Five for FRIDAY!

Let's start with this:

Made me laugh, especially because

And time to link up with Doodle Bugs!
This week is going to be hard to find some random things because every day was the same-
packing, cleaning
cleaning, packing

I guess that is a good place to start!
Y'all there were 17 classroom teachers in my 3-5 grade school.
This week 4 were not rehired.
And, are you ready for this.....
10 of them are moving their classrooms to a new location in our building. 
So, we have boxed up stuff, moved stuff, and scraped hot glue off the wall all week!
I am not going anywhere thank goodness, but the lab did get waxed.

Look at that shiny floor!
At the beginning of the week before all the moving drama, I had a final STEM class and we made mazes!

This was so much fun! The kids were super and worked together so well. They created themes for their mazes and used a ton of paper and card stock!

Funnies of the Week!
You know I love Pinterest and I check the humor feed nightly. Here's my favs from this week:

They both made me laugh out loud!

It was a sad TV week for me.
American Idol ended, but I loved Caleb, so it was good.
Survivor ended, and I hated the winner, but then I usually do.
The only thing that is making me happy anyway is this:

I love this show more than peanut buster parfaits....
and that's a really big deal.

Here's my Friday Freebie
(a new feature I just decided to start adding)

It's a sample from a set of non-fiction text features magazine pages with tasks cards. Kids read passages and then identify text features, the purposes of text features, basic comprehension questions, and writing tasks that use non-fiction text features.

If you want to see more Friday Freebies click {HERE}

Thanks for stopping by!
Oh my, I forgot to mention....
today was my last day of school!
Are you out for summer yet?


  1. Hi Carol!

    I saw that t-shirt pin this week and it made me laugh, too!

    I am a new follower. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Thanks so much Lauren! If you love science this is a great place to visit!

  3. Carol- Thank you for the great freebie! And thanks for adding my button to your sidebar!!! I am falling behind on my Five For Friday posts! Started grad school this week. OMGOSH...I'm swamped!!

  4. Oh my gosh those pinterest things were AWESOME! AND... I didn't even know So You Think You Can Dance started! YAHOO! I always wish I could dance like that (or at all) and have the legs those girls do... hmmm. Anyway- I am so glad it is back! I'm glad you didn't have to move!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  5. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for visiting! The freebie is part of a larger package at TpT, but enjoy! Congrats on starting grad school. Getting my masters degree was an awesome experience- I learned so much in my classes!

    Carolyn- thanks for stopping by. I love Pinterest funny posters. So You Think You Can Dance starts next week! I love that show!


  6. Carol,
    I don't envy the teachers who had to move rooms! This is my first year not having to completely clean out AND move into a classroom. Granted I'm only going into my 3rd year, but two years in a row I've had really dirty, messy, 'catch all' type rooms I had to clean out then move all my stuff in, plus packing everything up in between the 2... not fun at all!
    And, your pinterest shares... hilarious :)
    P.S. Very jealous you're on summer vacation, we have 18 days to go!

  7. Moving is really HARD! I did it last year! Not only did I need to move, I switched areas of teaching completely- from third grade to STEM Lab. I boxed up so much of my third grade things and brought it all home. I also had to move stuff to the science lab. Yesterday I helped out my friends as much as I could!

    I am so sorry that you have so many days left! Alabama state law says we have to be out of school this year before Memorial Day. That law has been changed starting in the fall!
    Thanks for visiting!


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