Tried It Tuesday!!! A Combo Pack and a Powerpoint Tip!

Thanks for the linky Fourth Grade Flipper!! I have read through these posts on Tuesday many times but not contributed. Thought I'd try today:)

 So, here's what I have tried----many, many times! Non Fiction text features! Seriously, to read text books or magazines kids have to have a handle on this skill. It's Common Core related, state courses of study related, and almost always on those end-of-year state tests.

Like you, I have tried everything
Anchor charts- here's one of my favorites from Pinterest:

I also found this on Pinterest recently:

I use these charts in my classroom:

A Page from Time for Kids with features marked
Posters I Made!
But the best thing I have ever tried was having kids make their own non fiction text features booklets. The kids have a template with two features on it- they find a sample from old textbooks or magazines, cut, and glue.

Great, right? We made these every year and used them for the whole year in so many ways. I promise it is fun and it works.

I recently decided to add the posters I made and some games, too. Take a look:

And then.......what if I combined them!  Yahoo, it's a combo of the best features of both packages and it's super and a money saver. You can't beat that!

Embedding Fonts!
Now, here's something else I tried recently. I stumbled upon this little PowerPoint hint while looking for directions to something else. It came from a great blog about technology which I forgot to bookmark and can't find now-- but anyway, the point is: Sometimes I create something in PowerPoint and need to email it from my laptop to  myself so I can print it out at school. Only when I do that the fonts change. And when the fonts change it sometimes resizes and words stick out of boxes. Very annoying! Well, did you know you can embed fonts???? I didn't! Here's how:

When you get ready to save your document click on File, Save as. Then at the bottom of the window that pops up, find the part that says Tools:
Click on Tools and then click on Save Options. A new window will pop up. At the bottom find a category that says "Embed Fonts in File".

Click on that and then OK and save. When you email that document or transfer it to another computer the fonts go with it! Try it!

Have a great Thanksgiving!
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  1. Your nonfiction text features multi pack looks amazing! I will be teaching that topic in more detail soon. I love the tip on the embedded fonts in PowerPoint too. Thank you SO much for linking up and joining the party!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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