Five for Friday! Randomness.....

I don't know why I always say Five for Friday is total randomness. I actually put some thought into this weekly message. I even jot things down or snap a quick picture cause I know it will be perfect for:

Thanks Doodle Bugs!

This was our first week back after spring break and it seemed a little long to me.....

It was fun, though!

I am not sure why but a white board was installed in our main hallway/lobby recently. Someone (a teacher) posted a question on it and kids started answering the question. So this week I took over- it's close to my lab/room. Everyday I posted a question and kids left a short answer with their name. It has been so much fun! They love doing it! I will try to remember to take some pictures to post soon!
Anyway, one of my questions this week was to vote on which pet you preferred. Well, DOGS won!
I was sorely disappointed.

This sweet little buddy exploring the inside of the dishwasher is mine. His name is Wookee....

I should have erased some of the names that voted for dogs on the graffiti board.....

That's not my cat, but he does do the "I'm going to sit on your stuff" thing all the time! Here he is:

That's Luigi!

Okay, I am very excited about this total randomness because I found it accidentally. 
You know how when you go to the home page of TpT and there is are several rows of sellers......

Look at this:
THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!


I had planned to continue to have a weekly Wednesday post called "What's Going on in the Lab" and I will....

but this week just did not work out.

I did snap a couple of pictures of fun things!

The girls are building a boat and, well, 
you know it makes the work easier if you sit on top of the lab tables.

Here's a boat we tested:
We actually finished this STEM boat challenge before Spring Break,  but I did have two classes that missed it, so we completed it this week. We loved it!!
If you want to read more about boats, click {HERE}
Well, I also noticed this about the lab....

I looked around and saw some accidental decor.
No, I mean that. I know it's just a science lab, but I put together some cute stuff....

Very nice right?

Well, just in case you think the whole lab looks that decorative:
That's my supply table and two extra lab tables we also use for supplies and there's stuff everywhere.....
We work hard in the lab!

Funny of the Week:

This actually made me laugh out loud....
and then I remembered that we ACTUALLY did this one time.
My daughter was moving home from college and had this enormous, very heavy couch on the second floor. The balcony railing was a better choice than maneuvering down the twisty stairs....
and, yes, we did toss that sofa right over the rail...

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your Science focus board! I've nominated you for a Liebster award for your posts on STEM Science! Check it out here:

  2. I love the cat pictures lol. So cute! Your lab looks like the most fun Science lab I've ever seen :)

    Ladybugs Lounge

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination "Performing in FIfth"! This is an award I have previously blogged about. You can see that post here: Liebster Award I do appreciate your nomination and kind words!

    Thanks for stopping by Rebecca! My lab IS THE MOST fun place ever! I have having the grandest time- it is truly amazing! Thanks again!


  4. Great photos and I love your blog
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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