Monday Made It!

This day needs subtitles!
~Made a Sign
~Made a Video
~Guest Blogging!

It's the last Monday of June! Oh my! Let's make some things!

First, let's thank Tara for hosting our weekly Monday meeting!

Okay, first, you know I love some pinterest and I saw this:

That came from Sommer Pride and you can click on the K to visit her blog. Well, I knew I could make that and I knew I wanted mine to spell something! 
So, I bought the letters  S T E M and some scrapbook paper. You also need paint, Mod-podge, and sponge brushes. 

Step-by Step:

1- Trace the letters onto scrapbook paper. Don't forget to flip the letter over backwards!
2- Make sure you have a good helper.
3- Yes, I know that E is not backwards and I totally cut it out before I realized it and had to do it over. Don't forget to flip the letter over backwards!
4- Cut the letters out. I wanted the paint underneath to show on the edges so I cut just inside the lines I had drawn.

5- Paint the letters! I used black and decided to paint the whole letter.
6- Place the scrapbook letters on the wooden ones and make sure they fit the way you want them to. (That's how I discovered I had done my E the wrong way.)
7- That's what they will look like.

Ready to Mod-Podge.
Have you ever used mod-podge? It's like white glue (in fact it probably is white glue and the mod-podge people are laughing at us for paying triple the cost to get it cause it says mod-podge on the bottle.) Anyway, you brush the mod-podge onto your surface, put your paper on top of the MP, and then put more MP on top of that. It all dries clear. You might want to practice first.
8- Mod-Podge in action. **See below
9- More MP action.
10- Letters drying on the floor- I had to lock my helper out of the room at this point.

**Mod-Podge Helpful Hints:
Cover the entire area with MP. When you place your paper on top,smooth the paper out as much as possible. It's pretty move-able at first. Try to get all the air bubbles out.
I have found that letting that layer dry before applying the top coat works better for me.
Coat the entire surface with MP again. If you have any loose places flatten them with your finger or the edge of your sponge brush. Don't rub too hard, because the wet paper will tear!

My sign is ready to hang- the next time I make it to my school!

Are you a "No-Reply" blogger?
What does that even mean?
I recently had a sweet comment from someone that I was a "no-reply" blogger and I might want to fix that. Sometimes when you comment on other blogs you never hear back from the person and it might be because you are coded as "No-Reply". This means the person cannot send you a reply email. It's not a huge big deal, but you can fix it---- if you want to. Some people only reply by email. 
I spent about 17 hours looking for how to fix this and then googled it and found a blog that talked me through it. I'm saving you about 16 hours here by just showing you this video I made! 

I'm not sure if this qualifies as something I made, but I did make it......
y'all I am guest blogging later this week! You can gasp.....
or applaud....

 You can click on the button to visit the guest post, but it will not be LIVE until Friday. To visit Stephanie at The Learning Chambers before Friday (and you should cause she's just amazing!) click {HERE}.

My guest blog post will be about moving your classroom. It's full of photos and great tips! Look for that on Friday!

Have a great first week of July!


Five for Friday! June 27 (with some Freebies!)

It is Friday again!
Doodle Bugs is on vacation, but is still hosting this linky of randomness!

Thanks so much DB!

I had a conversation with a brand new first grade teacher recently. It was all about learning routines and procedures and what to do to get your year started. So, random thing #1 is about a new weekly linky you can join in on and promote some great ideas for new teachers (and maybe even some refreshing of us old gals).....

The linky is hosted by  Kelli at Tales of a Teacher.

So, check that out and see if you can add that to your summer blogging.

Okay, back to the conversation I had with a brand new teacher. We also talked about what books to read aloud to your class at the beginning of the year. Here's my first four I used for many years:

A Taste of Blackberries a poignant story of friendship in which one of the friends tragically dies. I read this book every year for one reason and it was this line: "Something as small as one bee can kill your best friend." I'd read that and then pause to let that soak into their little heads and we'd talk about treasuring our friends. Great Community Developer!
Flying Solo is a story about a sixth grade class that is supposed to have a substitute for the day, but the sub doesn't show up. The kids decide to have class alone. I love this book because it is the routines and procedures the teacher established that get the kids through the day. It has tons of Great Community Developing ideas!
Crash is the story of Crash Coogan and Penn Webb. Crash is an incredible bully and Penn is a neighbor. The book deals with the antics of Crash and in the end the total transformation of his character. At the very end Crash makes an unbelievable sacrifice that makes me cry every time I read it. Boys love this book! I love this book! It's a Great Community Developer.
The Tale of Despereaux is the tale of a mouse that wants to be a Knight in Shining Armor. It's hilarious and full of wonderful voices you can do as you read. In the end it's a tale of friendship and good deeds- that makes it a _________. (Can you fill in the blank here?)

The young teacher I was speaking to about books wondered if these would be okay for first grade. The first one and the mouse one, I'd say yes. The other two, I'm not so sure.

Here's my question for all you FIRST GRADE TEACHERS: What chapter books do you read aloud?
(By the way.....the teacher is my daughter.....and click on the book titles to check them out at Amazon.)

If you have been reading my blog lately you know I adopted a third cat. It has been a fun two weeks trying to get the three cats acclimated. Here's a report on our progress:

When you let a new baby eat off your plate....that is progress.

This week for Wordless Wednesday I posted this photo:

My question was: What is a fairy ring? What children's book was it in?
A fairy ring in a children's book was a magical thing. If you stand in the center of the toadstools and make a wish, it will come true. Scientifically, the circle of toadstools grows that way because of the root system.
When I posted this photo I was thinking the fairy ring reference came from Where the Red Fern Grows, however after thinking about it I realized it was actually in the book Summer of the Monkeys. Both books were written by Wilson Rawls and you need to read them!

I know I have added this freebie here already. But it's a good one. It's a list of weird supplies you might need in your classroom!
A fun list of unusual and helpful materials all teachers might need to have on-hand!

Check it out and other freebies here:

My Engineer Design Process Posters are featured:

See ya back here on Monday for Monday Made it:
I have some chevron fabric, scrapbook paper, big letters, and a video!

Have a great weekend!


Monday Made It and Monday Meet Me!

Busy, busy, busy- that is what teachers do during the summer!
That is why Monday Made It is the coolest linky ever!
And this week I am also joining The Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet Me!

First, let's make something!

This week I have two things to share and then a third thing to also mention!

First up- I saw this pin some time back:

And I liked the look and I just happen to have a space beside my desk at school that could use some little cork boards so.......

Here's the step-by-step way to possibly make this:

1. Buy some great fabric. I found this duck cloth on sale at Hobby Lobby and it's the perfect colors for my classroom. I also bought cork boards and used a coupon (Do you have Hobby Lobby's app on your phone?) I got square boards because I know better than to try to wrap fabric around a circle.
2. Position your fabric under a board with about an inch and a half of fabric beyond the edge.
3. Squirt a bunch of hot glue.
4. Use a towel to press the fabric down- or you will burn your fingers. Do this on two sides.

5. For the other two sides you will need to fold the fabric to make a nice corner. I just folded up a little triangle (like you are wrapping a present).
6. Squirt on some hot glue.
7. Fold up the sides and press it down.
8. Done! (Almost!)

9. Because I am OCD about things I hot-glued another board to the back to cover up the fabric. The added bonus is that this makes the cork board thicker.
10. Okay, one of the pieces of fabric I did had cool designs and I decided I wanted one design to be in the center. So I marked the center with a sharpie.
11. Then I pushed a safety pin through the center of the design and just lined it up with the black dot. Easy centering!
12. I tried to center this flowered design with each of the different flowers, but I didn't like how it left off some of the colors. I finally just placed the board so I would get a good arrangement of everything.

Then I drove to my school and tried different ways to hang up the boards! 

I settled on this arrangement, but I also tried a diamond shape. Unfortunately that white box in the photo and the fire extinguisher box you cannot see made it look funny. So, I like the zig -zag. I hung a couple of doodads on it and will add more later- when I find the box I stored my stuff in for the summer!
Easy-peasy! Great and pretty way to stick up  some photos and keepsakes!

I made a set of STEM and Science posters last week in the colors of my lab and then went to Staples and printed them. Here's some shots of where I put them in the lab!

This is a set of Engineering Design Process posters. They are on a bulletin board that says "Science Focus" on it. 

This is a set of posters that show Kinds of Engineers.

On the left above the turquoise board is a set of posters that show Kinds of Scientists and the vertical display is the Scientific Method.

By the way those two turquoise bulletin boards used to be grey corky stuff. I painted them last summer. Never have to cover those things again! Anyway I blogged about painting those last summer and you can see that post by clicking right {HERE}.

Did any of you eagle-eyes notice that in the picture of my cork boards that there is a a little painting of a sunburst that Farley does?? Well, we painted those at my school last summer and that is also on the blog post I just mentioned.

I told you way back at the beginning of this that I had something to mention. Alright, about two weeks ago, or three, I made a tutorial video about how to add Social Media Icons to your blog. If you missed that fabulous little movie you can click {HERE} and see it! good friend Pixie Anne at Growing Little Learners tried the tutorial and made the cutest little icons for her blog. You guys have to go see this!

Growing Little Learners
I love the icons she used!

SECOND LINKY- I mean this summer there are so many wonderful choices!

The idea is to write three things about yourself that might not already be known.
I figured you guys know by now that I have cats and two kids and once leaped from an airplane....
so here's some new stuff:

Link up with The Teaching Tribune and tell some new things, too!

Y'all have a great week! Make some cork boards
or social media icons......


Five for Friday! June 13

Great little week!
Although I will tell you it is harder to have five things to discuss when you blog nearly everyday.
All my topics are 

But let's try anyway!
Again, thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting this Friday event. I would love to have a linky someday.....maybe call it "How's Your Pet?
Which brings me to number 1!

How's Your Pet?
Mine are having a traumatic week.
First, I went to the Animal Shelter.
Then I brought home a new baby kitten.
Then my older cats flipped out. I am feeling pretty certain they thought the world revolved around them so this little tiny creature that suddenly appeared has burst that bubble.

Just look how tiny she is! It's hard to tell until you see this shot of my middle cat:

So what is your inspiration for TpT or for things you do in your classroom?
I recently had a brain pop about making several poster sets have a coordinating color theme. This photo was my inspiration.
That's not my classroom! But I love the colors. This is my classroom:

I have the lime green and the turquoise, but I also have some purple in my room. Anyway, I decided to re-do the poster sets with lime and turquoise. And the set turned out great!

 I'm taking the whole thing to Staples and have them print it out on cardstock. Going up on my walls soon!

What have you done for yourself lately?
Well, great question.
I've been walking everyday.....
but the best thing ever is I got this:

It's my new all-in-one computer. I looked at a lot of computers for a long time and decided this would be the right one. Big monitor, easy to move around, on sale.....yep. The bottom picture shows the size difference between my laptop and the new monitor. What I like best is that I look at the screen level and not by looking down. I think that will better for my back and neck!

What's your favorite summer TV show?
Well, I love So You Think You Can Dance!
The dancers are all pretty amazing. I love the judges, too. I wish Christina Applegate was a permanent judge, just sayin'.
My fav show to watch, however is on HGTV. I've been watching a show about a couple that helps new home homers completely renovate their house. It's called
Fixer Upper. I like it because the couple completely remodels a home and decorates it. It's always gorgeous.

 I mean, look at that house. When that one was purchased it looked like this:
Pretty awesome, right?

What has made you laugh lately?
Funnies of the Week:

Let's end with:

 Y'all I am very excited. Just look at this:

Freebie Fridays
That's right- my Friday Freebie from last week is the featured Freebie for this week at TBA!
So Click right {HERE} or on the label above to take you to a fantastic place to gather freebies and meet new bloggy friends!

Have a great weekend!

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