Just How Many Linkies Can You Do in One Post???

Hmmmmm....well, how about three in one post?

And, how do you spell multiple linky- thingies....linkys, linkies, linkees, not sure.


The first Linky that caught my eye came from Learning is Something to Treasure. I followed that to the originator which is Kickin' It in Kindergarten and the terrific linky is:
It's a great idea and works very simply and will definitely link up a bunch of teachers, which is the point. But best of all, as I looked over the list of teachers already linked up I noticed that the names were all NEW to me. So, I knew I had to jump into this link and meet some new friends!

Here's the rules of the link:
Choose your three top pictures of the year from INSTAGRAM, but ----

1. You can’t link up a product.
2. Make sure to check out at least three other linker-uppers. 
3. Make sure to link up to your blog but leave your Instagram name so others can follow you: (Mine is @cdavis1225. It is a private account, but if you ask I will approve---- it's private because I have students that ask to be included all the time and I don't think that's a good idea!)
Here's my top three pics:

That's my daughter- married in June....that was by far my fav picture. Well, that's not true, the one of her dad walking down the aisle with her and sobbing was a good picture, too.
This makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. I pin a lot of quotes and funnies and sometimes re-post them on my Instagram!
That's my cat, and, yes, he is sitting on top of the chimney on our two story house. He's an extraordinary climber, endlessly curious, and I take a lot of pictures of him doing strange things.
Those are my top three!
I found this link at Learning is Something to Treasure, also, and the originator of it is First Grade Nest.
It's all about the NEW YEAR:

Easy- peasy- get the graphics from First Grade Nest, think about goals for the new year and fill them in. She also has some additional graphics to add even more goals, but I stuck with just the main chart:

You might notice that my resolutions are really simple and actually more year long goals. That makes it less likely that I will not do them.....did that make sense??
Anyway,to explain a few of these more:
1. Keep inventing STEM Lab challenges. This has been super fun this year and I am excited about the possibilities that are in front of me. Creating your own curriculum is challenging all by itself. 
2. Sometimes, you just need to relax. So, a day or two ago, I took some lists of the best books of 2013 and purchased EIGHT new books on my NOOK. I will make time to read them now.......ha!
3. I have tons of cute crafty pins....Hobby Lobby here I come!
Here's one I tried last year:
See, you can turn Pinterest stuff into your own creations!
Here's another one I did last summer:
My version has buttons that belonged to my mom, my mother-in-law, and myself!
4. I do work on TpT stuff all the time. I have FOUR projects going right now......not enough hours in the day....
5. COOK! What!? Yes, I am tired of eating out-- but with no kids in the home anymore it is easier to eat out. Tonight, however, we are having a chicken and rice casserole my daughter made recently that everyone loved!

This one is from Simply Kinder and basically she is just like me..... on these three linkies I am joining today, there are so many blogs that I have never visited. So, this link is a chance to see more blogs and meet new bloggy friends!
This link has no specific story to tell, just link up and meet new bloggers!
Well, that's the morning for me! I have books to read, products to make, a house to clean, school to prepare for, and shopping for chicken and rice!
Have a great last day of 2013!


  1. Oh my! Your daughter's wedding picture is absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful picture!

    I found you through the linky and just had to let you know. No wonder that was your favorite picture :)

    Missing Tooth Grins

  2. Thanks so much for visiting! I agree the wedding picture is breathtaking! I visited your blog and am so sorry you had to move so quickly after school started! What a traumatic thing for you and the kids! Hopefully, you will stay in your present room and make it as cute as the first!

  3. What a beautiful picture of your daughter! Thanks so much for linking up!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  4. Thanks so much for visiting! I am really enjoying your linky idea!


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