Five for Friday- First Week!

  I know everyone is enjoying being out of school.

So this is week 1 of the Great Summer of 2014!
Let's start by linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

Thanks again for this weekly way to connect with our random sides! I do have one.....

Bucket List!
I joined a linky about Summer Bucket Lists that was really fun! I read a ton of those linked blogs and then decided I should actually do the things on my bucket list! You can see that linky {HERE}

So, one thing on my list was to go through my Pinterest boards and really do some things I have pinned! I tackled a crafty thing first!
First up was my big kitchen wall. It has been a work in progress for a year.....or so.

I have this cute little drawer that I found at Hobby Lobby that hangs on the wall, but it's inside was green...

Okay, green chevrons, but still I didn't like the color in my kitchen! So I went shopping for scrapbook paper to change the color....(my daughters suggestion)

I also found that little square thing to add to the wall.
After playing with the papers I settled on this:

I like it!
Still working on the whole still has problems...

It was birthday week at my house! My daughter and husband have birthdays in late May. Here's the funny thing I always do on my kid's birthdays!
I made the banners on their first birthdays and just change out the age at the bottom every year. Yes, that's a 26 on the bottom of the banner. In two months I will put up the son's banner with a 29 on it! Yikes!

Tiny Things!
By far the best gift I got my daughter for her birthday was a box of tiny things. I found the selection at World Market in Hoover and got the smallest whisk ever. Also, a container to carry salt and pepper in your lunch box and this:
That's a measuring cup for TABLESPOONS! I am about to pour 3 tbsp into the cookie batter. How cool is that!
Here's a photo of several of the tiny items. I placed a spoon in the picture so you can compare:

Yes, that is a teeny -tiny grater!

Blogging and updating TpT.....I know you noticed those little follow me icons I made this week. If you don't want to scroll to the top here they are: 
I know, right, too cute!
I found those cute little owls {HERE} and {HERE}.

Funnies of the Week! 
Here are the Laugh out loud pins of the week...warning you, you will laugh:

Friday Freebie !!

About two years ago I reached for the spelling homework sheet for my class and discovered I had forgotten to copy it. Well, needless to say we had no homework that afternoon because I couldn't get it copied two minutes before dismissal. Arggghhhh! I invented a generic spelling sheet, made 8 zillion copies and kept it in a bin to hand out the next time I forgot (which happens, just sayin')
Anyway, here's a free copy of that emergency spelling task! Just click on the picture!

Have a super weekend!


  1. Love the cute owls! I need to figure out how to make my own follow me buttons soon!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. It is easy! I need to do a tutorial! Maybe a blog post about that??


  3. Hi! I am an Alabama blogger too! I love all of your 5 things, especially the tiny measuring cup!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  4. Hey Melissa from Alabama! I think you are a good bit south of me. We are in Decatur! Thanks for stopping by! (I added a photo of several of the tiny items- we think they are so funny!)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The tiny things collection from World Market is too cute! I'll definitely have to check that out; I'm glad you're enjoying your summer! :)
    <a href="”>Learnin' Books</a>

    1. But the tiny utensils are actually very handy! I love the measuring cup the best!

  7. That tray and the owl next too it are AWESOME! Love those two items together! The teeny-tiny items are so adorable. I would just want to hold them...without baking! haha
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  8. Hey Alison!
    The owl came from Hobby Lobby and I just went through the scrapbook paper looking for those colors! It worked perfectly! And I don't cook much either. I bought the tiny things for my children!



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