Made It Monday!

Happy Monday, Friends!
It's overcast, sprinkling, and storms on the way in Alabama- but it's all good! All I need is a cup of coffee, a good book, and some Monday Made Its to read!

Linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics to see how crafty we have been this past week!

What has to be first is right in front of you!!
My NEW Blog Design!
I am loving it- a whole lot! This is my first post with the new format and stuff.
If you have been considering an update to your blog I can highly recommend Courtney at:

She took my information and turned it into a very creative design. I helped her tweak some of the parts and change a few things. (I totally got rid of the owls I had used for so long!)We also made it a one sidebar blog which I think will make it look less busy. I am still working on the extra pages- they are blank right now!
What do you think?

Well, last week I added social media icons to my blog and my Monday Made It was a video about how to do that. Hmmmm...then the next day I changed my blog completely! Ha!
So, when my new blog design was finished  I noticed that my little Related Posts Widget had disappeared. You know it's that little thing at the end that says: "You Might Also Like" and then has little windows to click on to get to similar posts. So, I added that back and then decided that it is such an easy thing to do, but sooooooo complicated to figure out how. Here's a video to help you add stories at the end of your blog posts:

It is so easy to do.
But I spent hours tracking down the way to do it. For some reason Link Within would not work with my blog and I spent a lot of time looking at videos and help topics until I found a way to do it. It's easy- should take you five minutes! Once you save your template and go back to your blog it should take about 30 seconds to suddenly start showing up! Awesome, right?

Here's a link to Link Within to get you started!

My last item I made this week came about after my daughter asked me what kinds of things she would need to start up her brand new classroom. Well, I started a list and then realized quickly that I needed help. I posed the question in the TpT forum and got tons of answers. The list of weird supplies grew and grew.
Why do teachers need so much stuff?
Anyway, after several days I compiled all the items into a categorized list which I posted to Google Drive and then someone suggested I make a free item at TpT.
So here it is!!
You can get this as a FREEBIE at my TpT store!
It is a suggested list of really odd and useful things teachers need to have- compiled with the experience of about 30 teachers!
About 2 years ago a terrible winter storm kept kids at school overnight and teachers found themselves needing toothpaste, blankets and a change of clothes. This list was compiled after that and is chock full of ideas that make sense! Things teachers might need one day!
Click on the cover thumbnail to get a copy. It's a fun list- and if you can think of anything whack-a-doodle that we need to add, please let me know. I am sure we will need to publish revised versions occasionally. In the meantime, it may help newbies!

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