5 Children's Books You Have to Try

Always a reader.


Always. If you visit here often you already know this and you probably also know that the last Friday of each month is a Book Review day for me. Usually, I share five adult books, but last month I threw in a book I once read to my third-grade students.

Wow, I got some great responses to that! So, I thought I would devote this post to five of my favorite books to read to students!


The Most Magnificent First Grade STEM Challenge

What is THE Most Magnificent Thing? Well, to some of us it's a pumpkin spice frappuccino...

To first graders, it's STEM time and building something, actually building anything. They love to create, especially if they have a book read to them first.

This little challenge was one we completed after reading a book about an inventor that solves a problem for her dog. And, of course, we built dogs!


An Easy Way to Use Straws - Geodesic Domes

So, one day I discovered that my box of straw pieces was getting pretty full and I also had several boxes of bright neon straws.

Now, I know you are thinking about two things!

  • Why do I have a box of straw pieces? 
  • What are you thinking about doing with all those straws....?
Well, the reason I have all those straw pieces is that I am a STEM teacher and I save everything.
And, to find out the rest of the story, hmmmm.......keep reading!

STEM Challenge: Create geodesic domes using straws a a main material. If you save pieces of straws this challenge is for you!

How to Get Your Kids Totally Engaged (with Science)

About a month ago I started thinking about ways to vary STEM Challenges! How could I increase engagement and is that even possible with highly-engaging STEM challenges? 

We seemed to be in a build it frenzy and I really wanted to concentrate on covering science standards, while still having fun, and complete some design projects, too.

Is this possible?

We found the answer! I am calling these new events a STEM Quest! (This is a long post, folks, but stick with it to the end and I will answer all those zillions of questions you will have!)

STEM Design combined with an Unlock the Box Event! This one features spiders!
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