Currently for January and Favorite Pins of 2013!

Happy New Year!!

I woke up early today and spent several hours finishing some projects (more about that later) and then noticed that January's Currently was going strong without me......
Thanks to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this fabulous monthly event!

It is so much fun to read through posts and see what others are doing.... here's mine:

I can hear QVC in the background. Now,really, I do occasionally buy something from QVC. They do have great deals on large items- like Philosophy bath and shower soaps, Purity cleansers, and some of their lotion kits.

I love the Amazing Grace line of fragrances. Trust me, it is divine and I cannot tell you how many complete strangers have stopped me to ask what the fragrance is. Try it! (not sure how this turned into a commercial for QVC......I had really planned to whine about how annoying the salegirls are on the show....)

My new job!!!
Cannot tell you how exciting it is to be involved with purely Science all day long. The STEM lab is a truly amazing place!

about all the planning I need to do!
True, the STEM lab is amazing, but this year I am inventing everything and I have to work on lessons--- A LOT! I have three grade levels and they are all doing something different most of the time. We are getting ready for chemicals in third grade, roller coasters in fourth grade, and parachutes in fifth grade! It's exciting! But a lot of work...
but just look! The task is to safely deliver an egg from a 20 foot drop.
Students are building the passenger container and the parachutes!

a new house.....
Mine is too big now that kids are not running around in it. I would love to downsize. I watch HGTV's House Hunters too much, I think....

a day that is all about me.
I'm serious. We all need a day without :
Jeez, some people would say we just had that with a two week Christmas break.
Little do they know!

When our daughter was three we started going snow skiing during Christmas Break. For most of the years (like 12-13 years) we drove to Snowshoe, West Virginia:
After several years of not going we decided this year to load up the daughter and her husband, the son and his girlfriend, and the two of us and trek off to Colorado.
Copper Mountain!
That's the view from our condo window. You can barely see the American Eagle lift in the picture! We had an awesome time--- some killer games of Monopoly and some fun on the slopes!

Now on to Best Pins of 2013!
Thanks to Stephanie at Principal Principles for this idea. I knew right away which pins of mine were re-pinned the most---- cause I keep seeing them. Some of them I understand but a couple of them were so randomly pinned by me in the first place......

Anyway here's my top pins/repins:
I originally pinned this because I thought it was so cute. But, I also don't have a regular classroom anymore so chances are I won't ever get to use this idea, but it gets repinned a lot!

This one was actually a photo I took in my own classroom! Can you see those little numbers.....2,463 repins! Yep! It's a great beginning of the year community builder.

Here's another one that I tried and that photo is my classroom! These were posted originally on this blog and then pinned and repinned. The highlighter thingie does work, by the way!

I randomly pinned this a few weeks back and it gets repinned a lot too! I think it would be a great parent conference idea, but....sadly, I no longer have parent conferences.......heehee.

Anyway, thank goodness for PINTEREST. How would we spend our time without it.....

Hope your adventure back to school in the next few days is wonderful! 


  1. Oh please come to my classroom and teach all of my Science lessons! And there's no such thing as too much HGTV!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Hahahahahah...this made me laugh! We actually had a film crew from HGTV in our city a few months back doing a "House Hunters" taping. Very interesting! I would love to teach Science for you!

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I LOVE doing the spaghetti marshmallow challenge at PD- Teachers freak out! lol These task cards sound great!

  4. Thanks for visiting! You are right! Teachers have the hardest time "Thinking outside the box"! We want to be right so badly!

  5. I am a Philosophy gal... love all the Graces, but Pure Grace is my favorite! Love the look of that spaghetti challenge. My sixers would go crazy for it! I just pinned it:)

  6. Can you share what materials you provide the students for the parachute/cup challenge? I'd love to do this with my students.


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