Five for Friday!

Y'all It's Friday, finally!

Now, I ask you, how can a week that is shorter (as far as school time) last for soooooo long! That's just one of my randomness thingies for the week!
Let's join Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

It's easy--- just random thoughts and things that happen during the week, add a few photos, and there you go!

So here's my number one thingie:
Okay, well, I live in ALABAMA. It never snows here (well, that's not true. About every 8 years we have a huge snow and the day before it comes you go to Wal Mart and buy all their bread and milk, cause you know that's what you will definitely need while you are snowed in for a few days.) This year was different though because it wasn't snow that was predicted, it was COLD.


I grew up in Germany (not German, just an Army dad) and we lived in a city that had snow on the ground from October to March and we NEVER missed school. And we played outside in the snow everyday, too.

So, this week we had delayed openings on Monday and Tuesday. Yep, cause the difference in temperature from 8:00 in the morning and 10:00 is a whopping two degrees.

And, there was still no milk or bread to be found at Wal Mart.....

The number two randomness thingie is my Funny of the Week:

One day each week I teach Enrichment Math to first and second graders. This week I let them talk for a little while about Christmas break.
Here's the conversation:

First boy, "Hey, I went to my Grandmaw's house for Christmas and she bought me so much stuff. She spent $100,000 on me."
Second boy, "Yeah, well, my dad got one of those really giant TVs for Christmas and it cost $100,000.

Made me laugh.

Speaking of the littles, here's randomness thingie number three:

I am out of ideas for first graders and really what they need is practice of basic facts.
So here's what I did---- I went to TpT and typed basic facts in the search box and up popped this:

And, best of all, it was on sale that day. You can never pass up a sale, right?
Besides, it says no prep, just add dice in the title.
Well, guess what, it was the greatest thing ever to my little firsties (maybe even better than sliced bread, which is a good thing, since Wal Mart is still out of bread due to the weather):

It's a great little package and once again TpT saved me from having to think of something to do! The photo of the dice package is linked back to the TpT store it came from and you should go check it out. And, no, I am not being compensated for this advertising. It just worked, kids loved it, and we all need products like that!

Randomness thingie Number four:

STEM Lab stuff:

My fourth graders have been learning about membranes and their final design challenge is to design a membrane/filter system. Today, they tested materials for the suitability of filtering.

We tested coffee filters, felt fabric, netting, aluminum foil, and a few other things. We spilled a lot of water, used a whole roll of paper towels I swiped out of the custodian's closet, and learned a lot. STEM's greatest asset is that kids can fail, totally mess up, make messes,and still learn. (I should blog about that some day....)
Next week, they will layer materials to make the ultimate filter system! FUN!

My favorite randomness thingie each week is

MY FAVORITE Pins of the Week:

Great tights- I am going to find them! I have the perfect denim dress to go with them!

This is SOOOOOO true- but if you will read the rules there are some things in there that are interesting. When you play do you put money in the center and then when someone lands on Free Parking they get all the money? That's not in the rules!

This one just makes me laugh!

Have a great weekend!



  1. AHH it has been SO cold this week! We were down to -41 with windchill here and got two cold days! I love all of those fun and interactive experiments. I'm sure your kiddos did, too! Those tights are AMAZING! I pinned them too and have been trying to find them! Have a great weekend :)


  2. -41 !!!!! What??? And I was whining cause it was 11 here or 7 or something like that! Thanks for visiting Amelia and btw I cannot find those tights. The original pin goes back to a website that is in another language and I cannot navigate through it- I gave up! If ANYBODY finds those tights, please let us know!

  3. I just found your blog this morning. I am interested in reading how you teach about animals and habitats. This year I have begun teaching first grade centered around habitats. It has been a year of learning and adjusting.

  4. Thanks for visiting! I can't say that animals and habitats is a focus for me at this time. My classroom is a STEM lab and we are focused on design challenges. I did help our regular classroom teachers recently with their study of Animal Habitats, specifically crabs, frogs, and centipedes, and my fifth graders did a classroom study of cell parts and we used lab time to examine specimens with microscopes. I do use task cards that involve various topics (like animals), but I use these as time fillers or classroom warm-ups. I also use task cards for substitute days! I have several sets of task cards available at TpT as a result of needing them for my own use. We all have those emergencies! I have some sets designed to incorporate non fiction text features. This is something I found was always needed when I had a regular classroom. I hope this gives you some help with your question! I am also learning and adjusting my classroom as it has changed drastically this year! I am constantly looking for a new idea, design challenge, or way to reach the needs of many grade levels!


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