FIVE for Friday!

Awesome week, but still glad it's Friday!
First some words of wisdom:

And I think it is perfectly okay to break them yourself....

 On to some random things...

Thanks Doodle Bugs for hosting this weekly end of the week party!

First up: Scroll to the bottom of this post and notice that I added a new feature:
"You Might Also Like"...with little related post boxes that pop up!

Well let me tell you...that was a bugger to figure out.Most posts I found about it told you to go through a site called Link Within, but I could not get it to work correctly the way the tutorials said. I did eventually figure it out by searching a lot.

I should do a tutorial about it.....

Is that totally awesome?
That friends is the new water feature/pond that is right outside the door of my STEM lab. Our two male teachers had a vision of this and have worked for the last two weeks to get it going.
Now, everyday there are kids that work at the picnic tables around the pond.
It is still a work in progress, but pretty amazing!

So, here's my new friend in the lab:

Not sure what her name will be, but I think something sciencey is in order. A local pet store gave us the bird and cage. Yes, one of our male teachers asked and the pet store said, "Sure, here's a cockatiel!"
She stayed in the hallway for a few days and then I rescued her and put her in the lab to keep an eye on her.
She's quite happy and makes noise all the time.

In the meantime here's my other lab pet.
She's very sweet, but pretty worthless as a pet. She does nothing all day. Just eats. In the photo she is hiding. If you have a choice for a pet for your classroom don't get a guinea pig. Seriously.

You may know that I taught third grade for 18 years. I switched to be a STEM lab teacher this year.
Anyway, my very precious daughter graduated from college in December and completed a maternity leave position in Kindergarten immediately. That was over in Mid March.
So, about two weeks ago she called me,
very excited....
a third grade teacher from the school she was subbing at had her baby six weeks early.....

and guess who is taking her place now!

That's right, my baby girl!
She calls me everyday with questions and worries and that is quite alright. I am a third grade expert after all.
(BTW she lives about 100 miles away from me!)

So, she has also recently started a teaching blog and you should stop by there and visit her!

Tipton's Tales
She would be tickled pink!

Time for Funny of the Week:
(I always save Pinterest things that make me laugh out loud!)

Ha! Hope they made you laugh, too!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the sweet shout-out, M.o.m., and all the help with third grade! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award - you can read all about it in my newest post. :)

  2. Thanks Baby Girl! The Liebster Award Honor was bestowed on my a few months back. You can read all about it right here: Liebster Award


  3. You should totally do a tutorial and add it to Tried it Tuesday at Fourth Grade Flipper! I'd love to know how to add the Posts You Might Like. How awesome for your daughter. Going to go check out her blog. I had a guinea pig once in the class. I used to walk it on a leash. I also had a hamster that got out of its' cage...every.single.night. It would hide in the air conditioner and we had to set traps daily. That little stinker would wait for me at the front door. When I would stick the key in the lock, it would look at me and run off. I also had a bird once. Not at school though. I did NOT like cleaning the cage. Ew!
    I want to hang out by your pond!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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