It's August! It's Currently Time!

Wow, again. I still cannot believe it's August!
I have had a busy, craft-filled, book-reading, poster-making, product-making, blogging summer.
I had my blog redesigned, met a whole kaboodle of new bloggers that I adore, helped my daughter set up her first grade classroom, adopted a new kitten, and almost went zip-lining.
None of that would fit the Currently topics, so I thought I'd just add it all at the top.....

Oh, Farley, Farley, Farley......thank you so much!
We love our Currently!

Here's My August!

I am LISTENING to my two younger cats have a complete overly-loud and extremely long cat-fight. They are not really fighting, just playing. Isn't it cool the way the older cat will "fight" with the kitten, but not hurt her.

Baby cat snoozin'

I am LOVING the weather in Alabama right now. We have had about a week of lower than normal temps. In fact, one morning it was in the mid-fifties. Unheard of! You can almost feel Fall in the air.....don't be fooled- it will back to 105 degrees next week with 8 million % humidity....

I am THINKING about how to get the attention of a large group of noisy kids in the lab! How do you get your students attention? In my old third grade class I flipped a light switch, clapped, or sang, "Oh Classy Class" to which the kids responded, "Yessy, Yes".  None of these work in the lab. Flipping the switch makes no visible difference to the amount of light in the room. They don't hear the clap or singing. I really think I need a bull horn.....

I am WANTING next week to be over. We have two days of inservice and meetings, Parent Night, and the first day. I dislike all of those things..... I just want normal days to be happening!

I am not NEEDING anything. Really, incredibly blessed and comfortable with everything right now. TJ Maxx just down the road, Wal-Mart around the corner, hubs is happy, daughter has a teaching job, son helps me whenever I screw up my computer, 3 sweet cats....what else do I need?

SCHOOL begins next week! Oh my!

Shall I leave you with a funny- a blast from the past- a Funny of the Week- once said in my old classroom.....

After lunch one day I was helping clear tables and noticed that most of the boys had not eaten one specific veggie.
 I said, “You guys did not eat your sweet potatoes!?” 
A couple of boys replied. “Those are yams!”

If you are beginning school next week, I wish you the best year ever!
If you are still on summer break, enjoy it friends.


  1. Hey, Carol! Love your post. What's the weather like in AL right now? We've had the most mild, strange summer EVER in Chicago-land. Good luck next week as the kids return!!! PS--You should film your cats and post to YouTube. #funnycats :-) It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. In Alabama right now, it is rather mild! At this time of year last year we were having 105-108 degree temps, which is the norm. For the past two weeks we have had highs in the low to mid eighties and the early morning temps have been in the fifties! It's odd, but comfortable! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Your cats are adorable! That's too bad the light flip doesn't grab their attention. That's how I get mine to log-off. Have a great first week back. I hope it goes by fast!

    1. I have tried the light switch, but my classroom is a science lab with a dome top. The dome is all windows, so we have an enormous amount of light streaming in all the time. Turning off the lights barely makes a dent. I am really thinking of using a whistle to get attention! Thanks for visiting me!

  3. Sweet kitten picture! I have two giant lab puppies who like the play that way too... they cause a bit more trouble when they chase each other around though. The oldest one could knock me over with her large tail wagging! :) Enjoy your last weekend before school starts!!

    First Grade Garden

  4. I couldn't agree more with you about the weather ... I am in Georgia and it has been so lovely... love that we are both listening to our pets making noise! :) Your blog is adorable! I am getting mine redone also... I love my old design though so it is kinda hard for me! Have a great week back! :)


    1. I am so glad I had my blog redone! I had designed it myself for a long time, but the little touches are things I just never got right. Courtney at Blogs for A Queen did it! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Good luck on your first day tomorrow! Love your blog design!

  6. Wow! Another science teacher! I am so glad that you stopped on by so that I could link up with your site that has a ton of great science ideas! We don't start school until the 27th of August and with kids after Labor Day. With our recreation industry we lose funding if we start before that date. Would love to hear what you do the first week of school to review!

    Renee from the Science School Yard


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