Five for Friday!

Oh my goodness!
Just two more Fridays and school is OUT!

I was looking for a funny picture of school being out soon
and I found this instead.....its worth thinking about....

These children in Indonesia (2012) crossed on this collapsed bridge to get to school. The alternative was to make a three mile trek or stay home. They chose this bridge.....

On to Five for Friday
after that sobering thinking from the photo, jeez.

Really that photo should be my number one thing for the week, don't you think??

But I have this instead:

That's at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama. It's a glorious environmental camp we go to every spring. Awesomeness extreme!

What a difference in the two bridges.....

Did you know you could make a bubble blower from paper cups? Why, yes, you can! This was our STEM challenge this week (after I returned from camp). Build a bubble blower from some weird supplies to create the largest bubble you can!

The last two blew bubbles, but they were very small!
More bubble pictures at the bottom!

If you are TpT Store Owner/Creator/Author
how did the sale go for you?
I'm not one for posting numbers, but I would give my last few days a big thumbs up......
just wondering what happens next.
When do sales start taking a nosedive for the summer?

My favorite pins of the week:

And that is why I once leaped from an airplane.....

well that and the fact that it was a gift and I couldn't waste the money....

This one just made me laugh!

The meaning of persistence.....

About a month ago I had my third graders make cars in the STEM Lab. They used mostly supplies I provided, but one little guy brought things from home. His group could not get their car completed in the time I gave them.
However, I was intrigued by the supplies he brought and what he planned to do with them.
So, last week and again today he worked on his car rather than what the rest of the class did.

Here's his finished car:

Ya'll those wheels are made of DVD's with dowel stick axles held on by metal washers. The hardest part for him was attaching the body of the car. He finally unbent paper clips and taped them to the cardboard and then wound the ends around the rolls beautifully.
Makes me want to cry at how determined he was to finish this!

Have a great weekend!


  1. now I totally feel bad for thinking I wouldn't be able to cross the bridge in Alabama after I saw the kids crossing the bridge in India. I've got to pull my big girl panties up and be more adventurous. I haven't looked at my sales really from TpT, but I did hear my "ding" go off. Last summer was my first summer with I don't know if it plummets or not. I just broke my thumb drive that I had a new product on...that I hadn't uploaded to TpT yet. I'm bummed. Hoping the Tech department at my district can repair it. Have a great weekend!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Oh no! That reminds me to do a backup tomorrow with an external hard drive. I have a lot of my files saved that way but I need to add newer things. I'd hate to lose anything due to a computer glitch!

    Thanks Alison!


  3. Yea for you letting that little boy finish his car!!! Some teachers might have made him stop or do it at home. You're awesome and SO IS THAT CAR!

  4. I know, right! That precious little guy had an idea though. He came to school with a bag of cardboard and the DVD's and a bunch of other things. He really had a vision of what he wanted to do to build his car.. The only part I helped with was cutting the cardboard.He wanted the cut-outs but could not figure out how to do it safely- he drew the lines and I cut it with a razor knife. Attaching the wheels was something he worked on for a long time. Have I mentioned this was a third grader?? AWESOME!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Julie!


  5. I love your bubble idea! I wanted to do something with bubbles for the last few weeks of school with my students and this will be perfect!

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  7. The bubble idea is SO fun! I agree with Kelly, it would be a great end of the year activity. My kiddos would love it :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by Kelly and Ashlee! Kids love bubbles. Best of all, when you finish just wipe down the tables and they are clean!



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