Books Take You Where You Have Never Been

I love the quote on the opening of this month's set of book reviews. I have always picked up a book to get away from stress or problems or boredom. Nothing is better.

Now, I must confess I actually took the photo on the quote below! About two years ago my husband and I traveled to Maine and spent many hours driving from lighthouse to lighthouse. That photo looks like a postcard! It was just as beautiful when we were standing across the water from it. If you have never been to Maine- add it to your bucket list!

This month's set of books are some of my favorites of the year. I listened to three of them and will highly recommend that you do the same. Here are some profound books for you to think about reading!

5 Things to Think About with Building Bridges

One of the very first structures I ever built with kids was a bridge. This was many, many years ago when I was the Science Club sponsor. At one of our club meetings, I gave students some spaghetti strands (uncooked), some tape, and a cup of pennies. Their task was to build a bridge that would hold the pennies.

Who knew that one day I would be standing in a STEM Lab, looking around, trying to decide what on earth to do with multiple classes?

STEM Challenges- this post features tips and ideas for using bridge building challenges at five grade levels. #elementary #STEM #teachersareterrific

How Pom-Poms Saved the Day

Ah, yes! The Great Pom-Pom Challenge!

But, did it start out to be a pompom? Well, no. The test class used marshmallows. The tiny ones.

And, yes, in case you were wondering, the tiny marshmallows are just as sticky as the big ones.

So, something had to save the day, right?

STEM Challenge- Build a catapulting device that will propel a pom-pom through the air. This blog post and details and tips! #teachersareterrific #STEM #elementary

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