What's Going on in the Lab?

So, this is going to be about two weeks worth of stuff...

Here's why:
I am sure you can relate to that!

OKAY, back to the lab...
 first up: THIRD GRADE

Oh my. 
This challenge is really a CHALLENGE!
For the first time all year I am seeing some frustration from my little friends. Their ideas are just not working
and it is making them think, THINK, THINK!
Here's the challenge:
Build a car out of a bunch of junk and the car must roll.

I love the drawings they made to help in planning. The problem is that they just cannot figure out the rolling part. We put everything away until next week and they are supposed to do some research before I see them again. Next week we will finish and test the cars.

They are designing sound proof boxes for cell phones:

We are in the beginning stages of this. They are grouped in large groups this time and they have a Building Team and a Marketing Team. Updates next week!


They are building Baked Potato boxes and somehow I have no pictures yet!? Each group has a Building Team and a Marketing Team and they are creating a Baked Potato Delivery Company. Stay tuned!

But I did visit our middle school this week and talked at length with the Enrichment teacher. I am so excited that she will get a large group of my fifth graders who will have had a year of STEM class. Here's a project she completed with her classes this year.

They had to design a futuristic city out of junk! Awesome!

Okay, I did take some pictures of my littles at work today. I have a Math Enrichment class with first and second graders each Wednesday and here they are playing a game I purchased right at my favorite place: TpT!

They loved it!
Click on one of the pictures to get to that product at TpT--- It's not mine!

That's my week!

Check back to see how the baked potatoes go next week- we plan to cook some each day and start testing our boxes for the ability to keep the potatoes hot. Fourth grade will be testing their boxes to see if they are indeed sound proof. Third grade will finish their cars and, hopefully, a few of them will roll!

Have a great rest of the week!

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