Back to School!

Going back this year has been very very very very very very---different!!! 

After 18 EIGHTEEN 18 years as a third grade teacher - I made a huge switch. I am now our schools STEM Lab teacher, serving 17 classes of third through fifth graders. So far, it has been awesome and most definitely very different.

Best example......the first day of school. As boys and girls came down the hallway I had NOTHING to do! I did not have to be at my door having my picture made (although this is always fun), I did not have the ten tons of registration cards and money envelopes to sort (never fun), and I did not have to spend countless hours going over procedures, rules, and the zillion little bitty things you have to do on the first day. I did teach five classes of "Welcome to the STEM Lab" and some wondering and noticing activities on the first day, but it went very smoothly. Here's the lab:

STEM Lab! Hands-on learning is the best!
You have to admit that it's totally awesome!!

Okay, well the reason for this post is two-fold--- first a repeat of a very popular pin I added to Pinterest last year. It is also an activity I repeated in the lab this year as it was very eye-opening for kids last year. I knew it would be again. It's an anchor chart titled: "What Do You Need from Your Classmates in Order to Do Your Best". Kids write their thoughts on a post-it and share their feelings. Pretty profound stuff!

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  1. Carol,
    Have a great year in your STEM lab! That first day sounds kind of awesome to me. ;) My kinders always bring their supplies in an enormous backpack and I spend the say thinking that I need to sort those things sometime! Your room looks great!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together


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