Distance Learning and STEM- Will it Work?

Can we try STEM as a distance learning task? To be honest- I don't see why not!

I know my students would love, love, love to be assigned a building task. I also know that sharing those in a ZOOM meeting with the whole class would be awesome.

So, how do you choose the right STEM projects? Do you already have a resource that you can adapt?

Let's see if I can help with some answers for you!

Ideas for Using STEM at Home| Distance Learning - This post will give you some ideas for STEM projects that students can complete while at home.

Heartbreaking Books are the Best

I still remember the day I was reading Where the Red Fern Grows and near the end one of the dogs dies. I sobbed and then later at the end of that book, I cried again.

One of my favorite picture books is called The Summer My Father was Ten. It is the story of neighbors in an apartment building that created a garden together and cooked tomato sauce for spaghetti. One of the neighbors, Mr. Bellavista, was a lonely elderly man, and when the families got together he was his happiest. Later, Mr. Bellavista had to go to a nursing home and the young boy in the story visited him often. They talked about Mr. Bellavasit coming home for a spaghetti dinner, except "Mr. Bellavista never came home."

My favorite books create this emotion, tears, memories. The ones I have chosen for this review have that quality. You will laugh and you will cry, but you will love these books.

5 Easy Ways to Learn Newton's Laws

Can we talk? About Isaac Newton and his laws of motion? Oh my. This is such a tough subject in elementary school.

First, students usually have very little knowledge of Newton. When you ask who he might be they immediately think of a famous football player named Cam Newton. (Mind you, we live in Alabama so Cam was a pretty big deal a few years ago.)

Second, the laws of motion are quite complex in their wording. Just reading the laws is confusing.

Third, hands-on will work best with younger students so how do you make these laws project-based?

I have some fabulous ideas for you!

STEM Challenges and ideas for hands-on projects all about Newton's Laws of Motion! Check this blog post for the details.

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