Five Random Things to Think About!

Also Known as 
Five for Friday!

If you read my post from earlier this week you know that your blog title is important.
So I played with this one a that silly post {HERE}. It was fun!

Also, very fun is:

My fav Friday thing to do (well I also love going to the Dairy Queen every Friday.....)
Thanks Doodle Bugs!

This Five for Friday is going to be all questions!
Yep, things to ponder....

Do you use a clip chart in your classroom?

I created a science themed clip chart, printed it, laminated, attached it to foam board, and it's ready to hang.
I just don't know how to use it!
I only see kids for an hour. Clipping up or down in that short time span is likely, but I'm not sure how to handle the consequences.

I decided to read more about it and I found some great links to sites that say Don't Use a Clip Chart and some that say Do!

I know you guys know A Teeny Tiny Teacher! I really like the system Kristin uses. She does not use a clip chart! Click on her button to see the post.

The Teaching Thief
Amanda uses a Clip Chart and this link has a graph she uses with her students to help them set goals based on their clip ups or clip downs. Click on her button to see her plan.

So, do you use a clip chart?
I'm still undecided- even though I have a spectacular clip chart created! 

Have you started working on the new school year yet??

I have been to school a little every day and worked on a few things. Yesterday I replaced the tennis balls on all the stool legs in my lab. I went with felt fabric attached with a rubber band. We shall see how it goes!

This is not my classroom, but it is what my stool legs look like now:
I used 7 different colors of felt- a different color for each lab table. I like color coding things....

While I was looking for ideas for the stool legs I did find this:
Made me laugh!

What do you use on your chair legs to prevent scuffs and noise?

What is THE best thing you did for yourself this summer?

For me it's this:

I have reached an age where the clock is ticking, friends. The hubs and I have to slow down and soak up the days we have left. We spend far too much time trying to reach the next milestone and we need to enjoy the journey more.
So, next weekend we are taking a road trip. The plan is to go to Chattanooga and then south into Georgia. The hubs is a Civil War Nut  Enthusiast so we are going to Chickamauga first. It's the site of a famous battle. After that we have about 4 Georgia state parks picked out to hike in and visit waterfalls. Just enjoy being out and doing nothing.
And, yes, it will be the weekend before school starts.
The school will still be there when I return.

Do you have a pet?
If not then you will enjoy
Cat Facts of the Week!

Fact 1:
You can spend lots of money on cat toys.
But it is not necessary.

Cats will play with a dish towel for lots longer than those feathered mice.

Fact 2:
Even a baby cat knows there is something great to eat inside the refrigerator.
They also know that if they sit in front of the fridge for long enough and meow with a pitiful squeak that some human will indeed open  the door and give them something.

Mind you, there is a FULL bowl of food sitting 12 inches away.....

Where are you in your Education Adventure?

Every school year we have a huge gathering of every teacher in the school system. Our superintendent talks and we have a motivational speaker and  I am sure you have something similar.
So, every year the super will ask new teachers to stand.  We all clap and then they sit down. Then he will ask teachers with 1-5 years experience to stand. We clap and they sit down.  He continues this until he reaches the 30 year mark.
When would you stand up?

For me it's the 30+.
Shocking, I know.

Just this week I had a retired teacher say these words to me,"Don't you just love the days when you are getting your classroom ready for a new year?" She went on to explain that those were always her favorite days. Getting ready for a new year was fresh, and sparkling, and you started with the same enthusiasm you had in the very beginning.  It was a joyful time with goals, and plans, and new ideas running through your head. Every year brought something new. What other job can do that?

We are so lucky to be educators.

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Your post made me laugh between the elf chair leg covers and your cat facts! :0) Enjoy your travels and soaking up those moments...


    1. Cats are easy to laugh about- especially kittens! Thanks for visiting!

  2. haha I love the elf chair leg covers! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  3. I'm in my third year of teaching. I love how big a range of experience in teaching we have at my school - we have new graduates in their first year of teaching all the way through to teachers who have been teaching for nearly 30 years! What an incredible profession to have people still enjoying their job after 30 years!

    Luck's Little Learners

  4. I'm kind of like you, I was ready to use one of those clip charts and then I read a post from a teacher with a son who had adhd. After reading the post, I got rid of my little behavior note that was on the daily homework. I still had space to send the parent a note if I needed to, but I no longer was sending the ones that struggled with their behavior a Fair or Poor every day. I don't have to worry about scuff marks, our rooms are carpeted. This is will be my 18th year as a teacher and I still love it too!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Great post today! Love the cat pictures (as always) and the elf legs! Wow - 30 years is very impressive! I'll be starting year number 10 in September. Don't think I'll make it to 30!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. 30 is a scary number, but it doesn't feel like 30! I have switched positions a few times and each time is a fresh start!
      My cats are nuts!
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. This summer actually taking a vacay to the beach was the best thing I did for me (and the hubby) Parasailing and a helicopter ride were at the top of my summer bucket list that I actually got to cross off! You have to take pics of all the waterfalls you visit. My hubby and I hike to waterfalls (well do when we find time). He proposed on a hike to one in NC actually :) I would be standing with the 1-5 year 4! Have fun and thanks for the cat funnies!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  7. Another great post that put a lot of smiles on my face! Great title, by the way!! :) This summer we have done a lot of nothing as we welcomed our first child into the world. I have to admit it was hard for me to slow down and just stop to smell the roses, but it was amazing. He will be over 4 months old when I go back to work and I feel so lucky that I didn't have to go back at the usual 12 weeks. I'm excited for school, but haven't been in yet.... I'm a bit nervous! Hope you have a great school year!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  8. Nitty was born in neat you are going there!!!! That just makes me smile!!! I'm going to try what Roo does...I'm going to hang out at the bottom of the fridge and wait for food! Precious little thing. I'm going on year 17. I could seriously be okay with retirement. I love being my pajamas...sleeping. I do!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. Well I do not use a clip chart. I too had a made a super cute one that matched my theme last year and then I found Whole Brain Teaching about 3 weeks before school started and I never even hung the clip chart up. My kiddos can recite my rules and know my expectations and we use lots of positive reinforcement. Your kitty is too cute waiting at the fridge. Our dog will beg for people food if I am cooking dinner even though her bowl is So glad you are taking time to enjoy your family and your summer. Have a great trip. Take lots of photos to share!

    Luv My Kinders


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