Five for Friday!!

It's Friday again! Let's try Five for Friday from Doodlebugs . It's a linky showcasing five random things from your week!

 OK Wellll... you are not going to believe this! Thursday morning we had an announcement that our school was going into a modified lock-down. We expected something, because we had been informed that a local factory had something going on that was suspicious.

 Within 10 minutes we were told to get students packed up and ready to leave---we were being evacuated since our school is within a five mile radius of the factory. Yep! In the meantime social media had gotten involved and parents were flocking to the school to get their kids- I would have done the same thing! So, our bus loading was a little delayed while the office staff (myself included, as I do not have an assigned homeroom) handled the phone calls and parents and check outs. By 10:45 we were loading buses to take the kids to a middle school. We evacuated four elementary schools and kept the kids safe until parents could arrive! I must say it went much more smoothly than you would think. It was a little scary, we had some tears, we were hungry (teachers missed their lunchtime), but in the end no one was hurt. It turned out to be drugs hidden in a railway car parked at the factory! 

See this picture:

That is NOT my kitchen at my house. That is in my CLASSROOM. And yes, I have tons of clean up and washing dishes with my science lab job. However, I have discovered that I can ask kids to do it and they LOVE IT! Bet their moms would die to see them volunteering to do a chore!

Here's another picture:

Yes, the hubs and I went to see Hunger Games, Part 2! It was really good. We did have a couple of things we noticed that made us, why does Katniss never run out of arrows? And...Peeta is a total bland guy, I'm just sayin'.....

In the meantime in the Science Lab we are near the end of two SPECTACULAR studies. And, I do mean it. Third graders are learning about earthquakes, soil composition, and geo-technical engineering. They have completed erosion experiments, tested for earthquakes by learning to anchor buildings to the ground, and this week they tested soils to determine the best place to anchor a bridge support.
We also completed a little booklet using task cards! It's all about weathering and erosion!

Fourth and fifth graders are learning about cell membranes. This included studying parts of cells and learning how to use the microscopes we have. Then they took a close look at how cell membranes work- by examining raisins. We actually dissected a raisin! (Just say the word dissect to kids and they swoon!) This week we tested materials to find the best item to build a model membrane.

Finally, it's time to get Christmas crafty.

I pinned this a while back and I think it's actually a card, but I think I will make a framed picture.

This wreath idea came from a website that has about 20 ideas for crafts and most of them can be done in your classroom. Click here to see the site!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Carol you are cracking me up...I just saw Hunger Games 2 last night and you are right she NEVER runs out of is that?!?
    What a crazy week you had with the lock down and packing everyone up early. Have a great vacation!
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