Five for Friday! June 13

Great little week!
Although I will tell you it is harder to have five things to discuss when you blog nearly everyday.
All my topics are 

But let's try anyway!
Again, thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting this Friday event. I would love to have a linky someday.....maybe call it "How's Your Pet?
Which brings me to number 1!

How's Your Pet?
Mine are having a traumatic week.
First, I went to the Animal Shelter.
Then I brought home a new baby kitten.
Then my older cats flipped out. I am feeling pretty certain they thought the world revolved around them so this little tiny creature that suddenly appeared has burst that bubble.

Just look how tiny she is! It's hard to tell until you see this shot of my middle cat:

So what is your inspiration for TpT or for things you do in your classroom?
I recently had a brain pop about making several poster sets have a coordinating color theme. This photo was my inspiration.
That's not my classroom! But I love the colors. This is my classroom:

I have the lime green and the turquoise, but I also have some purple in my room. Anyway, I decided to re-do the poster sets with lime and turquoise. And the set turned out great!

 I'm taking the whole thing to Staples and have them print it out on cardstock. Going up on my walls soon!

What have you done for yourself lately?
Well, great question.
I've been walking everyday.....
but the best thing ever is I got this:

It's my new all-in-one computer. I looked at a lot of computers for a long time and decided this would be the right one. Big monitor, easy to move around, on sale.....yep. The bottom picture shows the size difference between my laptop and the new monitor. What I like best is that I look at the screen level and not by looking down. I think that will better for my back and neck!

What's your favorite summer TV show?
Well, I love So You Think You Can Dance!
The dancers are all pretty amazing. I love the judges, too. I wish Christina Applegate was a permanent judge, just sayin'.
My fav show to watch, however is on HGTV. I've been watching a show about a couple that helps new home homers completely renovate their house. It's called
Fixer Upper. I like it because the couple completely remodels a home and decorates it. It's always gorgeous.

 I mean, look at that house. When that one was purchased it looked like this:
Pretty awesome, right?

What has made you laugh lately?
Funnies of the Week:

Let's end with:

 Y'all I am very excited. Just look at this:

Freebie Fridays
That's right- my Friday Freebie from last week is the featured Freebie for this week at TBA!
So Click right {HERE} or on the label above to take you to a fantastic place to gather freebies and meet new bloggy friends!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I got a new all in one computer this week as well. Better for my back and neck! Ha! Juliet

  2. I absolutely adore your new computer! That is on my to-buy list in the somewhat near future!

    And your funnies made me laugh! Thanks for the laugh!

    The Purple Teacher

  3. Love this post! My pets (two chiweenies) think the world revolves around them as well. LOL! Love this blog design too! So cute!

  4. I tried to comment on that little cutie on Wednesday - not sure what happened..
    I'm so glad you got another cat - did anyone take the scruffy little monster clinging to the cage you posted a picture of previously? I've been worrying about it!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Sadly, those little cats are still there. I go for training to volunteer tomorrow so I will definitely get them out of their cages for a while!

    2. Poor things... Ship them to the UK and I'll have them!

  5. Oh no, I hope your cat adjusts! We have a 4 year old cat who is the baby in this house. I think about getting a dog when we move or maybe another cat for her to play with but likely she wouldn't like it. She's going to a have to adjust to a real baby and that's probably enough for a while.

    Literacy Spark

  6. I've been catching up on some amazing HGTV shows! Wonderfulness! I love your classroom inspiration pic. My classroom is very teal right now with some lime, and I'm trying to change some things up, so this was awesome to see! If you are interested, I'm hosting Sell It Saturdays today at my blog. I'd love for you to link up!

    Teaching In A Nutshell


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