Five for Friday and Maybe It Will SNOW!

And that was the temperature yesterday when I was getting ready for school!

8 degrees!

On a happier's time for Five for Friday!!

Thanks Doodle Bugs- join this linky and tell us five random, fun, quirky things about your week!

Here's mine:

Okay, so, one of the biggest problems I have in my STEM lab is that kids are designing things. Well, alright, I get it, sometimes you draw a plan and then when you get started and it doesn't seem to be working you change in the middle of it and alter something. I mean we ALL do that- I do it every morning when I am getting dressed. Jeez, just because I ironed it doesn't mean I have to wear it, right??

Anyway, back to the Lab......students are drawing plans and then not following them. Well, that part I have decided not to sweat, but the part where they are just throwing supplies together with NO DRAWING or PLANNING is a problem.

So this week I did something truly


First, EVERY student had to draw a version of the Egg Drop---more about that below----

Then, groups had to confer and draw a group plan:

That's pretty good --although drawn with a sharpie, which I totally don't get...

NOW, the EVIL part---I made the groups trade papers and they thought for about five minutes that they were truly going to have to create the Egg Drop using another group's plan. It was SPECTACULAR!
Groups were angry because they couldn't read handwriting, two groups were mad because the plans did not follow the design constraints, and the rest were upset because they thought their plan was better than the plan received. We talked it all out and then traded plans back.
Personally I think it was a LESSON well learned- Well thought out, well drawn, neatly written plans are BETTER!

Back to the Egg Drop....

That's one group with the passenger cars poised at the top of the bar ready to ride! I have already blogged a little about this activity {HERE}-- basically kids are designing a way to get those three cups to drop WITHOUT letting the passengers pop out. The passengers just happen to be eggs....We have already completed this design's first step and now classes are redesigning. The most frustrating thing is that designs will work perfectly UNTIL the groups demo for the rest of us and then it will fail! Hey, that is REAL LIFE, people.....

That being fourth graders are totally doing a study of energy and motion that I completely invented- by gathering a multitude of resources and making it my after we finish testing it all out I will be able to share that at's a peek or two:

Energy Task Cards with Rotating Stations- it included rubber bands, bouncing balls, fizzing, ramps, and more!

That's a test tray for the Chemical and Physical Changes study my third graders are completing. 

Next up is Elephant Toothpaste! Yep, that's right!

My favorite part of Five for Friday is MY favorite pins or quotes of the week:

To be honest....this might have happened to me.. once.

Okay, I have sweaters like this one. Now I just need the pink pants.

Have a great week- it's now 28 degrees in Alabama- but snow is in the forecast!


  1. We've had STEM at our school for 2 years now and we also use EiE. I used the curriculum in my masters program and LOVED it! My students just did the parachute drop within the last two week... they had so much fun! I think it would be so fun to teach STEM! I'm kinda jealous :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by Kelli- for some reason I cannot REPLY to comments- only add a new comment. I do appreciate your visit.

    YES, STEM is the BEST thing ever! I completely love my job!


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