Monday Made It and Monday Meet Me!

Busy, busy, busy- that is what teachers do during the summer!
That is why Monday Made It is the coolest linky ever!
And this week I am also joining The Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet Me!

First, let's make something!

This week I have two things to share and then a third thing to also mention!

First up- I saw this pin some time back:

And I liked the look and I just happen to have a space beside my desk at school that could use some little cork boards so.......

Here's the step-by-step way to possibly make this:

1. Buy some great fabric. I found this duck cloth on sale at Hobby Lobby and it's the perfect colors for my classroom. I also bought cork boards and used a coupon (Do you have Hobby Lobby's app on your phone?) I got square boards because I know better than to try to wrap fabric around a circle.
2. Position your fabric under a board with about an inch and a half of fabric beyond the edge.
3. Squirt a bunch of hot glue.
4. Use a towel to press the fabric down- or you will burn your fingers. Do this on two sides.

5. For the other two sides you will need to fold the fabric to make a nice corner. I just folded up a little triangle (like you are wrapping a present).
6. Squirt on some hot glue.
7. Fold up the sides and press it down.
8. Done! (Almost!)

9. Because I am OCD about things I hot-glued another board to the back to cover up the fabric. The added bonus is that this makes the cork board thicker.
10. Okay, one of the pieces of fabric I did had cool designs and I decided I wanted one design to be in the center. So I marked the center with a sharpie.
11. Then I pushed a safety pin through the center of the design and just lined it up with the black dot. Easy centering!
12. I tried to center this flowered design with each of the different flowers, but I didn't like how it left off some of the colors. I finally just placed the board so I would get a good arrangement of everything.

Then I drove to my school and tried different ways to hang up the boards! 

I settled on this arrangement, but I also tried a diamond shape. Unfortunately that white box in the photo and the fire extinguisher box you cannot see made it look funny. So, I like the zig -zag. I hung a couple of doodads on it and will add more later- when I find the box I stored my stuff in for the summer!
Easy-peasy! Great and pretty way to stick up  some photos and keepsakes!

I made a set of STEM and Science posters last week in the colors of my lab and then went to Staples and printed them. Here's some shots of where I put them in the lab!

This is a set of Engineering Design Process posters. They are on a bulletin board that says "Science Focus" on it. 

This is a set of posters that show Kinds of Engineers.

On the left above the turquoise board is a set of posters that show Kinds of Scientists and the vertical display is the Scientific Method.

By the way those two turquoise bulletin boards used to be grey corky stuff. I painted them last summer. Never have to cover those things again! Anyway I blogged about painting those last summer and you can see that post by clicking right {HERE}.

Did any of you eagle-eyes notice that in the picture of my cork boards that there is a a little painting of a sunburst that Farley does?? Well, we painted those at my school last summer and that is also on the blog post I just mentioned.

I told you way back at the beginning of this that I had something to mention. Alright, about two weeks ago, or three, I made a tutorial video about how to add Social Media Icons to your blog. If you missed that fabulous little movie you can click {HERE} and see it! good friend Pixie Anne at Growing Little Learners tried the tutorial and made the cutest little icons for her blog. You guys have to go see this!

Growing Little Learners
I love the icons she used!

SECOND LINKY- I mean this summer there are so many wonderful choices!

The idea is to write three things about yourself that might not already be known.
I figured you guys know by now that I have cats and two kids and once leaped from an airplane....
so here's some new stuff:

Link up with The Teaching Tribune and tell some new things, too!

Y'all have a great week! Make some cork boards
or social media icons......


  1. I love your boards and your room. I have the same borders in my room!! I love the idea of painting the boards instead of covering them year after year. I just have to try that myself!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

    1. Almost all the teachers in my school have painted over their bulletin boards. We used Sherman Williams paint in small containers. I bought a half size roller brush and a throw away roller pan, used two coats of paint, and stapled stuff up! Easy- no paper with holes in it and it lasts for a long time. I kept the little paint container to use for touch ups!

  2. Love your fabric boards--they look fabulous!


    1. Thanks so much! Easy to make- we shall see if the hot glue I used to attach them to the wall holds up!

  3. Love your cork boards! My sis was born Christmas Day as well. When she was a little girl, we moved her birthday to July so she could have a summer party with her friends, and people would quit saying, "this gift is for your birthday AND Christmas! Did that ever happen to you?

    1. That didn't happen to me very often. My mom was really good about having birthday presents wrapped in birthday paper and set apart from Santa's stuff. However, if I had a party at all it was on my sister's birthday, December 8, but we would have two cakes! Now that I am much older I think it's a cool birthday! My students think I am magic.

  4. I loved scrolling down, reading your post and seeing my button - made my day! Those cork boards look great!
    Growing Little Learners

  5. Haha! Well, I love the icons you made! They go perfectly with your blog. Cork boards will soon be covered with junk and all those cute little pictures kids draw for you!

  6. Those boards turned out really cute!! I might need to try this. You made it look really easy! A Christmas baby...yay!!! I totally get the Nick now. Can you believe I have lived my whole life in Florida and have never been to Jacksonville? I've been to St. Augustine, but not Jax. Crazy..right?
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. The cork boards are fantastic! I'm switching classroom this year so now I'm hoping I'll have a place in my new room for some. I sew and have a little fabric addiction, so this would be a great way to display some of my favorite fabric in my classroom. Thanks for the great tutorial on this!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  8. Love the cork boards, what a creative idea! I am going to have to get some fabric and make some for my room. Love that you named your son Nick...very clever. Glad to get to know you better.

    Luv My Kinders

  9. The cork boards are great! I love all your science stuff! That's awesome that your name is Carol and you were born on Christmas. I know a Holly that was born on Christmas.
    Rambling About Reading

    1. I once told my daughter that I should have named her something Christmasy and it made her mad! She thought it was a little lame! I thought it was funny! thanks for visiting!

  10. Your visuals for your classroom are perfect (it makes me wish I could teach science/stem)! And your cork boards turned out even better than the original pin! :)

    Tales of a Teacher


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