Five for Friday- First Week!

  I know everyone is enjoying being out of school.

So this is week 1 of the Great Summer of 2014!
Let's start by linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

Thanks again for this weekly way to connect with our random sides! I do have one.....

Bucket List!
I joined a linky about Summer Bucket Lists that was really fun! I read a ton of those linked blogs and then decided I should actually do the things on my bucket list! You can see that linky {HERE}

So, one thing on my list was to go through my Pinterest boards and really do some things I have pinned! I tackled a crafty thing first!
First up was my big kitchen wall. It has been a work in progress for a year.....or so.

I have this cute little drawer that I found at Hobby Lobby that hangs on the wall, but it's inside was green...

Okay, green chevrons, but still I didn't like the color in my kitchen! So I went shopping for scrapbook paper to change the color....(my daughters suggestion)

I also found that little square thing to add to the wall.
After playing with the papers I settled on this:

I like it!
Still working on the whole still has problems...

It was birthday week at my house! My daughter and husband have birthdays in late May. Here's the funny thing I always do on my kid's birthdays!
I made the banners on their first birthdays and just change out the age at the bottom every year. Yes, that's a 26 on the bottom of the banner. In two months I will put up the son's banner with a 29 on it! Yikes!

Tiny Things!
By far the best gift I got my daughter for her birthday was a box of tiny things. I found the selection at World Market in Hoover and got the smallest whisk ever. Also, a container to carry salt and pepper in your lunch box and this:
That's a measuring cup for TABLESPOONS! I am about to pour 3 tbsp into the cookie batter. How cool is that!
Here's a photo of several of the tiny items. I placed a spoon in the picture so you can compare:

Yes, that is a teeny -tiny grater!

Blogging and updating TpT.....I know you noticed those little follow me icons I made this week. If you don't want to scroll to the top here they are: 
I know, right, too cute!
I found those cute little owls {HERE} and {HERE}.

Funnies of the Week! 
Here are the Laugh out loud pins of the week...warning you, you will laugh:

Friday Freebie !!

About two years ago I reached for the spelling homework sheet for my class and discovered I had forgotten to copy it. Well, needless to say we had no homework that afternoon because I couldn't get it copied two minutes before dismissal. Arggghhhh! I invented a generic spelling sheet, made 8 zillion copies and kept it in a bin to hand out the next time I forgot (which happens, just sayin')
Anyway, here's a free copy of that emergency spelling task! Just click on the picture!

Have a super weekend!


Ten Things I Want to do this Summer!

Happy First Week Out of School!
If you are out, that is.
I am linking up with Deanna Jump at Mrs. Jump's Class for a look at what I want to do this summer!

1. READ!
I'm a reader, y'all. Always have been. It is normal for me to read every morning and every evening. This summer I am prepared! I made a trip to Hoover about a month ago and came away from my favorite store with an armload of books.
I have already read two of those in that stack and started the third one two days ago. I also have about 10 books on my Nook that I will tackle. 
Most exciting thing though is this:

That is Book 8 in the series and it will be for sale on June 10th. Spectacular book series. My fav!

2. Do something just for me every week!
First up is a visit to the chiropractor. I know that is pretty lame, but he does make my back feel better! 
Second on my ME list is a facial.
That's the place I go to for facials! It's an awesome little salon in my town called "The French Door". (The owner's last name is French!) 
After the facial I am shopping for a new computer!! Very excited about this!

3. Finish watching two shows I have DVRed.
One is my favorite of all time:
It's a two-hankie show and I love it. Beautifully written and I swear those folks are real family. 
I also need to watch the final 6 episodes of "Lost"! (Boy, am I behind on that one!)

4. TpT!
I have a notebook full of things to finish.
I enjoy every minute of it, however. It has been so much fun to create and offer things to others through TpT! I am also updating things in my store- like making thumbnails square:

I am also adding my button to product covers!
It's really easy to make those covers square, by the way!

5. Design a Plan Book!
Okay, so last summer I ordered one of those expensive planners from a well-known company. I did love it, but.......
I only teach Science.
I don't need all those extra pages of things like graph paper, check off lists, and lesson grids.
I need something specific for teaching three grade levels and only science to those three grades. I need a way to keep up with where each class got to in the activity. So, I am going to design my own planner! 

6. Sew Curtains!
Last summer I decided I needed to cover the windows in the lab I use for my classroom. The playground is right outside my lab and I knew I needed a way to block the vision of curious students.

There's a before and after.
The problem came with the windows OVER the door. Sunlight streams in through those little windows so brightly ALL DAY that we cannot work. So I covered them with scrapbook paper.
This summer I am going to get the same fabric and make little strips I can thread onto tension rods and insert there.

7. Plan for STEM Changes!
Last summer I planned for STEM activities.
I spent enormous amounts of time finding and inventing STEM tasks and challenges.
So, before school starts I am going to plan for things that went wrong this year that I didn't think about until it was too late:
Like......I need a lab discipline plan!
That's not my clip chart, but I NEED ONE!
So, that is just one of the things on my list to make for my lab!

8. Clean out my storage room!
It's awful!
It's one room in our upstairs space that we have always used just for storage- mainly because some things we store cannot get too hot or they will ruin (like skis). This little room is cooled and heated. BUT IT NEEDS WORK!

One good thing...that really large pile of stuff in boxes in the front is all my third grade teacher items that I will be hauling to my daughter's new classroom! SOON!

9. WALK!
Every morning....
before coffee......
And I have to do this because otherwise I will have wasted these cute shoes:

I am going to volunteer at the Animal Shelter this summer. Not sure what that will entail (pun intended), but at least a few times I am going to go and pet the cats.
Here's my precious cat that I rescued from the animal shelter two years ago:

Well, that's my summer Bucket List! What's on yours?


Five for FRIDAY!

Let's start with this:

Made me laugh, especially because

And time to link up with Doodle Bugs!
This week is going to be hard to find some random things because every day was the same-
packing, cleaning
cleaning, packing

I guess that is a good place to start!
Y'all there were 17 classroom teachers in my 3-5 grade school.
This week 4 were not rehired.
And, are you ready for this.....
10 of them are moving their classrooms to a new location in our building. 
So, we have boxed up stuff, moved stuff, and scraped hot glue off the wall all week!
I am not going anywhere thank goodness, but the lab did get waxed.

Look at that shiny floor!
At the beginning of the week before all the moving drama, I had a final STEM class and we made mazes!

This was so much fun! The kids were super and worked together so well. They created themes for their mazes and used a ton of paper and card stock!

Funnies of the Week!
You know I love Pinterest and I check the humor feed nightly. Here's my favs from this week:

They both made me laugh out loud!

It was a sad TV week for me.
American Idol ended, but I loved Caleb, so it was good.
Survivor ended, and I hated the winner, but then I usually do.
The only thing that is making me happy anyway is this:

I love this show more than peanut buster parfaits....
and that's a really big deal.

Here's my Friday Freebie
(a new feature I just decided to start adding)

It's a sample from a set of non-fiction text features magazine pages with tasks cards. Kids read passages and then identify text features, the purposes of text features, basic comprehension questions, and writing tasks that use non-fiction text features.

If you want to see more Friday Freebies click {HERE}

Thanks for stopping by!
Oh my, I forgot to mention....
today was my last day of school!
Are you out for summer yet?


Five for Friday!

Oh my goodness!
Just two more Fridays and school is OUT!

I was looking for a funny picture of school being out soon
and I found this instead.....its worth thinking about....

These children in Indonesia (2012) crossed on this collapsed bridge to get to school. The alternative was to make a three mile trek or stay home. They chose this bridge.....

On to Five for Friday
after that sobering thinking from the photo, jeez.

Really that photo should be my number one thing for the week, don't you think??

But I have this instead:

That's at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama. It's a glorious environmental camp we go to every spring. Awesomeness extreme!

What a difference in the two bridges.....

Did you know you could make a bubble blower from paper cups? Why, yes, you can! This was our STEM challenge this week (after I returned from camp). Build a bubble blower from some weird supplies to create the largest bubble you can!

The last two blew bubbles, but they were very small!
More bubble pictures at the bottom!

If you are TpT Store Owner/Creator/Author
how did the sale go for you?
I'm not one for posting numbers, but I would give my last few days a big thumbs up......
just wondering what happens next.
When do sales start taking a nosedive for the summer?

My favorite pins of the week:

And that is why I once leaped from an airplane.....

well that and the fact that it was a gift and I couldn't waste the money....

This one just made me laugh!

The meaning of persistence.....

About a month ago I had my third graders make cars in the STEM Lab. They used mostly supplies I provided, but one little guy brought things from home. His group could not get their car completed in the time I gave them.
However, I was intrigued by the supplies he brought and what he planned to do with them.
So, last week and again today he worked on his car rather than what the rest of the class did.

Here's his finished car:

Ya'll those wheels are made of DVD's with dowel stick axles held on by metal washers. The hardest part for him was attaching the body of the car. He finally unbent paper clips and taped them to the cardboard and then wound the ends around the rolls beautifully.
Makes me want to cry at how determined he was to finish this!

Have a great weekend!
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