Let's Design Pancakes!

I know. If you are a regular reader on this website you know that I create some wonky things for kids to experiment with or build.

But, pancakes?

Yes! Let me just tell you one thing about this challenge. It is highly engaging. The first time students saw this one on our agenda board they all raised an eyebrow at me- they never believed I meant real pancakes.

Oh, but I did!

STEM Challenge: Experiment with ingredients with small batches of pancakes. Then design the ultimate pancake using the experiment results! Upper elementary STEM!

Rescue Me! - A Real-Life Challenge

Are you ready for a rescue challenge? It turns out that my students love these rescue scenarios. This one was created after I read a book. This was an adult book and I will link it for you at the end. It did start my thinking about making a rescue challenge for students.

I wanted the rescue to happen with mountainsides or a cliffside- inspired by the book I read. I also knew we had tried rescues where students must make a cranking system to raise someone from the bottom of a canyon. I wanted something different.

What would happen if a team was stranded across a canyon and needed supplies sent to them? Aha! The challenge was born. We call it Crossing a Chasm!

Crossing a Chasm STEM Challenge- students must rescue a team that is stranded. The team must send supplies across a chasm using the wind as a way to propel the container.

3 Ways to Add More Writing to STEM

Can a mathematician, scientist, or engineer solve complex problems successfully without being able to interpret the solution in words? It seems essential to me!

This is why writing in a STEM class is so important. Writing should accompany every assignment.

But how? I have some information for you and some ideas. Some really good ideas- that I have tried! And a special offer!

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