer! It takes two materials and I have a secret way of getting those ready. The kids need a specific number of toothpicks and marshmallows. 
STEM Challenge: Easy prep and easy materials and great fun!
SECRET: I don't count those materials. I just give each group a cup full. In all the times I have tried this challenge the kids rarely ever run out of either material, so I don't spend time counting toothpicks!

Can kids draw a blueprint?

You betcha! They are excellent at drawing their ideas. What I have also found intriguing is what happens when you insist they use those blueprints.
STEM Challenge: Kids use a blueprint to construct a bridge! Easy prep and easy materials!
Look at the team in the photo above. Their structure is exactly like the blueprint! Check the one below, too!

STEM Challenge: Kids use a blueprint to construct a bridge! Easy prep and easy materials!

In the photo below, the bridge is spanning the distance across a plastic shoebox. This is a new tactic we tried recently. These bridges cannot span a very large opening and the width of the plastic container was the perfect distance!
STEM Challenge: Kids use a blueprint to construct a bridge! Easy prep and easy materials!

Kids love this challenge!

Another honest thing I can tell you is this: marshmallows are sticky. So, we have learned to keep wet washcloths at our tables.This helps clean off sticky fingers and spots on the tables. Even with this little problem kids love this challenge. The group in the photo below was doing a perfect job following their blueprint and I overheard this comment,

"This is so easy! I'm about ready to start building the sides of the bridge."

They were so excited and their bridge looked great.
STEM Challenge: Kids use a blueprint to construct a bridge! Easy prep and easy materials!
Moments later I snapped the photo below. The whole bridge collapsed!

STEM Challenge: Even when the bridge collapsed kids kept working to complete this STEM challenge!

Remember in the beginning of this post I mentioned this challenge is the perfect STEM challenge. Here's one more reason I say that. After that bridge collapsed, the student holding it said,

"I knew I should have doubled those toothpicks. Here, help me hold the sides in place so I can start reinforcing these spots!"

They didn't give up. They went right back to work and kept making adjustments until their bridge was finished.

It doesn't get much better than this! Perfect!

7 Unusual Things About Seeds That You Need to Know

When I was a little girl my Popaw had a farm and every spring he plowed his fields with a wooden plow pulled by a mule. One summer he planted so many watermelon plants that he later had to have neighboring farmers come and help gather them with pickup trucks. That was the same summer he told me not to swallow watermelon seeds.

"Young'un if you swallow these little seeds a watermelon plant will grow in your belly."

I believed him and I would rake those seeds out of my slice of melon and leave a pile on the picnic table. I found out later that he would save those seeds and plant them the next spring. Sweet memories!

We have several seed challenges that we love so much and some unusual ideas about them that we learned. (More about my Popaw later.)


5 Doom and Gloom Books That are Amazingly Good

Have you read Where the Red Fern Grows?

In that book, there is a scene in which a beloved dog dies and it is heartbreaking to read. You will cry.
However, the sweet, sweet ending of the book, when the red fern blankets the graves of the dogs, is the most poignant ending ever. I have never made it through the last three chapters of this book without crying. Yet it is one of my all-time favorite books and I have read it aloud to children so many times.

So let me just say, all of this month's books in this review have a death involved with the main characters. But, don't think this is all doom and gloom.

The books are all different and you will love this selection!

This month I have some chick books, a historical novel, and a crime drama. 
In this post, for your convenience, you’ll find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon compensates me if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!


How to Use One Simple Material for a Highly Engaging Challenge

When I was a very little girl my parents lived in Germany and to this day I can remember traveling to Italy in a Volkswagen Beetle. You know, those super tiny cars called VW Bugs? Well, we drove across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and into Italy to see Rome. On the way, we stopped in Pisa and saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Many years later we went back, this time in a station wagon, with my grandparents, and we saw the leaning tower again. A vivid memory of the breathless climb to the top was holding my Popaw's hand all the way. What a remarkable thing that was! A farmer from Alabama hiking to the top of the Leaning Tower! This iconic tower is, of course, one my students of today always visualize as we begin to build a tower.

One of the first STEM challenges we ever tried was tower building. The kids loved it so much that I started planning more tower building events. We have tried towers with many different materials - like spaghetti, toothpicks, and even penny-toting buckets!

One of our all-time favorite towers is the Index Card Tower.

You will love this one, too because of....

How to Get Rid of That Junk in Your Classroom

If you are like most teachers I know -  you save everything.
I am pretty sure you know what a junkyard is, but how about a junk car?
Let's just say it like this- a car made of junk. Now, how is this going to work, you ask. Stick with me for some hints and tricks as we tackle a STEM challenge using junk you already have- which will help you get rid of some of it, too!

STEM Challenge: Build a car using basic materials and a little bit of junk.

A Breakthrough That Will Help You Plan for STEM

I promise your planning is going to be so much easier with this revelation I found with planning and my youngest engineers!
It's almost like peanut butter and jelly! Books and STEM just go together! It's the greatest discovery ever. Let me share some ways that you can try today!

This is another set of five books and five STEM Challenge ideas that you can do with your first and second graders with materials you already have in your classroom!
Kids love this approach:
Read a book, talk about what they can build inspired by the book, and then build it!
Take a look at this month's books and challenges!
Throughout the post, for your convenience, you’ll find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon compensates me if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!

3 Sure Fire Ways to Engage Your Kids for Earth Day

Yes, there were leaks! Yes, we made chocolate goodies. Yes, I made 10 jello pans.
This is STEM! 
And it was fun. Maybe, the most fun ever, but you can decide after you read the part about the jello...
But, I can promise you this: Your students will be totally engaged in these activities!
STEM for April and Earth Day- including Solar Ovens, Earthquake Resistant Buildings, and Water Pipelines!
In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon passes tiny amounts on to me- if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!


How to Conquer Pencils in the Classroom!

Disappearing pencils, No-Name papers, Germs, and more! Can these classroom scary things be conquered? Yes, with a little help from Pinterest tips!

Do you love Pinterest? What about Pinterest fails? I know there's a whole section of Pinterest boards just for things people have seen and tried and made a mess of! It's actually quite funny and meant in good spirit!

Anyway, this post is about Pinterest things I have tried and THEY WORKED! And, in some cases they worked very, very well!
Fabulous classroom Ideas from Pinterest that Really Work!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon passes small amounts on to me- if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!


Are You Part of the Books You Have Read?

"I wonder what kind of sound it would make if I were to smash this glass against the side of his head."

Seriously, how could you not keep reading if that is the opening line?

Which one of the books in this review do you think that quote came from? See if you can tell from the descriptions I have given you!

I love adding this Book Review to my blog every month. I am a reader, always have been, always will be. I was that kid in the classroom the read while the teacher was talking and kept a book ready to carry with me wherever I went.  I also love reading about books people have read and can recommend.

So, here you go- these are all GREAT! It was a five-star month!

Book Reviews! Check this blog post for book reviews. Five new ones, including "Everything, Everything"!
Throughout the post, for your convenience, you’ll find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon compensates me if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!


The Enormous Crocodile and a Slippery Slide

"I like to eat nice juicy children," says the Enormous Crocodile. Nothing like that line to get some kids to raise their eyebrows, or laugh. Mostly they laugh. It's one of those moments in a read aloud book where the kids are hanging onto your words and soaking them up like little sponges-- until they actually realize that the crocodile in the story is trying to have children for lunch. What a fun little book (really, the kids know it's all in fun!)

Well, anyway, you know I love to turn a fabulous story into a STEM challenge! This one was perfect for building slides.

Building slides in first grade STEM with straws and craft sticks. Total fun after reading a picture book!


Practical Advice About Building Windmills in the STEM Lab

Years ago my husband and I built our dream house. At the time, ceiling fans were popular and we decided to place these in many of the rooms. Would you believe three of them are still operating and have been turned off very few times? I am talking 25+ years, ok.
Still Turning! More about this later...

So, just imagine for a second challenging your students to create something that turns.......
STEM Challenges that all use wind power! This includes windmills, wind cars, and wind boats! Check this blog post for more!
Let me clarify....turning by using the wind. And, by that, I mean a fan!
I have two different sized fans that we use in the lab when we need to create air movement.

When I was Five and More STEM Ideas!

"It was like herding cats!"
That was my answer to my husband the other day when he asked how my day had gone. Seriously, the days I have first and second graders are just hard- fun, but exhausting. That is until I found the SECRET to STEM and the littles!
Reading and STEM together! Here's a blog post suggesting five picture and five STEM challenges you can complete today!

Are you ready for the secret to STEM ideas for your first and second graders?
These are easy. They use materials you already have.
BEST OF ALL..... they all involve reading!

Help with Informational Text in Your Classroom

I'll admit it- I was that elementary teacher that made all kids read and write fiction. Fiction. And, in the back of the room, there was always that one little third grader whose face would fall when I announced another fiction writing exercise because what really needed to come out of my mouth was non-fiction, informational text, research, writing about real things.
Blog post about informational text features and how to use them with reading selections and task cards! Check the post for more!

Well!  I have a treat for you today with this post! It's all about informational text- which I usually call non-fiction text- specifically text features, like titles, graphs, tables, bold words, subheadings, and more!

There's a back story to this one- that goes all the way to my third-grade classroom a few years ago! So, let's get started!

Blog post about informational text features and how to use them with reading selections and task cards! Check the post for more!

Heart Pounding, Hold Your Breath Books are the Best!

Heart-pounding, hold your breath, afraid to turn the page...those are the best books. I still remember reading The Pilot's Wife years ago and staying up all night to see what was going to happen next. I felt like that with some of this month's books, too. Especially, the one by Jodi Picoult.

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Can You Find Your Way Out of a Maze?

Time for STEM in First Grade! I will be honest and say that tackling STEM with the smallest of kids was intimidating way back in August. 

I really had no resources for that age group and eventually turned to some fabulous friends that sell STEM products at Teachers Pay Teachers. I have already shared some of those and will share more right here on this blog soon!

To start the year off I thought it was important to keep it simple and really focus on team building and working together. So, we started with Mazes! This would a perfect place for you to try STEM with your smallest students right now!
STEM Challenge! Simple mazes in first grade! Easy materials with fabulous learning! Check this blog post for more!
Throughout the post, for your convenience, you’ll find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon compensates me if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running!

We have tried many versions of mazes with the big kids, but this was my first adventure with six-year-olds. I decided to try basic and easy materials that I pulled right out of my cabinets. 
Colored tiles and pom-poms!


Before we got started building we tried some mazes projected on the white board and, of course, they thought those were great fun! Then we talked about the pathways specifically. I knew from my big kids that this would be a tricky part. The littles lined up those colored tiles and made many variations of paths- wide, and narrow, and super gigantic.
STEM Challenge: How do you make paths for a maze! Fabulous first grade STEM Check this blog post!

How do you make a pathway?

STEM Challenge: How do you make paths for a maze! Fabulous first grade STEM Check this blog post!
In fact, it was the super gigantic path that made us stop and talk about what a path really is. Take a look at the top photo above. The path was going great and then just dead ended so if you are trying to solve this one, it is impossible.

The second big mistake we made is also in the above photo. There were kids that thought they could stand the colored tiles on their sides to make the maze walls. Well, you can do that, but it's time-consuming and if you bump the table (which is exactly what first graders do every 13 seconds) then they all fall.

Learning to work together...

STEM Challenge: Build a maze with easy materials and easy prep. Just for first grade! Check this blog post!
How precious are those photos with all those little hands working together?

When it's all built, it's time to try it!

STEM Challenge: Can you get the pom-pom to travel through the maze? Check this blog post for more about these first grade STEM mazes!
We started off with this challenge using straws to blow those pom-poms through the maze. That lasted about 6 minutes. Do you know what happens when kids sit around with straws in their mouths for a little while?
Spit happens. That's enough details for you....
So, then we switched to just pushing the pom-pom with our fingers and that worked fine. It was a great challenge and just really easy.

All you need:
tables or the floor
some pom-poms or cotton balls
and plenty of colored tiles.

A bucket of tiles is a life saver with first graders! We use them for STEM all the time!
Fabulous first grade STEM!
STEM in first grade! Fabulous mazes with easy materials and easy prep! Check this blog post for more!


5 Amazing Solutions to Common Classroom Problems!

If someone asked you to write down your biggest classroom problems, what would you include?

I am guessing your list would have pencils, printing, organization, parents, and getting enough rest on it. Not to mention, comfortable shoes, behavior management, and having the cutest lunch box or water bottle.

Just in the off chance you are like me,  I thought it might be fun to share some fabulous things that solve some common classroom problems! 

My list includes:
  • Having a good, fast, reliable printer.
  • Not being fearful of the cost of ink for that great printer.
  • Pencils. Pencils. Pencils. 
  • Integrating subjects to cover as much as possible.
  • Having extra money.
Check this blog posts for things I love and ideas for ways to save money, use reading and STEM, a fabulous printer, and more!
Throughout the post, for your convenience, you’ll find Amazon Affiliate links, which means Amazon compensates me if you purchase something through that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog running !

What kind of printer do you have?

You know we print a lot! We have task cards, interactive notebooks, posters, letters, lab sheets, morning work packets, and so much that we print. Do you print in color? Sometimes we have to! Those brightly colored posters and task cards just are so much more appealing in color!

So, here's the printer I found!
Do you hear that dramatic music playing.... because this is the best printer I have ever had. It has a very fancy name: HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (M9L66A).  Mind you, we have a Canon Photo printer that does a great job, but it takes its sweet time churning out copies. If it is a PDF that is printing, one page takes 3 minutes. So, when I printed the first sample from this HP printer and it spit out in 14 seconds I knew this was a great deal. I snagged it on Cyber Monday's Amazon sale and it included Instant-Ink- which is another whole story. I will get to that in a minute.

What else does that 8710 printer do besides print? 

It's wireless y'all. I can send something to print and not move off the couch. Seriously, I can PRINT FROM MY PHONE while laying on the couch. I know what you are thinking--- why would you need to do that? Because I forget things, so if I have a spectacular recipe and decide I want to print it out I can send it to the printer from my phone and it's waiting for me later. That printer also copies, scans, and faxes. It's the best ever!

Do you need a second job to pay for your ink?

Remember that Canon printer I just mentioned? It has 8, EIGHT, ink cartridges! Each one of them is about $9 and the black cartridge is a double-wide. And, the silly thing shuts down and won't print anything if one of the cartridges is low.

Problem solved!

Instant Ink is a fabulous solution to the problem of using too much ink and the cost of it!!
Instant Ink! If you scroll Instagram very often you know that teachers love this stuff, but I didn't really think about it. I usually send my posters and things to Staples to print them. What? Who would do that? My fabulous new printer prints as well as Staples and with Instant-Ink I get as many copies as I need every month, the copies roll over if you don't use all of them, and your printer knows when it is running low on ink and ORDERS it for you.

Before you need it the stuff arrives at your door.
Seriously. If you have not thought about doing this, THINK ABOUT IT right now. 
And to help you with that if you will click right {HERE} you will get a month of Instant Ink for free! (And so will I!)

Pencils in the classroom are a nightmare! 

You know exactly what I mean! How do you keep them sharp, ready to use, and keep up with them? 

My NEW Electric Pencil Sharpener has solved the oh-so-annoying classroom problem of keeping pencils sharp and ready to use! 
For the life of me I do not understand what happens with pencils in a classroom and I know you totally get that! We have resorted to using cheap Bic pens in the STEM lab, but we still need pencils sometimes. I didn't have a wall mounted cranking pencil sharpener and we were using those little handheld plastic things. and plastic pencil sharpeners are the worst. So I invested in this little model.

Cue that dramatic music again...
Pencil sharpening solved.  This one is called X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy Duty, Black. Every morning I sharpen about 20 pencils and leave them out for kids that need them. They get a pencil, trade if they need a new one, and it is working perfectly. Kids do not use this sharpener, although they certainly could. It has an automatic shut off when the pencil is sharp. Just FYI - I did put a brightly colored piece of tape across the top of it that says "No Colored Pencils" just in case a kid decides to try that when I am not looking. Something about those things clogs electric sharpeners. 

How do you manage all subjects, all day in your classroom?

When I taught in a regular third-grade classroom I crisscrossed subjects to cover as much as possible. When we studied plants we read books about plants during our reading time. We wrote poems about flowers. You do this, too, I know!

Books added to another subject will solve the problem of covering many standards at the same time!
If you read my blog even a little bit you know I am a book lover, always have been, always will be!
In the last two months I have been using books with my smallest engineers and I have started a series of posts about this!
Reading and STEM: Check this blog post for things I love- including using picture books for STEM in first and second grades!
Click on the image above to get to the first post! It features five books and five STEM challenges you can do with first and second graders. Materials are listed and the basic procedures, with photos, and the best part is that the materials are things you already have in  your classroom (probably)!

And, if you are like me and can't remember to take books to class or don't have the books I listed- did you know that a purchased Kindle book can be read on an e-reader from Amazon's site even if you don't own a Kindle? And, you can project that on your smart board? KIDS LOVE IT!

If you are interested in more posts about reading and STEM in the classroom, here are the posts I have:

Are you interested in earning extra money?

Do you spend money on your classroom, your kids, yourself? Do you shop online? Well, I need to share a little about Ebates with you!
Ebates: The perfect way to shop online! Shop at stores that feature Ebates and receive a percentage back!
You should seriously check this out! Here's how it works.

You go to a site to shop. As soon as you land on the site your Ebates "Cash Back Button" will alert you. This is a little thing you install on your browser and it automatically knows if you are shopping at an Ebates store. So, you click on the alert and this lets Ebates know you are shopping. If you make a purchase a percentage of that amount is applied to your Ebates account. 

So, let's say you are shopping at Nordstrom and on that day they are offering a 6% Ebates deal. You spend $200. So, $12 is added to your Ebates account. Every three months you are sent a check or it is added to your Paypal account. 

Y'all I have scored some serious kickbacks- like through Expedia, Wal Mart, Macy's, and Kohls. The percentages change and they also have days where amounts are doubled. If you shop online a lot, you should try this. My affiliate link is below. You can click on the image or {HERE}. I get something for your sign up, but so do you! It's credited to your account once you open it!

  Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So, let's go back to the beginning! What classroom problems do you have that you want to solve?
  • If it's printing - get a good printer and try Instant Ink!
  • If it's pencils- get a good electric pencil sharpener!
  • If it's time management- try integrating subjects!
  • Need extra money? Ebates is one good way to snag a few dollars.
Thanks for stopping by!

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